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Essay: Faerie Magic

Essay: Faerie Magic

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As the mist that has cloaked human consciousness since the beginning of the last ice age begins to lift.
As the mist that has cloaked human consciousness since the beginning of the last ice age begins to lift.

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Essay: Faerie Magic
Francois O'Haly – 4/16/2010
As the mist that has cloaked human consciousnesssince the beginning of the last ice age begins to lift. Asfaerie magic seeps in the fissures and cracks from thenatural world and starts to enter the collectiveconsciousness. Humanity on its great journey fromthe self finds its destination to be the same as itsstarting point. In full circle like discovering the world isnot flat by walking right around it. This feels familiarmaybe we've been here before, lifetimes ago.As faerie magic itself starts to trickle into the heartsand minds of our fellow citizens. As the faerie peoplethemselves feel the power of the earth spirits surgethrough their veins, the sorcerers, the shamans, themystics, and yes the witches. As we combine ourthoughts finally as we dream our dream together welook to the lost faerie people finally, our brothers andsisters, and find the power to act. Those who are mostafraid of the sacred magic will no longer be in chargeof assisting the very people that the magic isawakening itself in. In this age, magic will not be theforce that most people are most afraid of but instead itwill be as it should.Life is magic, every particle of the universe resonateswith its intelligence, with its love, except for thehuman. The human in choosing to have free will, in
choosing to have choice over his or her own destinyenters the world blind. The human child is morenaturally inclined to follow the impulse of magic ratherthan reason but for most the choice is made for themby society. We look to the world for guidance and theworld blind can offer us nothing else but blindnesseven under the best intentions.For centuries upon century the faerie folk have beenfew in number and our power has been dwindlingmore and moreso with each passing generation. Asthe long night of humanity comes to a close. The darknight of the collective soul. As the faerie magic growsand grows moreso with every passing moment. As itenters the human mind and starts to grow over andaround the limited ego of reason, flooding it with itsbeauty, tearing apart its cities of ugliness, smashingconcrete skyscrapers of ignorance with its great roots.As the faerie folk rise out of the shadows finally calledto action by the great spirit. As faerie folk are finallythrown the keys to the car mere moments before it willcrash off of a thousand foot cliff. As we rise out of thedarkness, as we wander out of our caves, faerie folk,the most misunderstood of all people, often hated anddespised, always called delusional.We with our hearts purified in the greatest act of forgiveness become bright beacons of light as we holdour hands together and bring in lost travelers to theshores of our very own community. As we share ourhomes and our stories, as we feed and clothe

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