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The Ancient Wisdom series - The Mirror on the Wall

The Ancient Wisdom series - The Mirror on the Wall

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Published by peacewisdom
Prem Rawat spoken words
Prem Rawat spoken words

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: peacewisdom on Apr 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Th M n h W
by Prem Rawat 
series -
the mirroron the wall
ONCE THERE WAS a remote little village. e people i tis village werevery simple. Oe day, a tourist arrived. e ext morig, e took outis mirror ad put it up o a wall so e could save. He cleaed up adsaved, but e forgot to take te mirror o te wall before e traveled o. A elderly villager wit gray air, brigt eyes, ad a beautiful siigface saw te mirror o te wall ad looked ito it. He ad ever seea reflectio of imself, so we e saw te face i te mirror, e wasmesmerized, ad e said to imself, “Today, I ave see te face of God.”He left — completely appy: “I ave see God.
by Prem Rawat 
the mirroron the wall
“You did not see the face of God.
You saw yourself.”
“You did not seethe most beautiful woman.You saw yourself.”
Te a youg girl came alog. We se saw erself i te mirror, se was take aback. “I avesee te most beautiful woma o te face of tiseart. We I grow up, tis is wat I wat to look like!” Ad te came alog a ma woad lost is fater ot too logbefore. He looked i te mirrorad said, “O, my God! I avesee my fater agai.”Now, te tree people wo adsee temselves i te mirrorstarted to get very upset. Teolder ma wated te mirror,because tis is were e adsee te face of is god. Teyoug girl wated te mirror,because tis is wat se watedto look like. Ad te tird ma wated temirror, because i it e ad see is fater agai.ey started arguig, ad before log, gts werebreakig out all over te village. Everybody wasuappy, because woever wet to te room adlooked i te mirror o te wall — watever tey saw, tey liked, ad tey all wated te mirror fortemselves.Fially, a wise ma appeed to come by. Wee saw wat was goig o i te village, e asked,“Wy are you all gtig?”Differet people aswered: “I wat tis tigbecause tis is my god,” or “is is wo I watto be,” or “is is my fater,” or “is is my tis;tis is my tat.”So e asked for te magical tig to be takedow from te wall ad brougt to im. Helooked at it ad said, “Do’t you kow wat tisis? is is a mirror.”He called te old ma, ad e said, “You did otsee te face of God. You saw yourself.”He called te youg girl, ad e said, “You did otsee te most beautiful woma. You saw yourself.”He called te tird ma, ad e said, “You didot see your fater; you saw yourself. You look likeyour fater, ad tat’s wy you tougt you saw im, but it was you.”Oe by oe, e called everyoe ad said, “Watyou see i tis mirror, wat you like i tis mirror,is ot te mirror. It’s you!”
Now, ow does tis story relate to peace? Yousee, peace begis wit eac oe of us. We ave

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