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Published by sethnono

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Published by: sethnono on Apr 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is an Internet?
The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use thestandard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is anetwork of networks that consists of millions of private and public, academic, business,and government networks of local to global scope that are linked by a broad array of electronic and optical networking technologies.
Internet Address
An Internet address uniquely identifies a node on the Internet. Internet addressmay also refer to the name or IP of a Web site (URL). The term Internet address can alsorepresent someone's e-mail address.
A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in a short way of referring to the Internetaddress for a particular web site or document. A simple and descriptive example of aURL would be:http://www.somesite.com/directory/page.htmlThe first part of a URL states what protocol is used to access the site. In theexample, this would be the http:// part, which indicates the site is using the http(HyperText Transfer Protocol). The protocol tells the web browser how to read the pages.
The second part of a URL is the actual Internet address of the
where the pages for the site are stored. This is commonly a word or combination of words followed by .com, .net, .org, or a country
such as .co.uk or .de, and is commonly referredto as a domain name.The next part of the part of the example URL /directory indicates that it is adirectory on the site. Sometimes this will be the end of the URL, and much like if theaddress ended with the domain, when a user goes to the URL they will go to the defaultindex page, if it exists. Before a directory there is a slash, indicating a new part of theURL.The next part is the page of the site. This is an actual file and can have one of anumber of different extensions. Much like directories, there is a slash before the file namewhether or not the domain or a directory precedes it, indicating that this is yet another  part of a URL. The most commonly seen extensions are .html and .html, but there isalso .php, .asp, .pdf, and others for different files.
A system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network, as between personal computers.
Email Address
Anamethat identifies an electronic post office box on anetwork wheree-mail  can be sent. Different types of networks have different formats for e-mail addresses. OntheInternet, all e-mail addresses have the form:@<
For example,webmaster@sandybay.com
Every user on the Internet has a unique e-mail address. The term
is commonlyused as an abbreviation for e-mail address.
Email FunctionsCreating an Email Account (Yahoo Account)
Step 1- Connect to the Internet through your Internet service provider or other Internet connectivity option/service.Step 2 - Click on the browser icon (Internet Explorer or Firefox, for example) on your desktop or on the task bar below. A browser window will open up.Step 3- Type http://www.yahoo.com in the URL address bar or the search field at thetop of the browser window. The Yahoo home page will open up. Toward the top rightof the home page, you will see two messages about mail: "Sign In" and "Sign Up."Step 4 - Click on "Sign Up." A new window will open up with a few informationfields displayed. Fill in your personal information for all of the three steps.

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