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Milton H Erickson - Linn F Cooper - Time Distortion in Hypnosis 166

Milton H Erickson - Linn F Cooper - Time Distortion in Hypnosis 166

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Published by jesse dean

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Published by: jesse dean on Apr 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Experimental and Clinical Investigation
© 2004 OTC Publishing Corpwww.ericksonianhypnosis.com 
 Preface to the Second Edition
The explication, in the first edition of this book, of theexperimental and clinical aspects of hypnotic timedistortion as a specific concept and a new techniquewas a most intriguing task for the authors. The receptionaccorded the book, as evidenced by favorable reviews, theexhaustion of first and second printings, the receipt of letters of inquiry about experimental procedures fromresearch workers in many parts of the country, even fromabroad, and the favorable comment from scores of clinicians on their own utilization of hypnotic timedistortion, have been most stimulating.However, the authors can take credit for only a small part of this. The timing of the first edition, 1954, was both fortuitous and fortunate. The impetus given byWorld War II to the scientific use of hypnosis wascontinuing in the form of progressive development of general medical interest. The dental profession, longinterested, manifested this by taking the lead inemploying hypnosis in office practice. The efforts previously made by the psychology departments of various universities to arouse a widespread interest inresearch in hypnosis took on a new vitality. Con-temporaneous with this constantly growing interest, thefirst edition was issued, and it profited greatly therefrom.Additionally, it was a book written by physicians in which purely experimental and purely clinical work with newand different applications were presented-this at a timeof searching for new techniques for special adaptation tothe problems of psychosomatic medicine.Less than a year after the first edition was published, but expressive only of the fact that interest in scientifichypnosis was not limited to any one country, the BritishMedical Association formally approved of the medical use
and teaching of hypnosis and disapproved its use by thelaity. Also in 1955, Marquette University School of Dentistry, and in 1956, Tufts University School of Dental -Medicine, to give examples of academic interest,conducted formal seminars on hypnosis as a part of  postgraduate instruction. Then, in 1957, The AmericanSociety of Clinical Hypnosis was organized on a nationallevel with international affiliations with other nationalscientific societies and with a membership based on adoctoral degree in psychology, dentistry or medicine. Thus,there was inaugurated an era of generalized professionalapproval of scientific by hypnosis and the enlistment of theinterest and participation of clinicians everywhere.In 1958, the American Medical Association formallyapproved the use and teaching of hypnosis as a medicalmethodology of significant value. Further recognitionwas accorded by other national and state or regionalmedical and dental societies.Against the background of this interest, a second edition is being issued as a restatement of a methodology offering anopportunity for both research and clinical application in awide variety of problems in medicine and dentistry, both physiological and psychological. Aside from minor changes and additions to the first section of this book,the justification for calling this issue a second edition is thefact of an addition of a relatively brief but new and differentthird section, clinically oriented but pith a variety of experimental significances. This new section, in theauthors' opinion, constitutes a decidedly importantelaboration of another significant aspect of hypnotic timedistortion-an aspect only briefly mentioned in discussionsin the first edition, but which was entirely overlooked for elaboration both experimentally and clinically. This phaseof hypnotic time distortion is the shortening or condensation of subjective time experience, the

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