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Newest EBP 12-8

Newest EBP 12-8

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Published by ncory79

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Published by: ncory79 on Apr 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MRSA Prevention and Detection
Debby BoyleNicole Cory Linda Hansen Anne Hendricks
What is MRSA?
(MRSA) is one of the majornosocomialpathogens responsible forincreased morbidity, mortality, andprolonged hospitalization (Kucinaet al.,2008). MRSA was first reported in theUnited Kingdom in 1961, when it was foundthat Staph aureusinfections were becomingresistant to beta-lactuminhibitors such asmethicillin(Romero, Treston, & O’Sullivan,2006). Staphylococcus aureusbacteremia(SAB) is a potentially lethal and increasingly common infection in hospitalized patients(Lahey, Shah, Gittzus, Schwartzman &Kirkland, 2009).
Methicillin-ResistantStaphylococcus Aureus
MRSA in the Healthcare Setting
MRSA ranks “among the most prevalent pathogens in hospitals worldwide” (Diekema& Climo2008, p.1192).
Infections caused by multidrug-resistant gram-positive bacteria represent a major public healthburden in terms of morbidity and mortality, increased expense in patient management, andimplementation of infection control measures (Woodford & Livermore, 2009).
The "superbug", MRSA, regularly attracts media interest and there is political pressure to reduceMRSA infection rates (Woodford & Livermore, 2009).
Each year126,000 patients hospitalized develop MRSA and 5,000 of those patients die (Klevinset al., 2007).
Today’s numbers state that 46 out of 1,000 patients have MRSA(Klevinset al, 2007).
Healthcare Acquired-MRSA patients have an increasedlength of stay up to nine and one-tenth days and incurcosts of roughly $30,000 per episode (Richmond et al, 2007).

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