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Audition Sexism MANDY

Audition Sexism MANDY

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Published by josteinlarsen
Portion of script, for audition purposes
Portion of script, for audition purposes

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Published by: josteinlarsen on Apr 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*******Audition portion of script******Auditions for MANDY
DAX stands in an office hallway, an attractive female walkstowards the camera from the back of the room, past DAX as hetalks...
Did you know that something as simple as slapping a fellowfemale employee's bottom, or grabbing her right or left breastas a joke, can be considered sexual harrasment? Well ididn't... And as a legal obligation to my still pending sexualharrasment court case, i'm required to star in thisinstructional video to help other men avoid making the samemistakes i did...DAX looks silently at the floor for a moment, then, with muchgusto, launches back into his speech...
Why don't we take a look at some examples...MANDY, a very attractive woman in businesss clothing walkspast, as she does so DAX goes to slap her arse, whereupon theframe freezes and the words "SEXIST!" pop onto screen...MANDY, again walks the same route as before, past DAX, thistime he stands up as she walks past and engages her in aconversation...
Why, hello Mandy... You look very nice today... I look forwardto engaging in a purely professional business relationship...
(she begins to talk but is cut off almost immediately by dax,who gives a thumbs up to the camera and says)
Cracking Good Stuff!DAX now stands by a water-cooler, MANDY once again approacheshim... DAX takes a cup of water from the cooler and promptlypoors it all over MANDY'S white shirt... The screen Freezesand the words "SEXIST" once again pop onscreen...MANDY approaches DAX once again, this time he poors a cup ofwater and offers it to MANDY... She looks thankful and beginsto sip the water, whereupon Dax slaps her ass and gives athumbs up to the camera
That's a good girl!DAX sits behind a computer desk, he types over-enthusiastically and clearly isn't paying attention to thecomputer screen... He eventually turns to the camera onceagain...
You know, sometimes being sexist has nothing to do withgrabbing tits or arse... Sometimes sexism can lie in theignorance some men have towards some of the serious issueswomen have...Cut to DAX approaching MANDY once again... he sits directly infront of her on her work-desk...
(speaking to camera)
Believe it or not, women like Mandy have
issues, theyfeel like they're descriminated against, and treated likelittle more than an object, or commodity in our Patriarcalsociety... It's good to try and clear the air every now andthen, and just remind them that you know what they're goingthrough...DAX looks down to MANDY and begins talking
Hi Mandy... Gee i just got my period... Don't you hate feelingirrational and bad tempered towards men once a month... Andtalk about stomach cramps...

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