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Disposicion de La Carta

Disposicion de La Carta

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Published by elmauri-delatenas

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Published by: elmauri-delatenas on Apr 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9 `djbl`ybge`d~o( jp`|{o o ~`}~o u je`||`$@h
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^onb jb|~b o jogpdejbjeúd( {o| {`rp`òb rp` ap`z`( n`l` hh`qb| hb a`jmb n`h nçb `d rp` z` `zj|el`$ Hb jb|~b zeda`jmb( jogo hb jb|~b zed ae|gb( jb|`j` n` qbho|$Hb a`jmb `zj|e~b `d jbz~`hhbdo n`l` `z{`jeaejb|( zed bl|`qeb~p|bz( HOJBHENBN( NEB( G@Z u BÒO$
' Z` oge~` hb HOJBHENBN ( `d brp`hhoz jbzoz `d rp` z` pz` moib g`gl|`~bnb $Zúho z` {`|ge~`d `}{|`zeod`z dpgå|ejbz -lb||bz% `d do~bz rp` je|jphbd n`d~|o n` hoz nea`|`d~`z n`{b|~bg`d~ozn` pdb gezgb `g{|`zb$
Hoz dogl|`z n` hoz g`z`z `d `z{bòoh DPDJB
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' Ze hb moib {oz`` g`gl|`~`( z` `zj|ele|â9@i$ ____________________________________________2$< ' Ze hb moib jb|`j` n` g`gl|`~`( z` `zj|ele|â9@i$ ____________________________________________
@z hb {b|~` n` hb jb|~b rp` ednejb hb {`|zodb o `d~enbn b rpe`d qb ne|efenb hb gezgb$ Jodz~b n` hbz zefpe`d~`z{b|~`z92% ^|b~bge`d~o ' @h ~|b~bge`d~o {p`n` z`|9b'
-Noj~o|( hej`djebno( edf`de`|o( gbuo|( {|`zlç~`|o( `~j$%l'
-z`òo|( z`òo|b%Z` bjodz`ib p~eheyb| pd zoho ~|b~bge`d~o $Ze `z pdb {`|zodb açzejb z` {odn|â
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 @DQÇO [O\ JO\\@O [OZ^BH
<$2 ‚Ze ub |`bheybgoz ~|bdzbjjeod`z jod `h n`z~edb~b|eo o m`goz |`jeleno pdb
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dùg`|o n` júnefo {oz~bh( ne|`jjeúd u hojbhenbn$
N`z~edb~b|eo u \`ge~`d~` @i$ N`z~edb~b|eo u \`ge~`d~` jog{b|~`d hbgezgb hojbhenbn do jog{b|~`d hb gezgb hojbhenbn 
<$< ‚ O~|b o{jeúd {b|b `hblo|b| `h n`z~edb~b|eo edjhpu`9 dogl|` n` hb `g{|`zb( ne|`jjeúd( júnefo {oz~bhu hojbhenbn$ [p`n` hh`qb| hçd`b n` b~`djeúd$
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 @DQÇO [O\ AB] 
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Jpbdno hb jb|~b qb ne|efenb b pdb `g{|`zb jogo ~bh {`|o rpe`d hb `zj|el` n`z`b rp` bhfpe`d `d {b|~ejphb|n`d~|o n` `zb `g{|`zb z` ojp{` n`h bzpd~o( z` ednejb `h dogl|` n` nejmb {`|zodb `d hb zefpe`d~` ao|gb9@i$@z~b hçd`b aefp|b `d~|` hb ùh~egb hçd`b n`h n`z~edb~b|eo u `h qojb~eqo( z`{b|bnb n` bglbz {o| nolh` `z{bjeo$ Ze z`n`z`b {p`n` zpl|bub|z` hb {bhbl|b ‘B~`djeúd‗ o `zj|ele|hb ~onb `d gbuùzjphb$
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@z pdb o|bjeúd rp` zed~`~eyb `h ~`gb n` hb jb|~b u z` plejb `d~|` `h n`z~edb~b|eo u `h zbhpno edejebh o qojb~eqo$ O`d~|` hb hçd`b n` b~`djeúd u `h zbhpno edejebh o qojb~eqo$
@z `h zbhpno n` jo|~`zçb rp` z` h` l|ednb bh n`z~edb~b|eo bd~`z n` jog`dyb| hb jb|~b u `z hb rp` h` nb `h ~odo b hbgezgb$ Hbz `}{|`zeod`z `g{h`bnbz {b|b `h zbhpno
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Z` `zj|el` ùdejbg`d~` jod gbuùzjphb hb {|eg`|b h`~|b n`h qojb~eqo$ Zp apdjeúd `z b{`hb| b hb b~`djeúd n`hn`z~edb~b|eo u z`òbhb| hb {`|zodb f|bgb~ejbh n`d~|o n`h g`dzbi`$
^@]^O O JP@\[O N@ HB JB\^B
[â||bao n` b{`|~p|b ' z` ed~|onpj` bh n`z~edb~b|eo `d `h ~`gb n`h jpbh z` qb b mblhb|$
[â||bao/z n` n`zb||ohho ' [p`n` z`| gâz n` pd {â||bao$ Z` n`zb||ohhb `h ~`gb {|edje{bh n` hb jb|~b
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