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Archive | Slovenia News Government Communication Office RS

Archive | Slovenia News Government Communication Office RS

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Website: Press Releases: online articles series 2001 - 2010 by Government Communication Office RS, at http://www.ukom.gov.si/
Website: Press Releases: online articles series 2001 - 2010 by Government Communication Office RS, at http://www.ukom.gov.si/

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Published by: Slovenian Webclassroom on Apr 18, 2010
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ko Kosovel (1904-1926)[March, 2004]National Programme for Culture 2004-2007Celica Ex-Prison Turned into Stylish Youth Hostel[September, 2003]Beekeeping in Slovenia[April,2003] World's Oldest Wheel Found in Slovenia[March, 2003]Vladimir Bartol, the Author of Alamut[February, 2003]Ljubljana's Neboticnik - The First Slovenian Skyscraper [February, 2003]Christmas in Slovenia[May, 2002]European Year of Languages: Slovene[December, 2001]Academia Philharmonicorum - The Slovene Philharmonic, 1701-2001[September, 2001]France Pre
eren (3 December 1800 - 8 February 1849)[December, 2000]The Message of ZdravljicaFirst Slovene Book[November, 2000]The Freising Manuscripts (Bri
inski spomeniki) - the Oldest Known Writings in Slovene[November, 2000]Celebrating Pre
eren's Year [February, 2000]Neanderthal flute[November, 2003] ]
Domestic Policy
 The Erased[April, 2004]State and NGOto Tackle Human Trafficking Hand in Hand[web pages since April, 2005]Constitutional Amendments[May, 2001]Prompt denationalisation is in the public interest[April, 2001]Illegal migration - a threat to Slovenia's national security[January, 2001]The Reform of Public Administration and Improved Administrative Services[January, 2001] 
EU Topics
Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia[January, 2007] ]Schengen acquis[ Prepared by the Ministry of the Interior, June 2006]Slovene Euro Coins[October, 2005] Communication Strategy on the Introduction of the Euro(218 KB) [June, 2005]Elections to the European Parliament in Slovenia[June, 2004] 
Economy & Finance
Slovenian Exit Strategy 2010 - 2013[February, 2010]Accession of Slovenia to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)[February, 2010]Slovenian Government actively combats financial and economic crisis[February, 2009]Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia[January, 2007]En Route to the Adoption of the Euro[June, 2006]Reforms[June, 2006] Framework of Economic and Social Reforms for Increasing the Welfare in Slovenia (Brief summary)(75 KB) [November, 2005] Slovenia’s Development Strategy (Summary)(52 KB) [June, 2005]Slovene Euro Coins[October, 2005]Former Slovene Bank-notes and Coins[March, 2003, January 2007]Privatisation of Public Capital in Insurance Companies and Banks[December, 2000]Slovenia Gives Green Light to Foreign Investors[March, 2000]Additional Explanations Concerning the Negotiating Position to Chapter 4 - Free Movement of Capital - Denationalisation[February,2000]Value Added Tax[September, 1999]Value Added Tax(VAT) [June, 1999]
 Educational System in Slovenia[April, 2009]Education in Slovenia[February, 2000] 
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 Parliamentary Elections 2008[September, 2008]Parliamentary election results(1990-2008) [February, 2009]Parliamentary Elections 2004[October, 2004]Elections in Slovenia in 2002[November, 2002]Slovenia Gets Its Sixth Government[December, 2000]3rd Post-independence Parliamentary Elections[October, 2000]1,001 Candidates at 2000 Elections [October , 2000]15 October 2000: Parliamentary Elections[October, 2000]Ten years of first direct and multiparty elections in Slovenia[April, 2000]
 Slovenian Standpoint on European Energy Policy[February, 2007]Towards Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources[June, 2001]Slovene Nuclear Power Plant Save from Earthquake[October, 2000] 
Foreign Policy
 Border Issue between Slovenia and Croatia [December, 2009]Border issue between Slovenia and Croatia[July, 2009]Slovenia in the World[June, 2006]What is Spanish Compromise?[December, 2000]In November 1999, Slovenia is Presiding over the Security Council for the Second Time[November, 1999] 
The State of Karantanija[July, 2005]26 December - Independence Day and Anniversary of the Plebiscite[December, 2000] 
 Health Care System[April, 2009]Healthcare system - Health reform[September, 2003] 
International Organisations
 Slovenia Ready to Head the Council of Europe[May, 2009] Priorities of the Slovenian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe(77 KB) [April, 2009]Slovenian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers’ of the Council of Europe(12 May – 18 November 2009) [February, 2009]Slovenia's OSCE Chairmanship in 2005[June, 2006]
 Information about Roma issue in Slovenia[December, 2006]Minorities in Slovenia[June, 2006]Minorities: An Enriched Expression of the Cultural Heritage[February, 2002]The Italian and Hungarian Autochthonous Ethnic Communities, and the Romany in the Republic of Slovenia[June, 1999]The Republic of Slovenia and Slovene Ethnic Minorities in Neighbouring Countries[June, 1999 and July, 2003] 
Science & Technology
 Jurij Vega (1754-1802)- Logarithms for World Heritage [March, 2004]Edvard Rusjan, Pioneer of Slovene Aviation[January, 2001] ]
Slovenia – EU (Information on the Accesson Process)
 Slovenia's Accession to the EU[May, 2004] Slovenia Entering the EU(249 KB) [April, 2004] -EU: Open Issues and Perspectives[December, 2001]Report on Slovenia's Progress in EU Integration[July, 2001]Slovenia Towards a Breakthrough in Negotiations with EU[April, 2001]Increasing administrative skills prior to Slovenia becoming an EU member state[March, 2001]No influx of Slovene Workers to the EU Expected[February, 2001]The Reform of Public Administration and Improved Administrative Services[January, 2001]Slovenia Follows Measures and EU Legal Standards to Combat Mad Cow Disease[January, 2001]EU/Slovenia: Progress in All Problematic Areas[November, 2000]European Commission Report is Positive[November, 2000]Slovenia is preparing to establish a Schengen border [October, 2000]EUR 21 million over the next three years for programmes of cross-border cooperation with Italy, Austria and Hungary[October, 2000]Additional Explanations Concerning the Negotiating Position to Chapter 4 - Free Movement of Capital - Denationalisation[February,2000]Slovenians' Viewpoints on Slovenia's Integration in the European Union[December, 1999] 

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