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Constructing Reality and the Collective Unconscious

Constructing Reality and the Collective Unconscious

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Published by jj

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Published by: jj on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part II
Constructing Reality and the Collective Unconscious
God does not play dice 
Lying at the foundation of modern physics is a monster beyond reckoning. The waveparticle duality, and the inescapable, repeatable, verifiable conclusion that at the momentof observation the wave transforms to a particle. The act of observing causes the change:observation, consciousness, creates reality! (and in the process, (theoretically) undermin-ing Newton's clockwork, ordered image of our universe).This is mightily disturbing for physicists, so it is hidden away at the base of Quantum Mech-anics, accepted but not discussed, and dismissed with a shoulder shrug. It underlieshowever, what has become know as 'Chaos Theory'. Chaos, because results are beyonddetermination or measure (using their thinking and instruments): the 'random' act of obser-vation cannot (can never) be removed from the equation.However, it is also true, that when one's nose is pushed into a Persian rug, intricate, evensimple patterns appear as chaos to the unaware or ill informed.The complexity of weather patterns is a frequently invoked image to demonstrate 'chaos':butterfly wings flapping in one part of the world influencing formation and direction of hurricanes in another. Yet, whilst the interaction is undoubtedly true, as is the potential'chaos' wreaked by said hurricane, if observed from distance, both the flap of the butterfly wings and the hurricane generate wonderful patterns, harmonics, of extraordinary accuracy.Repeating patterns: from the microscopic to the galactic, with inclinations even galaxiesmay so align, or harmonise, within the order of things.It seems all creation inclines towards order: though as no movement or photon can exist inisolation, all must be in relation. In relation to, and as an essential ingredient of, thewhole.0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89... The Fibonacci or Golden Spiral, a simple number
sequence where the first number is added to the second to create a third, which is thenadded to the second to create a fourth, and so on, to infinity, and in the process generatinga spiral, and ratio, observable in seashells, ram's horns, branching trees, anatomy,weather patterns... continued, inherent throughout nature, to manifest in our journey through the stars. Harmonic beauty, everywhere, acting, dancing within the whole, shaping,and being shaped by, the individuality and uniqueness of each and every player, compon-ent, photon within the grand universal symphony (but a fucking nightmare for physicistswho must now account for every wave and particle and interaction since the birth of time).*There are also patterns in humanity, from our personal behaviour to the rise and fall of civil-isations: and in the moral messages attributed to such events. Certainly within religioustales but continued up to this day in fictions about empire, and the rhetoric of our modernday Pharaohs: Justice!, Peace!, Freedom!... Courage!, Strength!, Unity!... being contempor-ary expletives to validate domination and slaughter. A repetitive pattern, expanding witheach manifestation delivering today's model: differing only in scale, sophistication andcontrol.But, what of its birth?I am making three assumptions here: 1) humanity has always been a social animal: itnurture's young within some manifestation of family, 2) we once existed in harmony withnature, and consequently 3) buried deep within the core of our being is recognition of asense of benevolence, in relation to the whole: the other, life (no matter how distant orirrelevant it seems today).
To create an environment conducive to war and slavery, first we need concepts, then weneed reasons. And for this we need language, beyond behaviour: speech.Speech is humanity's greatest discovery. Without words we would still be camped by thefireside, but speech comes at a terrible price. For, by separating being (noun) from doing(verb), word from action, we corrupt Truth: leaving only its representation, and in theprocess, enabling the potential for lies.As I have argued, there is a congenital sense of benevolence, engraved into our being, inas much as it is better to be than not to be, and one cannot exist in isolation, so ournatural state of being is in harmony with the whole: the divine order. And surely, the further
our consciousness opened, the greater our appreciation and wonder became.No society throughout history has existed without gods (reasons): and people loved theirgods. They did not curse or hate them (although they surely feared them), but gave thanksto them in celebration for the joy of life. However, this harmony was shattered forever assome ingrate discovered the lie of 'Good and Evil'. The lie that another knows better how tolive your life than you do. And sin, if there ever was one, of surrendering responsibility forbeing to that other.
The Collective Unconscious
The very fact we recognise 'good' proves its existence.However, there are two aspects to good. First there is good in benevolence and harmony, inbeing within creation: loving life. But then there is good in the personal and proximate: ingratification and superiority, materialism and dominion: good in things, and claiming owner-ship. Good for me, but, bad for all other: the rest of creation.However, regardless of how
behaves, or how smeared and perverse their windowon creation, rooted in their core,
our core 
, is good in being: the natural inclination towardsharmony. For, it is that which founds consciousness, existence: and if it did not exist wewould have no understanding of it. Such was the order of all things: the timeless harmony of creation.Then man discovered 'good and evil', and in that moment harmony was lost. Connectionwith the divine was severed by submission to a middleman, an alternate reality: for prom-ises. An insidious whisper caught on a breeze, almost unnoticed, but seductive, promisingsecurity for freedom, whipping to a swirl as material riches accrued to those whosurrendered, but, in discord with Truth and the harmony of being: and so indelibly imprintedto the heart of the unconscious.In time all manner of impostors will materialise and develop, chanting “God's will”: throughthe rise and fall of states, empires, civilisations. But its birth, at least symbolically, mustsurely lie with the self acclaimed 'Chosen': God's people, with a divine book. A book hold-ing every facet of Truth, rooted in Eve and Adam, the parents of humanity: my siblings.Along our path this holy book offers us all manner of beautiful lessons, cryptic predictionsand captivating metaphors to enlighten our journey: vivid images of our primordial past andpredestined future, tied within the patterns, symbols, manifestations sparkling from within.Unfathomable Truths.

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