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The Ancient Wisdom series - The Door to You

The Ancient Wisdom series - The Door to You

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Published by peacewisdom
Prem Rawat spoken words
Prem Rawat spoken words

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: peacewisdom on Apr 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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series -
now here’sa questionpeoplehardly ask
thedoor to you
by Prem Rawat 
IN THIS PATH OF EXISTENCE, we dont know what thequestions are. And if we don’t know what the questions are,how are we going to nd the answers? ere is a clue, though: Walk on this path of existence witheyes wide open. You don’t know 
the answers will come from. You don’tknow 
they will come. You don’tknow 
they will be like. And youdon’t even know if you had a questionthat the answer belongs to. Well, here you are. Congratulations.It’s incredible that you
, because atone point you weren’t. And one day,you won’t be. But now, you are alive. And all your dramas, all your ideas,all the things you like and don’t like,all the things that happen that you judge your life by are but a dream. Just a dream.Dreams are not to be taken lightly.I’m sure you’ve had dreams where you woke up with yourheart pounding, “Oh, my God!” But they are still dreams. And in the middle of these dreams, there is a reality thatis so beautiful, so amazing, so incredible. ere’s a place where you can truly be awake, and it’s very beautiful. In thatawakening, there is no judgment. ere are no issues of goodand bad, no issues of right and wrong. In that awakening,you are not being judged. ere are no yardsticks, and thereare no races. Nobody is standing there with a checkered ag
thedoor to you
saying, “You won” or “You lost.” Nothing of thatkind. Nothing.ere is just a beautiful reality that you are alive.at you have the ability to understand. at youhave the ability to know. at you have the ability to admire.
Whoare you?Whatare you?Now, here’s a questionpeople hardly ask:
it all about? 
Once in a while, under very special circumstances,you actually nd yourself happy. And when youare happy, it is a big deal. You will talk about itand remember it and think about it for years tocome. And when you get older, your short-termmemory goes bye-bye, and what you will beleft with are these little segments of long-termmemory: “I remember when I was there. And, oh,that was so beautiful.at’s what this whole business of digital photography is about. Little cameras. Cameras on the phone soyou can capture a moment that was just wonderfuland remember it again and again because thosemoments are so few and far between. You have some other qualities as well. You areable to appreciate this existence, to truly behappy. Happy as in timeless. Camera not needed.Special circumstances not required. You can justbe happy. You can be in the joy that springs fromyour heart every single day.People are trying to understand their mind. ey have been trying to do that for an extremely longtime. And they never will because the mind isalways one step ahead. Make no mistake about who’s the leader and who’s the follower. Mindleads, you follow. Even when the mind comesalong and says, “Conquer me,” and you say,“Okay,” it’s like a dog trying to pull on its leash without getting ahead of its master.
Look at your day. Living in this world, which of your qualities get used every single day? Let mebacktrack a little bit. What
your qualities? You have the ability to get angry. And you havethe ability to be calm. You have the ability to be in turmoil. And you have the ability tobe in peace. ese are all qualities you have. Which ones do you use the most in your life?Frustration? Anger? Disappointment? ese arequalities that we use a lot.

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