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Luke 17 Parable of the Mulberry Tree

Luke 17 Parable of the Mulberry Tree

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Published by Mike Spencer
Three short prayers from Pawel as he both seeks forgiveness and refuses to grant forgiveness. God answers with a hard truth for Pawel.
Three short prayers from Pawel as he both seeks forgiveness and refuses to grant forgiveness. God answers with a hard truth for Pawel.

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Published by: Mike Spencer on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Parable of the Mulberry Tree
 Luke 17 "If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. If he sins against you seven times in aday, and seven times comes back to you and says, 'I repent,' forgive him." The apostles said to the Lord,"Increase our faith!" 
The Prayers of Pawel
Heavenly Father,I did it again and I know that it was wrong. I knew before I did it that it was wrong. Iknow that it is a sin to do it and I know that I keep on doing it and I know that You want meto stop. I am sorry.I am sorry for all I have one in the past that has led me to this point. My life beforeknowing about Jesus was a life spent in darkness and without boundaries. All that I have doneremains with me, deep inside of me. That darkness in my heart and mind is always with me,and at the most unexpected moments it surfaces and tempts me to return to it. I am sorry that Ido not, that I did not last night, fight harder to resist. Instead I offered up a lame excuse inorder to justify myself in the moment. And I sinned.I am reading in your word how Your Son was sinless upon the earth. I read how Herefused the devil in the wilderness even in the face of great moral temptation to reject Youand Your will. And in the garden the night before He let Himself be crucified He was hurtingterribly and still He obeyed Your Word rather than that of His own flesh.Lord, I want to be strong like that. I want to be willing to suffer pain and endure it justso I can serve You. I want to know that the pain I feel is because I am honoring You. I want tochoose to endure it because I love You. I suffer some pain willingly but there are some thingsthat hurt too much or are too difficult for me to face so I run away. I run back to my old waysand I reject You in the process. I am so sorry.Lord God, please forgive my sin. Please forgive me, Father. I am sorry and I want todo better. And thank You, Father, and thank You, Jesus, for that forgiveness. Thank You thatI know that You will never reject me.Dear God,I had a tough day today with my friend at work. The place is tough enough to work atwithout the nonsense that this guy continually gives me. He did it again. The same thing! Iconfess that I lost my cool and hollered at him. And I did it in front of the office in full viewof some students and my principal. So I wound up looking like the bad guy.Later in the afternoon he came into my room and apologized. Again. Every time hedoes this to me, he ends up feeling guilty and comes back to apologize. I’ve told him so manytimes that he’s got to stop. I’ve even tried to help him to see what exactly it is that he is doingand how much it hurts me and our friendship. But he keeps on doing it. I’ve had it with him.If he doesn’t want to work on this then I’m not going to keep putting myself out there to bestepped on.I am sorry, Lord, for my anger and for losing control of it. Please forgive me, andthank you for Your forgiveness. 

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