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WHO Standard Accupuncture Point Locations

WHO Standard Accupuncture Point Locations

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Published by bykiat

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Published by: bykiat on Apr 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHO Standard
Updated and Reprinted 2009
WHO Lib\ue005\ue000\ue005y C\ue000\ue006\ue000lo\ue003ui\ue004\ue003 i\ue004 Public\ue000\ue006io\ue004 d\ue000\ue006\ue000
WHO Standard Acupuncture Point Locations in the Western Paci\ue000c Region
1. Me\ue001ici\ue004e, t\ue005\ue000\ue001i\ue006io\ue004\ue000l. 2. acupu\ue004c\ue006u\ue005e Poi\ue004\ue006 Loc\ue000\ue006io\ue004s
ISBN 978 92 9061 248 7
(NLM Classi\ue000cation: WB50)
\u00a9 World Health Organization (2008)
Public\ue000\ue006io\ue004s o\ue002 \ue006he Wo\ue005l\ue001 He\ue000l\ue006h O\ue005\ue003\ue000\ue004iz\ue000\ue006io\ue004 e\ue004joy copy\ue005i\ue003h\ue006 p\ue005o\ue006ec\ue006io\ue004 i\ue004 \ue000cco\ue005\ue001\ue000\ue004ce wi\ue006h \ue006he p\ue005ovisio\ue004s o\ue002 P\ue005o\ue006ocol 2 o\ue002 \ue006he
U\ue004ive\ue005s\ue000l Copy\ue005i\ue003h\ue006 Co\ue004ve\ue004\ue006io\ue004. fo\ue005 \ue005i\ue003h\ue006s o\ue002 \ue005ep\ue005o\ue001uc\ue006io\ue004 o\ue005 \ue006\ue005\ue000\ue004sl\ue000\ue006io\ue004 o\ue002 WHO public\ue000\ue006io\ue004s, i\ue004 p\ue000\ue005\ue006 o\ue005 i\ue000 \ue001o\ue001o, \ue000pplic\ue000\ue006io\ue004 shoul\ue001
be made to the Of\ue000ce of Publications, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, or to the Regional Of\ue000ce for the Western
Paci\ue000c, Manila, Philippines. The World Health Organization welcomes such applications.

the \ue001esi\ue003\ue004\ue000\ue006io\ue004s employe\ue001 \ue000\ue004\ue001 \ue006he p\ue005ese\ue004\ue006\ue000\ue006io\ue004 o\ue002 \ue006he m\ue000\ue006e\ue005i\ue000l i\ue004 \ue006his public\ue000\ue006io\ue004 \ue001o \ue004o\ue006 imply \ue006he exp\ue005essio\ue004 o\ue002 \ue000\ue004y opi\ue004io\ue004
wh\ue000\ue006soeve\ue005 o\ue004 \ue006he p\ue000\ue005\ue006 o\ue002 \ue006he Sec\ue005e\ue006\ue000\ue005i\ue000\ue006 o\ue002 \ue006he Wo\ue005l\ue001 He\ue000l\ue006h O\ue005\ue003\ue000\ue004iz\ue000\ue006io\ue004 co\ue004ce\ue005\ue004i\ue004\ue003 \ue006he le\ue003\ue000l s\ue006\ue000\ue006us o\ue002 \ue000\ue004y cou\ue004\ue006\ue005y, \ue006e\ue005\ue005i\ue006o\ue005y, ci\ue006y o\ue005
\ue000\ue005e\ue000 o\ue005 o\ue002 i\ue006s \ue000u\ue006ho\ue005i\ue006ies, o\ue005 co\ue004ce\ue005\ue004i\ue004\ue003 \ue006he \ue001elimi\ue006\ue000\ue006io\ue004 o\ue002 i\ue006s \ue002\ue005o\ue004\ue006ie\ue005s o\ue005 bou\ue004\ue001\ue000\ue005ies.

The mention of speci\ue000c companies or of certain manufacturers\u2019 products does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by
\ue006he Wo\ue005l\ue001 He\ue000l\ue006h O\ue005\ue003\ue000\ue004iz\ue000\ue006io\ue004 i\ue004 p\ue005e\ue002e\ue005e\ue004ce \ue006o o\ue006he\ue005s o\ue002 \ue000 simil\ue000\ue005 \ue004\ue000\ue006u\ue005e \ue006h\ue000\ue006 \ue000\ue005e \ue004o\ue006 me\ue004\ue006io\ue004e\ue001. E\ue005\ue005o\ue005s \ue000\ue004\ue001 ommissio\ue004s excep\ue006e\ue001, \ue006he
\ue004\ue000mes o\ue002 p\ue005op\ue005ie\ue006\ue000\ue005y p\ue005o\ue001uc\ue006s \ue000\ue005e \ue001is\ue006i\ue004\ue003uishe\ue001 by i\ue004i\ue006i\ue000l c\ue000pi\ue006\ue000l le\ue006\ue006e\ue005s.
the \ue000u\ue006ho\ue005s \ue000lo\ue004e \ue000\ue005e \ue005espo\ue004sible \ue002o\ue005 \ue006he views exp\ue005esse\ue001 i\ue004 \ue006his public\ue000\ue006io\ue004.

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