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Practice Test 300 Questions

Practice Test 300 Questions

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Published by arippee

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Published by: arippee on Apr 19, 2010
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Practice Test1. Which of the following statements about political parties in America is true?A) Parties today are relatively strong, but they are not strong in all areas of thecountry.B) Parties in this country are relatively new, having emerged only after the Civil War.C) Parties in this country have traditionally plated a larger role than they do inEurope.D) Parties today are relatively weak compared to earlier periods in our country'shistory.E) Parties are stronger at the local lever than in the past, but not at the national level.2. In
The Federalist Papers
, James Madison expressed the view that politicalfactionsA) Are necessary to control the masses in a free nation.B) Are undesirable but inevitable in a free nation.C) Should play a minor role in any free election.D) Should be nutured by a free nation.E) Are central to the creation of a free nation.3. Given that Wyoming has only one Representative in the House, we know that ithas _____ electoral college vote(s).A) Two.B) Four.C) One.D) It is impossible to know given this limited information.E) Three.4. James MadisonA) Believed that American society would be best served by a relatively small number of powerful groups.B) Believed that public interest lobbies were dangerous because the common manwas not qualified to speak for the public interest.C) Had no demonstrable opinion about groups in politics.D) Favored a wide-open system in which many groups would be able to participateto counterbalance one another.E) Wanted the Constitution to forbid the growth of groups and factions.5. A "cloture motion" passed in the Senate does which of the following?A) Brings a bill directly to a vote without formal committee approval.B) Cuts off debate on a bill.C) Returns a bill to committee.D) Removes a president who has been impeached by the House.E) Criticizes a senator guilty of improprieties.
6. Which of the following is
an essential part of the group theory of politics?A) Groups are extremely unequal in power.B) Groups compete.C) Groups weak in one resource can use another.D) Actually, all of these are part of the theory.E) Groups usually play by the rules of the game.7. Which of the following most accurately describes the legislature created by theConnecticut Compromise?A) A unicameral legislature selected by popular voteB) A bicameral legislature, with the Senate chosen by the HouseC) A bicameral legislature, with the Senate appointed by state legislatures and theHouse selected by popular voteD) A bicameral legislature, with bouth Houses chosen by popular voteE) A unicameral legislature selected by state legislatures8. The theory that argues that just a few groups have most of the power isA) The pluralist theory.B) Weber's theory of bureaucratic power.C) Group theory of politics.D) Elite theory.E) Hyperpluralist theory.9. Which of the following factors is probably the most important determinant of anindividual's political party affiliation?A) ReligionB) Family, particularly his or her mother and father's party affiliation.C) Social ClassD) Ideological ConvictionE) Gender 10. The complexity of the procedure for enacting a law gives the advantage to the bill'sA) Congressional sponsors.B) Party supporters.C) Supporters in the executive branch.D) Opponents.E) Conference committee.11. Voters at the Iowa Democratic caucus, compared with other Democrats fromIowa, tend to beA) More conservative.B) More rural.C) Younger.D) Less educated.E) More liberal.
12. The Republicans have a small majority of seats in both the House and the Senate.In which body do they have a greater chance of legislative success?A) The Senate.B) It depends on whether the vice-president is present, to break tie votes.C) It depends on how close we are to the next election.D) The House.E) About equal chances in both bodies.13. Compared to Federalists, the Antifederalists tended to favor aA) Weak decentralized government as a protection against political privilege.B) Weak decentralized government as a protection against social inequality -differences in wealth.C) Strong national government as a protection against political privilege.D) Return to monarchy.E) Weak decentralized government as a protection of liberty.14. The legislative process at the national level reflects the intent of the framers of the Constitution to create a legislature that wouldA) Ensure that all demographic groups be equally represented.B) Allow majorities virtually unlimited control over policy.C) Be less powerful than the executive.D) Involve as many citizens as possible.E) Be cautious and deliberate.15. An open primary is one in whichA) Voting is limited to members of one party or the other.B) Voters can vote for either a Democrat or a Republican, who are listed on the same ballot.C) Voters must listen to speeches from each candidate before they make their choices.D) Voters from either major party may participate.E) The outcome does not determine the state's choice of delegates.16. If you wished to study the real leadership office in the Senate, you would mostlikely focus on theA) President pro tempore.B) Vice President of the United States (the President of the Senate).C) Party whip.D) Chair of the Appropriations Committee.E) Majority leader.17. Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination begins withA) An arrest.B) Criminal sentencing.C) A trial.

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