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Published by: api-26261488 on Apr 19, 2010
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“ Equine Justice for NYC Carriage HorsesHalted to a Backward State ByNaomi Semeniuk The lives of NYC carriage horses living and working in NYC asautomatons and androids for the slave driving greed oriented carriagehorse drivers and owners in the carriage horse industry is making abackward zero leap towards a horribly ill advised decision in thepassing of the 35A bill by the NYC Council members.Kudos to Council members Melissa Mark Viverito, Annabel PalmaRosie Mendez and Daniel Dromm who got it right in opposing the Intro35A bill which is in actuality not really about the welfare or well beingof any NYC carriage horse and their vacations or improving or makingmore room in the horse stables in New York for that matter but aboutfilling up the cash business money pockets of the carriage drivers andowners who shout foul vituperative hurtful expletives at their horsesand who text and stand in the carriages while driving setting up a recipefor disaster for everyone every time. The Intro 35A bill should never besigned into law Mr. Mayor.Former NYC Councilman Tony Avella didn’t have the necessaryopulence nor the almighty multi national corporate or union backing towin as Mayor of New York but he had a priceless richness in hisinnovative thinking realizing that the Carriage Horse business shouldbe put to pasture like he said in the steps of city hall during one of thedemonstrations. Avella’s bill 658A is now merged into the Intro 86/92bill and no NYC carriage horse would be left behind as well and thesafety and welfare of NYC will not be left behind either if theseconverging bills will ever have a chance at all.Avella was also not leaving any NYC carriage horse owner or driverbehind either because training would have been provided for them aswell. Avella is running for New York State Senate and his leadershipwould give credence and empowerment rectifying all inhumane issuessuch as the inhumane ness of the carriage horse industry by banning itpermanently and saving every NYC carriage horse. Each one is apriceless life. These priorities would have been paramount in hisbeautiful mind and most of all put into action. New York and what’sreally best for New York is what Tony Avella is about.
Intro 35A should not be signed into law at all because they’re moreeffective and more fresh, safe and innovative answers which need to beactualized and which would bring a flow of unimaginable revenue fromeverywhere to New York in a safe and methodically advanced thinkingconstructive manner.The answer is the Intro 86/92 bill which would emancipate the abusedand enslaved tortured horses as NYC carriage horses and give themtheir rightful and deserved birthright to live in sanctuaries and to be thehorses nature and God meant them to be. Intro 35 A symbolizes morecontinued dullard type anachronistic thinking and it certainly will notpush New York forward in any sense of the word.NYC Council Speaker of the House Ms.Quinn is missing the entire pointand has not done her homework in a meticulous manner because Intro35A does not protect the economic interest of the families of the carriagehorse industry like Ms.Quinn stated, on the contrary it leaves the fieldopen for more corruption and more horse related accidents which hurtsand impairs the economic interest. Many tourists are opposed to thisindustry and they’re also making their voices heard. Some years ago acarriage horse owner tried to bribe a city inspector when the inspectorfound violations in the horse stables.The carriage horses are not automatons but gentle, flesh and bloodbeautiful equines who possess sensitivity, intelligence and sentience andwho were not created for the incorrigible evil agendas of man’s avariceand pestilent domination! This is a dreadfully wrongful, injudiciousand abysmally myopic decision for NYC carriage horses and foreveryone. Mayor Bloomberg, Ms. Quinn and the NYC Councilmembers who voted for Intro 35 A will live to regret their decision inretrospect when more tragic accidents and unnecessary deaths showwhat a land mine they’ve supported and an economic detriment forNYC this is which is what they’re really promoting.Into 35 A is like putting a band aid on a land mine. It’s a pyrrhicvictory where nobody wins and this will be realized sooner rather thanlater.Just recently the bizarre unexpected forces that be have shown man thatman at this moment can not dominate the international skies because of the noxious volcanic ash spreading throughout the skies in Europe thathave forced countless airline flights throughout the world to becancelled. The carriage horse industry will cancel itself out because the
dominators will lose control which is what’s happening. Someday daythe carriage horse industry will run its own industry to the ground andequine justice will move forward rather than backwards like it has.No Ms.Speaker Quinn, Intro 35A does not serve the economic interestof anyone when freak accidents with carriage horses and cars whichhave occurred again and again jeopardize the lives of all because thehorses are doing what their very sacred nature forbids them to do, to bethe perennial automatons and objects of sacrifices of their avariciousexploiters and dominators. It does not get to the core of the greatersolution. Apparently enough is not enough.If the NYC Council had an enhanced DNA sixth sense vision like formerfavorite NYC Councilman Tony Avella had, it’s the Intro 86 replacinghorse drawn carriages with electric vintage cars and Intro 92 banninghorse drawn carriages completely and swiftly that would really servethe economic interests of an animal cruelty free supremely modernNYC society where electric vintage cars and other kinds of safe andeven futuristic creative conveyances can be utilized and where nohazard would be out there waiting to detonate in anyone’s face. Every horse would be accounted for and even though Intro 86 did notaddress what would happen to the horses, Intro 92 means liberation anda resurgence of equine lives that have never been lived in a proper andhealthy manner. The horse sanctuaries could even conduct tours of howthe former NYC carriage horses would be living galloping, playing andsocializing in spacious greenery without smelling the toxic fumes they’resubjected to every day 9 or more hours a day and with out the violentabuse resulting in a death tragedy like Juliet’s unnatural violent death.Juliet was a carriage horse who was beaten to death in front of manyhorrified witnesses. The violence and evil animal abuse of this industrymust also be exposed for what it is. Evil destroys itself in the end.No horse death or crash of a vehicle with a carriage horse would everoccur again. The lives of every precious horse would be addressed butthe Mayor, Ms. Quinn and the others at the NYC Council who voted forInto 35A have a phobic intolerance for being unable to think out of thebox so that extraordinary positive things can happen for NYC carriagehorses and for New York. At this rate nothing positive can be possible.

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