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Vital Scoop Color Print

Vital Scoop Color Print

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Published by Lis4cg

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: Lis4cg on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vital Scoop™: All-In-One Energy Shake Mix 
he Vital Scoop™ came into being in response tothe requests of my clients who wanted a productthat would allow them to get great nutrition withouthaving to take a shelf full of supplements in theform of pills, powders and liquids. Having created theEating For Health™ model of whole food nutrition,I know that health will always be improved whena meal includes a blend of digestible proteins, fats,carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements,enzymes, and friendly ora. This great tasting blendprovides all of these. I wanted to create a formula thatwould have the most nutritional bang for the buck andwould be loved by children and adults when blendedwith their favorite beverages. Other products on themarket offer either protein, greens, ber or fruits, butnot all of these in one balanced formula. I am veryproud to offer a wholesome, natural food that is quick,easy and versatile. It is an additive-, preservative-,and chemical-free product with the educationalinformation of the Eating For Health™ model and VitalScoop™ Recipes to support its use. I plan to use thisin school and community programs to demonstrate itsvalue in helping reverse childhood obesity, diabetes andother chronic illnesses. Feedback on the use of the VitalScoop™ is most welcome. Your cells will thank you forgetting “the scoop” on improved nutrition and well-being.
Vital Scoop™ Benefts* Include:
Provides energy for optimal performance withoutcaffeine or stimulantsHighly digestable45% protein, low calorieHealthy fats and carbohydratesPromotes safe, gentle detoxicationContains key phytonutrients and antioxidantsSupports natural hormone balancePromotes optimal cell metabolismSupports growth and repair of body tissuesAnti-aging properies: slows the aging process andcontributes to better overall functioning of theaging body
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, orprevent any disease.
Bauman Nutrition Vital Scoop™
 All-In-One Energy Shake Mix 
©2010 BAUMAN COLLEGE Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts800-987-7530 • www.baumancollege.orga
2Vital Scoop™: All-In-One Energy Shake Mix 
Vital Scoop™ Ingredients 
complete amino acid protein source,very low in casein and lactose, highly absorbable,supports detoxication and blood sugar regula-tion.
rich source of DHA (Omega-3 fatty acid),amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements,chlorophyll, beta carotene; blood builder; detoxi-cation for heavy metals such as mercury, alumi-num, lead, cadmium, and radioactive elements;supports the body’s production of SOD/catalase,antioxidant enzymes in the liver and cells.
provides essential fattyacids, gut restorative, cancer protective, bindsand clears environmental toxins, bile, and meta-bolic waste, lowers inammation, lowers LDLcholesterol, improves blood sugar regulation, anddraws out cell toxins and protects against thereabsorption of pollutants into the blood.
high invitamin C, bioavonoids, and potassium; cleans-ing and liver-protective.
: green tea extract,royal jelly, ionic trace mineral powder, Jerusalemartichoke powder and fructo-oligo saccharide (anatural prebiotic), aloe vera extract 200x, co-enzyme Q10, bidobacterium and lactobacillusacidophilus (lactose-free), glutamine, and naturalvanilla.Add love and stir into your favorite beverage.
Vital Scoop™ Testimonials 
“Vital Scoop™ provides a quality meal or snack thathelps balance blood sugar and promote healing. It’squick and easy to use, making it a ‘no brainer’ ... greatfor travel too!” ~ R.N., Morgan Hill, CA“I am not good about eating my vegetables, so I needa green product. I like Vital Scoop™ because it not onlygives me all the green food I want, but also includesprotein and ber, taking care of everything I desire inone easy-to-use product.” ~ C.P., Santa Rosa, CA“Vital Scoop™ is my favorite protein supplementbecause it tastes good, is easy to stir into liquid, andit has fruit nutrients which I am unable to get in myregular diet, since I cannot eat fruit” ~ A.C., RohnertPark, CA“Vital Scoop™ is a revolution in how foods can heal ina supplement form without leaning on the unnecessaryuse of herbs and strong nutriceuticals. I recommend itto all my friends and family.” ~ D.T., Santa Rosa, CA“Vital Scoop has become a vital product in my privatepractice. As one of the best tasting food supplementsI’ve found, it has become indispensable for getting myclients to eat adequate amounts of protein at break-fast, and sometimes for snacks.Recently, however, the Scoop has shown itself to bepotentially far more health enhancing than I imagined.A client who is seeing me on behalf of her husbandwho has aggressive metastasized prostate cancer,called me on their way home from USC Medical Cen-ter. She excitedly explained that her junk-food lovinghusband had agreed to one change in his diet: VitalScoop smoothies, which he’d been having each morn-ing for three weeks. His white blood cell count, whichhad been extremely low since his diagnosis in February,had just been tested and had returned to normal. Thenurse who discussed the results with them said that hisblood was “so clean [she] could sell it on the streets”.Their doctor, despite the controversy that exists sur-rounding the use of antioxidants during chemotherapy,agreed to let his patient continue his use of Vital Scoopwhile he undergoes his treatments. His wife told methat this is the rst time since his diagnosis that he hasfelt hopeful.” ~ Jodi Friedlander, M.S., N.C.
Vital Scoop™: All-In-One Energy Shake Mix 
Vital Scoop™ Recipes 
Basic Vital Scoop™ Shake 
1 scoop Vital Scoop™1cup milk, juice or tea½ cup berries½ banana½ tsp vanilla½ tsp cinnamonice for cold drinks
Blend ingredients until smooth. Variations, add:1 tsp Green Magic powder1 tsp maca powder1-2 Tbs nuts or seeds1-2 Tbs coconut1/4 tsp ginger, nutmeg, allspice
Vital Meal Replacement Smoothie 
2 scoops Vital Scoop™12 oz organic cow, goats, coconut milk¼ cup shredded coconut¼ cup ground almonds or cashews2 Tbs ax seeds, chia, or hemp seeds,ground½ cup berries½ cup ltered water or diluted berry juice(2 Tbs of juice with enough water to make ½ cup)1 small banana1 tso lemon juice
Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smoothand creamy. For a colder version, add 3 ice cubes anduse frozen berries.
Vital Green Chai 
2 cups brewed Root 66 tea (a blend of dan-delion, burdock, licorice, carob and sarsaparilla as theingredients available from BaumanCollege (800) 987-7530)1 scoop Vital Scoop™½ cup unltered apple juice, heated2 Tbs ground ax seeds1 tsp cinnamon¼ tsp ginger powder
Put ingredients into a blender and blend until smoothand frothy. Serve.
Vital Green Coconut Freez
1 fresh young coconut1 cup ice¼ cup agave (can use less agave or twomedjool dates instead)1 scoop Vital Scoop™½ tsp lemon juice
1. Open the coconut and extract the coconut water.Strain and set aside. Scoop out the tender coconutesh.2. Add coconut water, coconut meat, ice, agave (ordates), Vital Scoop™, and lemon juice. Blend thor-oughly and serve.

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