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Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing

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Published by dR_nech

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Published by: dR_nech on Apr 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Black Box TestingBlack Box Testing
by :Oerip S. Santoso
Bayu Hendradjaya - http://www.if.itb.ac.id/~bayu 
Black Box Testing focuses on functional requirements of the software
 –Tester can derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise allfunctional requirements for a program.
Black Box Testing is not an alternative to white box testing, rather it isa complementary approach that is likely to uncover a different class of errors than white box methods.Attempts to find:
 –incorrect or missing functions interface errors –errors in data structures or external database access –performance errors –initialization and termination errors
Tests are designed to answer the following question
 –How is functionally validity tested? –What classes of input will make good test cases? –Is the system particularly sensitive to certain input values? –How are the boundaries of a data class isolated –What data rates and data volume can the system tolerate? –What effect will specific combinations of data have on system operation?
Bayu Hendradjaya - http://www.if.itb.ac.id/~bayu 
Expected Result DeterminationExpected Result Determination
Expected result can not be determined by executing a sub programIt is determined prior to test execution, at test design phaseThe cost of analyzing and predicting the expected behavior for eachtest case of each subprogram is likely too high Use ‘oracle’ 
Something which makes it possible to predict the expected resultfromexecuting a test applying to a subprogram of a given subprogram,withspecific input dataIt may be a program, a set of values, etc
Various categories of oracles may be applicable for difficult cases:
 –Expected result is obtained by executing subprogram
It only applies if the execution is followed up and checked (foranalyzingintermediate values and internal variables)Ability to prove that the result obtained are validMust be used with caution
 –An application may be derived from a previous already tested application –Executing an equivalent subprogram to be tested

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