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Published by good2000mo

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Published by: good2000mo on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HDPF01→HISTORYH0100 Finish varchar(1)H0103 His_ID varchar(10)H0104 His_Date float(8)H0105 Save_Time float(8)H0106 Version float(2)H0107 Num float(2)H0109 Category varchar(4)H0110 Pdf_Path varchar(128)H0111 Build_Cat varchar(3)H0112 Patient varchar(14)H0113 Pat_ID varchar(10)H0114 Pre_op_Dx varchar(128)H0115 Post_op_Dx varchar(128)H0116 Operation varchar(128)H0117 Anesthesia varchar(128)H0118 Operator varchar(128)H0119 Asistant varchar(128)H0121 Symptom text(640)H0122 Handdraw image(16)H0123 Picture image(16)H0131 varchar(15)H0132 text(640)H01Z1 Create_Author varchar(10)H01Z2 Create_Date float(8)H01Z3 Build_Author varchar(10)H01Z4 Build_Date floatHDPF02→REPORTH0200 Finish varchar(1)H0203 His_ID varchar(10)H0204 His_Date float(8)H0205 Save_Time float(8)H0209 Category varchar(4)H0210 Pdf_Path varchar(128)H0211 varchar(2)H0212 Patient_Name varchar(14)H0213 Patient_ID varchar(10)H0214 Report_Type varchar(1)H0215 Report_Cat varchar(2)H0231 varchar(15)H0232 Diagnostician text(640)H0233 Field_Example textH02Z1 Create_Author varchar(10)
H02Z2 Create_Date floatH02Z3 Build_Author varchar(10)H02Z4 Build_Date floatHDPF03→REPROT2H0300 Finish varchar(1)H0303 His_ID varchar(10)H0304 His_Date float(8)H0305 Save_Time float(8)H0306 Version float(2)H0312 varchar(2)H0321 Check_Report text(640)H0322 Pic_1 image(16)H0323 Pic_2 image(16)H0324 Pic_3 image(16)H0325 Pic_4 image(16)HDPF51→PIC_EXH5100 varchar(1)H5103 Authority varchar(1)H5104 Category varchar(4)H5105 varchar(10)H5106 Organ varchar(20)H5111 Pic_Explain varchar(20)H5112 Picture image(16)H5113 Part varchar(4)H5114 Function varchar(4)HDPF52→OPER_EXH5200 Finish varchar(1)H5203 Code varchar(20)H5204 Num float(2)H5211 Explain varchar(64)H5212 Category varchar(4)H5214 Pre_op_Dx varchar(128)H5215 Post_op_Dx varchar(128)H5216 Operation varchar(128)H5217 Anesthesia varchar(128)H5218 Operator varchar(128)H5219 Asistant varchar(128)H5221 Symptom text(640)H5222 Handdraw image(16)H5223 Picture image(16)H52Z1 Create_Author varchar(10)H52Z2 Create_Date float(8)H52Z3 Build_Author varchar(10)H52Z4 Build_Date float(8)H5300 Finish varchar(1)H5303 Report_Type varchar(1)H5304 Code varchar(20)
HDPF53→REPORT_EXH5305 Version float(2)H5311 Comment varchar(64)H5312 Category varchar(4)H5320 Complained text(640)H5321 Field_Example text(640)H5322 Pic_1 image(16)H5323 Pic_2 image(16)H5324 Pic_3 image(16)H5325 Pic_4 image(16)H53Z1 Create_Author varchar(10)H53Z2 Create_Date floatH53Z3 Build_Author varchar(10)H53Z4 Build_Date float

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