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Anger Management

Anger Management



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Published by Derek
Anger is toxic to the mind and body if not expressed harmlessly. I use term harmlessly here meaning, to bring no harm to self or other.
Anger is toxic to the mind and body if not expressed harmlessly. I use term harmlessly here meaning, to bring no harm to self or other.

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Published by: Derek on May 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anger Management
 By Derek Ayre
Anger is toxic to the mind and body if not expressed harmlessly. I use term harmlessly here meaning tobring no harm to self or other.When anger is expressed (pushed out) as a quick fix, one way of doing it is to shout and scream at anotherperson. The effect of this is to reduce the unpleasant feelings of anger if you can get the other person tomanifest expressions of being hurt and submissive but the relief is only transient and can create a “habit” inthe behaviour of the perpetrator of becoming angry with the “underdog”.But what generally happens is as follows…1. In an argument there is a retaliation using anger that does little good to either person other than tocause even more frustration at not being able to “win”.2. To repress (hold or push in) anger is just as injurious. . Repressed anger is more than often at the rootof headaches and other forms of pain and discomfort. These pains, if constant, can eventually lead toa “real” illness or some other sort of breakdown in the system.So if expressing and repressing anger can lead to harm, what is one to do when anger arises?Anger management. Many people make the mistake of thinking that anger management means controllingand/or suppressing the emotion. I suppose you could label it thus, but I don’t like the word controlling as itsmacks of coercion. Trying to coerce anger, is another way of repressing it. This to me, is not anger man-agement.True anger management in a Zen-like way, is first of all developing an awareness of anger, then
 trying to make it go away, examine and witness your anger and recognise it for what it really is… 
. And that’s all it is. Anger is energy. Be aware that when you are excited about anything, whetherit is about moving into a beautiful new home or getting sexually aroused, what you are experiencing is en-ergy – a bunch of sensations that are all practically identical. Pleasurable experiences are seldom resisted,and are quick to disappear. Un-pleasurable experiences like anger, are nearly always resisted and are slow todisappear.Therefore, if one can “stay in touch” with the experiences of anger or other negative emotions, just be withthem, allowing them to exist, the anger will respond the same to any pleasurable experience. Time alwaysgoes quickly when you are enjoying yourself.What others have said about anger:Thomas Fuller (English Historian, 1608-61)
 Anger is one of the sinews of the soul
.Johannah Spyri (Writer.
 Author of Heidi:
 Anger has overpowered him and driven him to a revenge that was rather a stupid one, I must acknowledge,but anger makes us all stupid 
.David Hume (Scottish Philosopher, 1711-76)
Grief and disappointment gives rise to anger, anger to envy, envy to malice, and malice to grief again, tillthe whole circle is completed 

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