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28 Eight Steps to Wait on God

28 Eight Steps to Wait on God

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Published by Andre Niemand
You observe things in the realm and place of your dwelling. If you live a carnal life you will predominantly observe things in the soulish and natural realms. If you mainly dwell in the spirit you will observe, by the Holy Spirit, the things of the Spirit.
You observe things in the realm and place of your dwelling. If you live a carnal life you will predominantly observe things in the soulish and natural realms. If you mainly dwell in the spirit you will observe, by the Holy Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

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Published by: Andre Niemand on Apr 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eight Steps to Wait on God
Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You arethe God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day 
(Psalm 25:5). You need to be born from above to understand thethings of the Spirit and observe God who lives inheaven. That which is born of flesh is flesh, mindsearthly things and therefore is incapable to observethe things of the Spirit. Your physical body with itssenses and God who is Spirit live in two differentrealms and that is why carnal man fails to noticeHim who inhabits heaven. Because you cannot feelGod with your hands, or smell Him with your nose,or hear Him with your physical ears, or see Himwith your eyes of flesh, or taste Him with yourtongue does not mean He is not there. The wall of separation and veil of blindness is removed inChrist. When you are born-again, God place you inthe body of His Son and you are joined to Christand become one spirit with Him. From that momentforward the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth byrevealing to you the Son of God and the things of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One that bring youto the knowledge of the truth. There are mainly two ways in which one can cometo the knowledge of the truth. The first is to see the
revealed in Scripture and the second is toknow Christ’s voice through the Holy Spirit.
 Jesusanswered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God 
(theHoly Spirit)” (Matthew 22:29). From the beginningof the transgression God intended for man to knowhis voice and since God’s written word was freelyavailable, He intended for man to know Him also inScripture. God has never changed His intention for
us to heed His written Word and to know and obeyHis voice.When we meditate on the word, the Holy Spirittakes of what is Christ’s and declares it to us. AsGod is one, the Word and the Holy Spirit will nevercontradict each other. The Holy Spirit usesScripture to reveal Christ to us. We often err in judgment because we do not know the Scripturesor the voice of the Holy Spirit. Just reading Scriptureis not good enough. We need to meditate on it untilthe word of God lives in us.
We need to meditateon the word of God that we may manifest Christ, which is the will of God for every born-again believer 
. The main purpose of the Bible is to introduce you toGod’s worldview so that you may manifest thecharacter and power of His Son. The degree inwhich you do not manifest Christ is the degree of your deception. As a Christian you must set yourheart to
walk in truth
, which is to
manifestChrist’s character and power
. When the Lordlooks at you, He is not looking for perfection but forfaith. Faith is the virtue that brings joy andfulfillment to God’s heart. Faith procures thesubstance of the manifestation of Christ in you. Godwill judge you according to the light and talentsthat you have received. Therefore, you need toexpress faith toward God according to the measureof grace He gave you, which is the measure of yourfaith.In these last days, like in the times of Joseph andDaniel, the voice of the Lord will be in demand. Asin the past, the Lord will favor His servants theprophets. It becomes increasingly important toknow the voice of the Lord as our choices mayamplify outcomes. Our choices on global, nationaland individual levels will have magnifiedconsequences. It is like a ship that is about to enterinto a harbor. When a ship is far from its
destination small navigation errors can be toleratedbecause it can easily be rectified. When a ship isentering the harbor navigation errors can causedevastating accidents because of a lack of spaceand time to maneuver away from disaster areas.Waiting on the Lord is to practice hearing the voiceof God. Your body of death which is earthboundcannot observe and experience the Lord with itsphysical senses because God is Spirit and dwells inheaven. You observe things in the realm and placeof your dwelling. If you live a carnal life you willpredominantly observe things in the soulish andnatural realms. If you mainly dwell in the spirit youwill observe, by the Holy Spirit, the things of theSpirit. The more you focus on Christ the more Hefills the field of your vision. Therefore our walk withthe Lord is not through our physical senses but byfaith. Because God is Spirit and one with your spirit,the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to you in your spirit.Waiting on the Lord is practicing your spirit to livein heaven while being bodily on earth. It is topractice to be more at home in heaven than onearth, which is to live with our Bridegroom. Thehighest level of knowing God can be compared to agodly couple that is married for many decades andknow each other’s heart just by observation andhardly any talking. Deep love is to know each other.Waiting on God is all about the deepest love. Loveis a painful longing with constant focus on theBeloved, to observe His slightest movement and toawait His least command. It is to have only eyes for Jesus.
Waiting on God is not a religious quick fix tosolve a poor relationship with God but alifelong pursuit in training your spirit tobecome constantly aware of God’s presenceand to know His voice.
Initially it is an awkwardand difficult exercise, like training a muscle thatwas never used before. It is foreign for man to live

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