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Illumination - Issue2

Illumination - Issue2

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Published by Safwan Erooth
Tabloid News Bulletin published by "The Firm", Commerce and Management Club - Brindavan College, Bangalore.
Tabloid News Bulletin published by "The Firm", Commerce and Management Club - Brindavan College, Bangalore.

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Published by: Safwan Erooth on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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dvertisement is a orm o communication betweenseller and buyer, or a communication between cor-porate and consumers to give the inormation aboutthe product/service oered or sale. Today in this consum-erist and materialistic world, Ads are playing a role o cata-lyst, which is increasing the rate o consumption amongall section o people and society, irrespective o age, caste,religion. Ads are tool or any company to make its productunder circulation and to get maximum rom buyer or par-ticular product.Our whole thinking process is not beyond these advertise-ments. Our thinking is being colonialised. Our choices aregetting narrowed; our thinking process has become more orless readymade. The ads are playing a great role in homog-enizing the culture. The culture which is being propagatedis consumerism, which is the base o capitalism, and also thelocal culture and values are evaporating like volatile liquid. The advertisers aim is to make people to think irrationally,and to raise consumption level among the masses. In thepresent world scenario where corporate thinking playinga dominant role in world order. These corporate have ex-panded their web very systematically. They are producingnew products which may have not that much importance inpeople’s lie, but they are trying convince the importance o those products using so called advertisement as theirs tool. They are using all sorts o stus to reach out their specicaudience. They are making use o emotions such as happi-ness, ear, ambition, courage, love, amily values, social sta-tus, need, uncertainty, sel-esteem, sex drive, etc.
A tool to fool people
As everyone knows emotions play a very important role inhuman lie. People give important to those things who ap-peal to their emotions. Companies spend good proportiono many on to understand the psychology o targeted audi-ence. In all sort o cosmetic and perume ads we can witnessthat advertisers uses actresses & models. In Insurance adsthey make use ear, uncertainty, health etc and will exploitall these emotions very accurately. Example: In the recentHDFC Standard Lie Insurance advertisement in which a manis stimulated to go or insurance by making him rememberdeath which can happen any time.Some advertisements aim is not to inorm about the prod-uct as it is perceived, but it is to make people to think irra-tionally and to raise consumption level among the massesby using all means o technique. To-day’s lucrativeadvertisements are taking people to-wards careerismand consumerism. Example: A decade beore Lie Insur-ance was not popular among people but the today’sadvertisements are portraying Lie In-surance as a basicnecessity and something very helpul in the uture.We can witness our youth are giv-ing moreimportance to Valentine’s Day, rather than in-digenous, religious & traditional cel-ebrations. Thanks to the big companies who have promotedthis event with the help o massive advertisement. They have done this only or their personal gainand nothing else. The greeting card companiesmake millions o dollars o prot. By this the youthgradually started thinking religious & traditionalestivals are act o time waste.Colour discrimination we can witness in cos-metic ads. The ad shows that a girl who is dark doesnot get a job but a girl who has air co-lour will get job orrecognition in society. Such kind o advertisements shouldbe discouraged as they have a very bad impact on the soci-ety. One should also remember that a person should not bediscriminated based on his skin colour but that’s what theadvertisements do. Example: Fair & Lovely ad. Today’s scenario is such that the advertisements are decid-ing what we have to wear, how we have to look, what wehave to eat, etc, and are trying to homogenize the wholeworld. The corporate are not concerned about the societybut they are just concerned about themselves. Let us ollowour conscience which is our teacher, mentor and leader andwhich shows us the path o enlightenment that helps to up-hold moral values o democracy. Open your eyes beore theclose. These are some impact o ads on society. At the same timeadvertisement industry has created many jobs, and it hasbecome a major contributor to economy. It has given wayto creativity also. We need ads but ads should refect ourcultural values, ethos, and more important it should act asinormer not adviser or decider.
The true meaning of 
What is true educa-tion? Is it good gradesand high test score?Asks Bimal Bohara
Shouldn’t we moveand wait or the ate?
Man is the Architect of his own
Ahmad Shah MobarizManjil Khound
Google V/S China :
 A Deliberate Plot
Google’s withdrawal is not a purelycommercial act. The incident hasrom the beginning been implicat-ed in Washington’s political gameswith China. Given that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have no ac-cess to the Chinese Internet mar-ket, the White House believes thatGoogle alone cannot play a largerole in China as it did in Georgiaand Iran.Google’s accusations against Chinaare completely groundless. Thecompany has so ar ailed to submitany convincing evidence o the Chi-nese government-aided hacker at-tacks on its search engine. Googleis so hypocritical considering theyroutinely share user inormationwith governments around theworld and also help them censorsearch results. The bottom line isGoogle never gained popularity inChina so they pulled out. This movewas encouraged by the Obama re-gime because they realized the CIAwould not be able to conspire withGoogle to manipulate the Chinesepublic – as done in countries likeGeorgia and Iran.More over google’s track record inchina is not so good. In 2005 it was33.3%, in the beginning o 2006 itreduced to 25.3% and by the endo the year it was 20.6%. Baidu havebeen the market leader in searchengine in china. So google leavingChina is not having any impact onthe Chinese people. The hype wascreated by medias backed by thewestern imperialist interest. It waspolitics, google should have keptaway rom this.
 which ignites your mind
Life is notthat beautifulfor people atDharavi.
The real pictureof life
 The Firm - Commerce & Management Club
Mr. R.L Das
‘Do it ‘should bereplaced by‘Let us do it”.
Page 1
The other sideof the coin
By Mr. Syed Kazim, Lecturer - Commerce & Management Department
London the HQ 
one third of the world’s largestcompanies are headquartered inLondon.Pepsi had a slogan which meant will bring yourancestors back from the dead and sales wentup.
How did Pepsi Sales Go Up?Useful out of useless
Duracell, the battery-maker, builtparts of its new international head-quarters using materials from itsown waste.
Page 2
By Bimal Bohara, BBM VI (Finance)By R. L DAS, Lecturer - Commerce and Management DepartmentBy Ahmad Shah Mobariz, BBM II
What is true education? Is it good grades and high test score? Is itmemorization o acts and dates? Is it measured by how much incomeone can earn, by how much political power one has or by popularity?Well, there may not be any scientic way o measuring one’s knowl-edge. I question raised who’s more knowledgeable then reply tothis question may dier rom person to person on the basis o dier-ent criteria like interest, academic eld, culture and amily infuence.People measure knowledge by their own method. Well i am not hereto answer who has more knowledge all i want to say is what is trueeducation and its objective. True education means more than the pursue o a certain course o study. It means more than a preparation or the lie that now is. It hasto do with the whole being and with the whole period o existencepossible to man. It is a harmonious development o the physical,mental and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student or the joy o service in this world and or higher joy o wider service in the worldto come. Result-oriented education is a true education.Mahatma Gandhi once said “Education means all round drawing outo the best in child and man-body, mind and soul.”So, the entire objective o true education is to make people not mere-ly do the right things but to enjoy right things, not merely be indus-trious but to love industry, not merely learn but to love knowledge.
Man is the architect of his own
One o the most controversial issues in anyreligion is the belie in ate. Most o us be-lieve that God, destiny, or any other superiororce exists in the universe make our utureand guide us throughout our utile exis-tence.I don’t claim that there is not a orce whichguide us and which takes care o us, but thequestion is here that should we wait or ourpredestined destiny? Shouldn’t we moveand wait or the ate? For getting the answerlets search it in the religion itsel. God saysin the holy Quran “laisal ensan ela ma saaa”which means “There is no man but the onewho tries or man reaches no where unlesshe tries”. From this verse we come to knowthat the main element which helps us buildour uture is our own eorts, way o being,our personality, our character and our wayo perceiving realities and everything thatsurrounds us. These are the actors whichmay bring us to the top or in contrary makesus miserable.It is simply our own choice, i we don’t study,don’t go to college, don’t use opportuni-ties, don’t make the best use o our timeand don’t make serious eorts, no need toblame ortune or in the other words ate. Tourther strengthen my idea I quote imamAli (R.A) who says “ailures are the result o our timidity and ears”. The moment we gethurt or something goes wrong or we ail weshould blame ourselves or not taking carerather than anyone else.In conclusion I emphatically state that weare the only architect o our uture, we cancreate a uture o our own wish, and weare the only ones who decide our destiny.I hope the day we all materialize our longlasting dreams through our struggle are notar and we will make breakthrough throughconstant eorts. Success is nothing but ourstrive or it.
The Meaning Of True
Success o any organization, ventureor sphere o activities - social, political,commercial, or religion largely dependson the type and quality o leadershipunder which the group works. There-ore, the leadership is o paramount im-portance in the study o management.In act, many management writers iden-tied leadership with management andthey put much stress on development o right type o leadership in the organiza-tion or success in achieving the goal. Truly speaking, attitude towards lead-ership style and type has been signi-cantly changed throughout the worldater the second world war- perhapsMary Parker Follet may be named aspioneer in this strategy who suggested‘Do it ‘should be replaced by ‘Let us doit”. This suggestion o replacing “Do it” by“Let us do it” gives the complete senseo change in the attitude and outlook o the new leadership.In act, the objective o leadership is toachieve the goal by utilizing all the man,machine and nancial power availablewith the leader. In this aspect the mostimportant phenomenon is to control,direct and organize human resourceswhich are the main pillars and key tosuccess o any activities. So, it can besaely asserted that the main unction o the leadership is to infuence the peopleto be cohesive with the objectives andendeavor to achieve it. This is the reasonwhy leadership is called the art o in-fuencing people. Success o the leaderdepends on this art and skill o infuenc-ing his subordinates. It is not very easy job. To infuence his people the leadershould be always in right truck, heshould be the rst man to obey the rulesand regulations o organization, rerainrom taking any undue advantages andhis integrity should be above board. The ormer North Vietnam PresidentHo Chi Minh once said it is the leaderwho should always stand rst when thequestion o sacrice comes and standlast when the question o enjoying anybenet comes. In to-day’s perspectivei not so much at least it can be expect-ed rom the leader that he should nottake any advantages o his position toachieve any personal gain.I the leader does not maintain this qual-ity he will not be successul in exercisingcommand over his ollowers and, there-ore, he cannot achieve the goal o theorganization by his leadership thoughall the required resources are with him.Quality to infuence people is most im-portant at the part o leadership – aleader must know that he should infu-ence his ollowers in such a way thatthey will strive willingly and enthusiasti-cally towards achievement o the goalso the group to which they do belong.Motivation, in this regard, is another im-portant component. A leader must ap-preciate that the human beings are mo-tivated by dierent orces under variedsituations. Hence he must know the arto motivating his subordinates skillullyto achieve the objectives. He must becapable o creating an atmosphere inthe organization which is conducive toresponding to and arousing emotions.Besides, he must be capable o utilizingpower eectively and in most responsi-ble manner. He must lead rom the ront.It can be summarized saely that leader-ship is an important human trait whichcan neither be imitated nor manuac-tured - it can be developed within byollowing the path o right truck, prac-ticing right drills o actions which helpmotivating, infuencing and inspiringpeople enormously besides acquiringadequate proessional abilities.
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Wal-Mart as a Country!
If Wal-Mart was classied as a
country, it would be the 24thmost productive country in theworld.Dell customers has offered more than 9,100 ideason IdeaStorm that have been promoted more than617,000 times.
Customer Contribution to DellBanking Errors
Nearly 22,000 checks will be de-ducted from the wrong accountover the next hour.
Dharavi (Bombay)
Brand Wars
The real picture of life
 Airtel V/S Vodafone
As we all say “lie is beautiul”, which is very much true. But it goes wrong with thepeople living in “Dharavi” yes “Dharavi” which we all are amiliar with ater DannyBoyle’s Oscar winning movie “The slum dog Millionaire” that revolves around theAsia’s largest slum i.e. “Dharavi”.I welcome you all to explore Dharavi to see the real picture o lie or I may saya bit o real India. Dharavi is basically home to poor “kollis” a traditional communityo shermen’s. It is a congested settlement o around 7,30,225 people and has a realdense environment where lie is nothing better than a bitter experience. Dharavi isull o hustle and bustle and chaos that only India can experience. The slum dogsstarving without ood, clothes and every other basic necessities o lie is somethingcommon in Dharavi. The majority o Dharavi’s residents are Dalits (ormer untouch-ables) along with other castes and tribes residing. Hindu, Muslims & Sikhs share thesame space to live keeping themselves away rom the ght at the name o religionas these poor people are always busy nding ood to ll their stomach, and that issomething one can nd only in Dharavi. The Dwellings in Dharavi is characterized bythe homes made o tin, plywood, plastic, pukkah bricks, and sheets o asbestos. Anoverview o the entire region makes Dharavi look just like piles o earth, sand clay &other materials. Open drains run thick with untreated human and industrial waste,water taps run dry constantly and cholera, typhoid and malaria are common. There-ore one cannot imagine the condition o lie out there in Dharavi.Dharavi is not only an inormal settlement o people but a place that bustlewith economic activities too. It is located literally in the heart o Bombay, India’s com-mercial capital. Dharavi is oten described as a ree economic zone because it is reerom government licenses, taxes and municipal permission. The slum has a popula-tion o about 1, 00,000 people producing goods worth over $500 million a year. Inaddition to the traditional pottery & textile industries in Dharavi, there is an increas-ingly large scale recycling industry processing recyclable waste rom other parts o Bombay.Dharavi is a ne example to showcase that how worst the lie o poor peoplecan be, it also shows the extreme poverty prevailing in India. On one end the worldknows that India is nourishing in every eld and it is the world’s 4th largest economybut on the other hand people are dying without ood. That shows the imbalance o Indian economy. So, it’s high time or the government to make some changes andmake the lie better or the people residing in Dharavi. The only way to ree humanityo the slums is to overthrow the system that breeds them by the combined struggleo workers and rural poor around the world. I say the next train leaves rom Bangaloreto Bombay, take your pick and go to experience the real picture o lie, I will arrangea ticket or you.
By Manjil Khound, BBM II
Namaste! You Alien company which can’t even spell the wordphone correctly, ater eating up my pug-loving competitor and paintingthe town red; do you think you can overpower me in my own country????
Hello Mr. Bharti Airtel, I would like to take the cob-webs o your brain and inorm you that I stand or Vodaone that is the voice dataone; anyway heard you are heading towards the equatorial rain orests(S.A) …. I guess the apes and snakes are hissing a lot and your saari justdoesn’t seem to take o.
Well … rang I would just like to open your eyes to the act that Iam amidst talks with my brother MTN. I look towards creating bonds withsmarter companies. I am a negotiator and not a predator like you preyingon smaller players like Hutch, Ghana Telecom and Alltel Corp.
It’s a global world out there… I want to Brand my imageworldwide, having operations in 31 countries and partner networks inurther 40 countries… phew! I could go on about my achievements but Idon’t want to make you ‘Expressing yoursel’ look so little.
I am an Indian Brand & I believe in quality rather than widespreadnetworks which don’t work; this refects the number o subscribers thatI have managed to infuence with my high quality network and the cur-rent gures are…. Hold your breath … around 107 million and a whop-ping market share o 32.19% and the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)o 221.68.
Speaking o numbers, I have been rated among the top 3,wherever I have my presence. I am sure you are acing tough compe-tition in India with my market share being 24.11% and around 80 mil-lion customers and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) 192.56. My latestmascot ZooZoo created history in the marketing world; the campaignwas the most talked about during IPL 2, it attracted over 70,000 ans onFacebook and around 2.6 million page views till date on social network-ing sites, thanks to O&M or their digital hand.
Oh stop bragging about those egg-headed gibberish speakingcreatures!! as ar as ans go, my Airtel tune is played even on Vodaonephones and my love struck brand ambassadors Sai and Kareena, havelet the nation wanting more and your ‘happy to help’ was quite helplessabout it… This war will never end. The Indian Telecom industry is gearing or a revo-lution. The customer is driving this revolution and will see more uniqueand sophisticated oerings coming his way. 3G will pave the way or3.5G, 3.75G and the next big thing 4G. The rural areas which have re-mained untapped will see an insurgence o services. Also the easing o the regulations by TRAI, the ease o spectrum licensing, the FDI infux willmake the telecom space in India a must watch in the coming years andthe ery competition between these two giants is bound to continue.

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