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Samuujal Be Term Paper

Samuujal Be Term Paper

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Published by nitin23541

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Published by: nitin23541 on Apr 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In India as it is seen that agriculture is the most important sector for the Indian economy. It is seen that the means of life and fooding of two third majority of India is vested on the hands of the agriculturesector. The agriculture sector also has its influence in the Indianeconomy and its GDP status. Almost half of the India’s area is takenunder the agriculture sector which indicates that agriculture is thebasic means of economy for a country like India. It is seen that thedeclination of the shares of agriculture sector in the GDP. But stillagriculture can be regarded as the main source of economy for thecountry and also it gives a huge boost to the GDP of the country.Agriculture also helps us enormously in the socio economicdevelopment of the country.After independence India has really donewell in the field of agriculture and it is a good sign for the country. Thegradual growth in the field of agriculture has helped the Indianeconomy gain momentum. As the Indian population is majorly
dependent on the agriculture of the country, it has a huge amount of inputs as per required by the population of the country. It is alsofound that the present scenario demands more production and Indiais self sufficient enough to provide sufficient amount of grainsrequired for the sustainability of the nation. Political stability of thecountry is the most important term which should be taken up by thecountry and its government policies.Green Revolution is another very good implementation that needs tobe taken up by the country which will help in the increase of theeconomy of the country. The Green Revolution basically means toadd some extra areas which were not utilized are to be used for agriculture improvement and also to be used for the irrigationfacilities. Usages of new techniques are also the basis of the GreenRevolution in India. This is the basic thing that needs to be done atthis present moment of time. This has now been seen in the modernagricultural sector and it is also found that the production of wheatand rice has increased because of this revolution and reform. For thisbasic reason the Indian government introduced it in 13 states toincrease the production. Hence it can be said that there is a certainneed to evolve the second Green Revolution in India.
The pestle analysis is a tool to identify the various needs and wantsof the various issues of any of the sectors that we are dealing with.The basic ideology of the analysis is to find out the actual situation of the prescribed sector and hence understand what steps needs to betaken to eradicate any sort of problems that arises in the analysis.We get to find a proper view of the sectors and hence follow certainsteps in developing the sector.The pestle analysis is a combination of six basiccomponents which tend to have an effect on the various sectors of the country. The letter “P stands for political, where it shows us theview points of the political influences which shows its effect on thesector. The political environment is a very important aspect that has atoll on the sector. The next letter “E “stands for economic, which isfundamental for the development of any sector. More the strength of economy of the country the better it is for the development of thesectors. Then the letter which comes is “S” and it stands for social.This show the social effect which takes place on the sectors and

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