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Science AS Religion

Science AS Religion

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Published by Theresa-Ann
3rd Journal 2010-03-26
♥ Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66ECa7oGCMM
3rd Journal 2010-03-26
♥ Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66ECa7oGCMM

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Apr 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1:44 pm, 3/26/2010 3rd, 4 Storm(Enter this journal date, your birth date, or
Video on YouTube hereOh, boy, this is a strange one. I
have the title, already
. Thatusually
scares me
, a bit. Why? Well, that’s easy; I
don’t trust themind
. The day mind starts writing these things is the day
I quit 
.So, anyway,
back into heart
, for me; and into trust. I’m okay. Iknow I’m okay. It’s just that mind is such a tricky bugger; gotta watchit...and I do.So, then, I noticed, in going over my videos, one with the title“Science as Philosophy.”Though [mind-]
tempted to go listen to it
,to get a refresher on what it’s saying — because, trust me, the titlesdon’t hardly cut it — I resisted. Nope, I’m
not giving mind theprivilege
of wiggling in here.So we’ll wing it. Science as religion. Those are
harsh words
. Yep,and that’s how I meant them. How many can see, with me, how
we’ve all but made a God out of science
? We bow down andworship that god regularly, too. Outside the purview of science? Thenit may as well not exist. Does it argue with currently acceptedscience? Then it’s judged and criticized...or even worse, givenabsolutely
attention.What a lousy, rotten place to be in, this
worship of science
. You dosee, don’t you, that this is
the worship of mind
? How can you notsee this? Look again.
This is mind up there, playing god.
Now, this is to be expected of mind, of course;
it’s not mind’s fault
. That’s just what mind does, wanting all that attention and reverence,and such; wanting to be the leader. That’s just
us, falling down and worshiping mind
; well, that’s anotherstory...and one I don’t like to tell. I wish it was some other way. Like
maybe Heart doing the ruling. But, oh well,
it is what it is, and Iaccept.
 That doesn’t stop me writing about it, though. Guess you’d noticed ;).So, are you, then, a worshiper of science, i.e., of mind? Care to take alook at that? A closer look? Go ahead; check it out.
If some bigname scientist says it, does that make it true
, for you? Do you just accept that? Do you even question it? Be honest, now. Don’t lieto yourself, for heaven’s sake, and lol!
Mind will have you lying to yourself 
, too, you know. Yeah, it hassome pretty
mixed-up values; like “Me, first!
Pretty mucheverything else plays second fiddle to that one. Me first. I’m right.I’m best. I know. Look at me. Yep, that’s mind, alright. Then, when you ascribe to values like that — and do consider, here;you’ve got
way more values than you know or know of,consciously
— when you have values like that, it just makes sensethat you’ll
do pretty much whatever
to support them. I mean,
that’s your
man. You don’t want to see that puppy shotdown, now do you?
Well then, you lie.
Oh, and
mind is a slick one
, too. It
hides the lie from you
; likeyou didn’t really do it. Puts it in the
subconscious, theunconscious
but in full, clear view. That’s why you’vegot to scrabble around and scrap, sometimes, to get to the truth of things; of 
your own friggin beliefs
, as in “things.”
.So, anyway,
be in heart
. It’s
so bad, really. It’s actually quitenice, once you get to know the lay of the land, of the place. Yep, this
Kingdom of Heart just turns everything around
, somehow.
Makes it all look better; so
.So, remember,
; if you’re
; if you’re
or any of that stuff — you’re
, then. [You’re in mind.] That’s okay, though. It
only takes amoment
, just a thought (an intent, really) – and you’re
back in theKingdom of Heart.

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