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Research Project Guidelines

Research Project Guidelines

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Published by akindrick

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Published by: akindrick on Apr 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Research Project ± Human Sexuality
Worth ± 150 points
(point breakdown at end of this assignment)
Week 1 will include a lecture on research. Some of this will be areiteration of information found in the text along with some newideas and explanations. The importance of reiterating thisinformation is to present this to you in multiple formats because thisis about your research project that is a major portion of your grade!
Read the assignment requirements below so you are prepared andunderstand the expectations!
General Instructions:
You will design and carry out research on a subject of interest to you in thefield of psychology. You will then report on your own research as though youwere publishing your work in a Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journal. You willthen present your research to your fellow professionals by posting thepresentation as a power point.
Detailed Instructions:
1. Pick a topic:
Pick a subject related to human sexuality. This is a broad topic so you havelots to choose from. Make sure this is a topic that you can realisticallyresearch! You can also check out your text book for topics.
2. Background research:
Read the background in your textbook that is appropriate to your topic. Getadditional background information from three other professional sources foryour subject. One of the sources must be from a scholarly journal. Thesecan be found in the EBSCO or Proquest database. You are
to getapproval of the article being used
to the due date of your paper(simply send me the paper as a link).
Detailed Instructions regarding scholarly journal research:
Choose an article from a scholarly journal that interests you and is related toyour topic. Make sure that the article meets the requirements for thisassignment, which are outlined below.
Must be related to the contents of human sexuality.
Must be from a scholarly psychological journal.
Must be EMPIRICAL or SECONDARY ANALYSIS. To determine whetheryour article fits these requirements, look to see if it has a sectionlabeled as
Make sure that you understand the article you have chosen. If youthink an article you have picked is beyond your grasp, pick anotherone. If you don¶t understand the article, you will not be able to use itfor your research in a meaningful way.
Send me the article as a link for approval.
Summarize all of your background research in your own words andincorporate it into your
section. Remember, you must use in-text citations for your textbook and additional materials, in the APA format.Be thorough! Make sure you include what prior studies have found and, atthe end, a paragraph on what your belief is regarding the subject.
3. Hypothesis
Write a
. Remember a hypothesis makes a specific prediction orasks a question. Describe exactly what you think will happen. You mustwrite your hypothesis before carrying out your research to determine thevalidity of the hypothesis.
4. Methods
Decide upon your methods and carry out your research. Describe your
in your paper. Identify your methods as survey, experimental,participant or naturalistic observation or case study. Was this a correlationalstudy or an experiment designed to determine cause? Indicate who your
were, how many there were, and other relevantinformation. Explain what you had the participants do and why. This sectionis a detailed description of what you did, from the beginning to the end of your research.
5. Results
Calculate and present the
in your paper. You must include actualdata in a table, if appropriate, or summarize the data in a graph or otherfigure. You must also summarize or describe your results in the resultssection of your paper. Make sure to use detail in this section; your resultsmust be as clear as possible. These are your results, not the results of aresearch study you use in your background section.
6. Conclusion
Write an overall
for your research. Part of your conclusion mustinclude a clear statement as to whether your results
yourhypothesis. What do you think of the results? What are alternateexplanations for your results? What would you do differently if you were todo the research again? What are new questions you came up with thatrelate to your topic? Who may this research help? Why is it important tothe study of psychology?
7. Reference/Bibliography
The last section is the reference/bibliography section. Give correct
information for references you cited in your report in correct APAformat. See sample below and in your text¶s bibliography. Please note thatthere should be at least one citation in your paper for each article, book orother source listed in your reference section, and there should be an exactmatch between sources listed in your reference section and sources cited inthe text of your report. Sources not cited in the text of your report shouldnot be included in the reference section. Sources should be listed inalphabetical order by author¶s last name.
Sample references, in the required format:
Example of Journal Article citation:
Yeh, M. (1996). The ³cult of poetry´ in contemporary China.
, 55 (2),51-80.
Example of a book citation:
Townsend, R. M. (1993).
. Princeton:Princeton UniversityPress.
Pay attention to the following points for references:

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