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Two laid back 1966 firemen decide to become the best hippies that ever lived and go on a road trip down Route 66 where they meet famous people of the 60's.
Two laid back 1966 firemen decide to become the best hippies that ever lived and go on a road trip down Route 66 where they meet famous people of the 60's.

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PURPLE HAZEbySam BassSam Bass2018 BroadwayLittle Rock,AR. 72206501/240-3253Sambass155@sbcglobal.netRegistered WGAW/iPG
PURPLE HAZEFADE IN:EXT. TWO STORY BURNING BUILDING, SPRING 1967 - DAYA song plays: Purple Haze by Jimi HendrixA fireman is in full yellow fire gear running hard across ablazing wooden floor. He suddenly falls through the floor.Thick blue Smoke bellow up from below.His buddy behind him wearing the same gear grabs his thickcoat and pulls him back up.They move a few feet then turn to a charred wooden door andbattle to open the locked exit. The echo of the menstruggling to breath through their protective mask can beheard. They finally kick open the door and move down a smokefilled flaming staircase and quickly outside through anotherdoorway that has the door already open.EXT. BURNING BUILDING - DAYThe two firemen move beside a pumper fire truck. They shedtheir heavy gear down to tee-shirts and jeans then slide tothe grassy ground sweating and hot.ADAM CARTER, a handsome man in his early twenties sporting along braided pony tail, Fu Manchu mustache and a Army Rangerstatoo on his forearm looks over at his partner.BEN GUTHRIE, a handsome part American Indian man with longblack hair, thick mustache and long sideburns in his earlytwenties sports a silver peace sign earring. He smiles at hispal.BENThat one was really close buddy.ADAMJust going with the flow, baby.BENHey man, did you ever think aboutjust dropping out. I mean totallystopping all of this crap.ADAMYeah, like doing something youreally want to for a change? That would be bitchin man.(MORE)
I would love to nail that check outgirl at the grocery store.BENNo, really big. Like climbing MountEverest or something.Ben relaxes looking up at the sky.ADA I always wanted to be a hippie.They move on the cool side. So damnfree.BENMan that is bad ass.ADAMYeah and they smoke a lot of weed.Makes them all mellow. No muss, nofuss.BENYeah,they’re pretty cool alright.ADAMMellow yellow man.BENAnd the women, uninhibited love. Mykind of people dude.ALFORD CRANE, the Fire Chief, a short haired slick looking man wearing black horn rim glasses and a starched firemanuniform walks up.ALFORDGet off your asses and fight thatfire.Ben and Adam look at the fire and then at Alford withquestion on their face.Alford glances sideways at the buildingThe building is lightly smoldering with a few strings ofsmoke coming from it.ADAMChief, the fires out.ALFORDBoth of you dumb asses get a haircut.2.ADAM (CONT'D)

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