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Humans Know thyselves -Bruno Groening

Humans Know thyselves -Bruno Groening



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Published by ahujasalil
Nothing is incurable - said Bruno Groening.A must read for every seeker of help ,healing and TRUTH.
Nothing is incurable - said Bruno Groening.A must read for every seeker of help ,healing and TRUTH.

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Published by: ahujasalil on May 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The teachings of Bruno Gröning
(1906 -1959)
The teachings of Bruno Gröning are based on the influence that spiritual forces have on incarnatebeings. This influence is greater than most people realize.Bruno Gröning compared a person with a battery. He pointed out that everyone burns up vital energytaking in negative thoughts when he sees ,hears ,smells, tastes or touches things . However, newenergy to replace it is often insufficiently absorbed. In the same way that an empty battery is incapableof functioning, a body without energy is also unable to fulfill its tasks. The consequences are: fatigue,exhaustion, nervousness, anxieties and finally, illness.Bruno Gröning’s teachings explain how an individual is able to obtain new energy. To this end, the beliefin goodness is as necessary a prerequisite as the will for health. The human body is constantlyenvironed by healing waves which only have to be absorbed.According to Bruno Gröning, no illness is incurable, and this fact is confirmed by the numerous healingsthat have occurred and have been medically verified.
Thousands of success reports of healings and helps,from many countries , through the teachings of BRUNO GROENING are documented and preserved in the Archives of the Circle of Friends of Bruno Groening in Germany.
These healings are spiritual and therefore , independent of Bruno Gröning’s physical presence.In order to absorb this healing stream, the person seeking help sits with his hands open, palms upward.His arms and legs are not crossed, for this blocks the free flow of the healing stream. Bruno Groeningalso said that it is unimportantant whether you sit, stand or lie down while absorbing the Healing Stream.What is important is the faith in the Creator ,will to absorb and an open , calm and receptive attitude.Thoughts about illness and personal problems have an inhibiting effect, while thoughts about somethingpleasant are beneficial.As the healing stream flows through the body it makes contact with the sick organ and begins itspurification effect. This may lead to pain, which is an indication that the body is being cleansed. Sincethe illness as such is not the will of God, it will gradually be removed. In some cases this can bespontaneous. This is why it is essential that the person concerned does not dwell on his illness butshould rather believe that for God, no illness is incurable.In order to remain healthy, the friends of Bruno Gröning tune in to the healing stream every day. Ahealthy body is the basis for all life in harmony with oneself, other human beings and Nature.
The aim of the teachings of Bruno Gröning is to transform a sick person into somebody who isfull of the joy of living and free from physical and emotional problems.Bruno Gröning
"My teachings are a definite statement of a fundamental truth. Many of my friends have adopted them and found them successful. Their acceptance of these teachings led to a complete transformation of their attitude, and in many cases even brought about an improvement in their state of health." 
 Bruno Gröning never committed his teachings to paper. He did not want to create a new philosophy orideology. He had only one aim: to help those in distress. He gave them a doctrine of faith to take on theirway. It was not based on intellectual or scientific essentials, but rather on the intuitive perception ofspiritual laws. On closer inspection this is revealed as being unbelievably complex and far exceeds theaspect of healing. He appealed to people to believe in the qualities of goodness and translate theseconcepts into action. The love for one's fellow man is the core of his teachings.
The cause of illness
Bruno Gröning said:
"The further a person withdraws from God, wittingly or unwittingly, the less life there is in his body and his organs do not function as they should. He has lost contact with the great, divine source of his energy and eventually he even loses what little remains. Cut off from the power of God, his body becomes a wreck." 
How a person regains his health Gröning described as follows
"God created man fair, good and healthy, which is how he wanted him to be. Initially there was an indestructible bond between God and man, and all was love, harmony and health. But when the first person paid attention to the evil voice from beyond this unity, the close contact was destroyed and a great chasm developed between God and man. There is no contact between the two. On his own, man, no matter how devout, no matter how much he prays,is a constant target for the devil, who drags him down into the depths. And it is down here where you are at present, on your way through life. You are experiencing misfortune, pain and incurable suffering. I say to you: 'Do not go any deeper! I call upon you to change your ways. Come back up and I will build you a bridge across the chasm. Cross over from the path of suffering to the divine path! Here there is no misfortune, no pain and nothing is incurable. This is the path back to God'" 
The great reversal
Over and over again Bruno Gröning appealed to people to change their ways. He reminded them that
they had to activate their faith in the qualities of goodness and put an end to their bad habits.Primarily he admonished them not to think of their illness 
He pointed out that illness came from the devil(evil thoughts) and is evil. To pay attention to it is to occupy oneself with what is evil. This retards the healing process and may even render it impossible."To pay attention to illness is to hold on to it and block the path of divine energy." 
Man must detach himself from illness, regarding it not as his property but as an evil intrusion.
"Illness does not belong to man!" 
Calling himself the humble servant of the Almighty assigned to act as a Garbage man,Bruno Gröning offered totake away the Garbage of illness & other dis-orders from people when he was alive. He does so even today fromthe unseen dimension ,decades after he left this planet. Everyone in the Circle of Friends has experienced notonce but many times.
"Give me your illness and your worries! Alone you cannot deal with them. I will bear them for you. But give them tme voluntarily; I cannot steal them from you!" "Lay bare your illness so that I can take it from you; this is the right thing to do. If you hold on to it, I can do nothing.The seventh Commandment forbids it: 'Thou shalt not steal!' "If I take this illness by force, I would sin. I dare not steal! He who loves his illness will hold on to it, but he who can forget it will give it to me, not only in thought but also in deed. You must listen to my words! I don't want to influence you. If you give me your illness I will take away all your suffering!" 
Just how important Bruno Gröning considered a change of attitude in the individual is illustrated by the followingextract from the book "Die grosse Umkehr" by Kurt Trampler:"In private talks too Gröning made the resolute observation that he was responsible to God that 'healing throughpure divine energy' could only be given to those sufferers who at least were willing to live according to divine lawand withheld from those who were not prepared to forego evil.

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