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March 2010 Frankston Customer Feedback

March 2010 Frankston Customer Feedback

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Published by blograrian

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Published by: blograrian on Apr 20, 2010
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Library Feedback March 2010
 Your Feedback
Our Response
 Dear lovely people, thank you for your mostamiable friendship and ever charming servicewith a smile. Hope massively huge book salewent well.Love the staff, they are so friendly and helpful. It’sa pleasure to come here.I really like the new machinesGreat service, very friendly and helpfulThank you for being ever so helpful and amicablyhelpful.I really like this library, thank you for yourcooperation.Very good library, I really like the ideas of thetrolleys.Thank you for all your kind words and recognitionof our service and staff. We aim to provide youwith a service that exceeds expectation. We tooare very pleased with the new trolleys, new selfcheck outs and we are grateful to receive yourfeedback. Thank you.Heidi Everett was great, thanks for all theinteresting things you arrange in the library,music, talks etc: What a wonderful place thelibrary is.Thank you for your feedback, the events at thelibrary are getting very popular. You can hearmore live music on the 2
and 4
Sunday ofevery month and keep a look out for upcomingevents. Thank youI prefer to have the staff behind the counter tostamp our books out. I do not like the new way ofdoing it.Keep the library a people place not just machinechecking out.Please leave the check out system alone, muchprefer the people doing the check out. The libraryis one of communities’ last ‘friendly social placewithout the people, it’s just another place to que.Thank you for your feedback, self serve loansencourages customers to have the option of do-it-yourself or choosing to have staff assistance. Members of the Library's customer service teamare now stepping out from behind the counter todirectly assist YOU the borrower!Could you please put Ancestry Library editionback on the 20 min computersAncestry Library edition is available from all thepublic computers in the library. To access thelibrary copy go to our library home page andselect the eResources link on the catalogue,Ancestry is listed near the top of the page.Please note that ink on receipt slips isphotosensitive and fades very quickly makingreading due date difficultThank you for your feedback we use thermalprinters for our receipting which means all ourdockets are heat sensitive and will fade ifexposed to extreme heat. It is best not to keepthem in a car or near a heater.Prefer MP3 for talking books. Also better forvision impaired people.We have a few MP3 on disks and also the newPlayaway formats. These are preloaded andgood for vision impaired people as the story willstop and start again at the same place. Thanksfor your feedback.
Library Feedback March 2010
Could the self-check out terminals be more safeand comfortable? I would suggest a low desk orbooth where you can sit, place your belongingsunderneath and concentrate on the screen. Withchildren it is difficult keeping an eye on them, youvaluables and checking a lot of books (youalways seem to have a lot of books with yourchildren) all at the same time. Thanks youThe new self-use system is not exactly userfriendly. Having problem with the sequence ofprocessing the borrowing of books/DVD etc. Staffvery helpful maybe a visual display next to theunits might help.Now you have the supermarket system (selfcheck out) please organize a proper queuingarrangement so there is no pushing in by thosethat con not wait. Other than give us back liveTechnology is getting to complex previous system(bulk check) was preferableThank you for your feedback, we are currentlyredesigning the desk and the self-loans stationsand your suggestions will be taken intoconsideration. If you require assistance, one ofthe staff is always available to assist you.Treated rudely when making enquiry, enquiry wasunattended sat for 5 minutes then even throughlibrarian saw me I had to enquire if anyone wouldserve, told to wait which I did the lady came andsat down then talked on the phone - leftI had to wait over 15 minutes for help. I wassitting on chairs with a number and other peoplekept going to the desk and being helped beforemeWe are sorry to hear you had such a badexperience but we appreciate your feedback aswe can now strive to improve our customerservice and hope you will continue to use ourlibrary service and facility.Prefer MP3 for talking books. Also better forvision impaired people.We have a few MP3 on disks and also the newPlayaway formats. These are preloaded andgood for vision impaired people as the story willstop and start again at the same place. Thanksfor your feedback.The new Playaway Talking Books are fantastic – best invention ever! Great when I walk my dog!Hope you get lots more titles in soon as there isn’tmuch choice.We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying thePlayaways so much. We bought a small numberas a trial and given the positive feedback willlook to purchasing more in the coming financialyear.Do you have a disc cleaning system for audiobooks? I recently borrowed several talking booksand each and every disc had a fault on it whichmade sections of each storey unintelligible. Agentle clean with an anti-static cloth restoredeach disc but it would be nice to have them playcorrectly, straight from the box: Civic Video hassuch a machine which they use whenever a discis returned: their videos always play correctly. Iimagine the process would also work on audiodiscs.Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Werely on our patrons to report any damage to thecollection so we can address it, as the volume ofreturns is such that we can’t clean every discwhen it’s returned. We can replace someindividual discs if the damage is great, others geta buff and polish. We do also recommend thatpatron’s use an anti-static cloth on discs as theypick up dust very quickly.
Library Feedback March 2010
Just to bring to someone’s attention that some ofthe magazine numbers do NOT match their issuecover’s and the FACT that the Australian T-3magazine had 13 issues in 2007 and 2009, not12. All issues of Popular Science before the latestissues listed below are/were correct –so whywere they taken off the shelf? (was a year’ssubscription missed and not picked up on?)We’re sorry to hear that you’ve beeninconvenienced by these errors. We have hadsome problems with the supply of PopularScience magazine which we are currentlyworking to resolve. The magazine numbers aredifficult to resolve due to the parameters of theserials system. What we can do is start a newrecord so the numbers are correct from May2010. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.I love the books here and think they are prettycool.I enjoy reading your booksWe’re really glad to hear that you love the bookshere – happy reading!I would like if you got Patrick Carman, Ghost inthe machine And some more go girl books. ThankyouI want more dub penguin booksMore occult books pleaseThanks for your suggestions – we’ll look intopurchasing these.Could the library get a scanner for the PCs. Alsosoftware for optical character recognition wouldbe useful. OCR converts documents whenscanned in and converts them to text and can bechanged for correction by user.Thank you for your suggestion. We are planningto install a scanner shortly and will consider thesoftware when we next upgrade our publiccomputers.Better option on website search would be searchlisted by title and/or author. Borrowers don’t needto know the date that they returned an item butoften wish to see which books they have read bya favorite author, to be able to check which booksthey have not yet read.Thank you for your feedback. We will investigatethe possibility of adding an author column to thehistory list in the My Account area. To find theauthor of an item you can double click on the titleand then click on the author this will link you toother items that author has written.I have used the computers at your library for thefirst time today, booking a 2 hour block to dosignificant amounts of research for my thesiswhich I saved to my portable hard drive. Whenmy time was due to expire, I found that due to thedisabling of the right click facility, which I gather isa policy of the library. I was unable to Safelyremove my hard drive. This is very worrying if Ihave lost data, which is possible. I do not feelcomfortable using the library without this safetymeasure.Our Information Technology department assuresus removing a USB without disconnecting issafe. However we are replacing the currentcomputers in the next few weeks and will beallowing our customer use of the right clickoption with the new set-up.There are quite a few power points (electricaloutlets) around the library at just above floor level.They are a magnet to young children crawlingaround (mostly unsupervised). Could you pleaseinvest in plugs to insert unto these outlets toprevent a possible disaster.Thank you for your feedback. We use childproofplugs in all power outlets in the Children’s area ofthe library. We have used them throughout thelibrary but they unfortunately tend to go missing.Our policy clearly says children must besupervised by their parent or guardian at alltimes while in the library, if you see a small childunattended in the library please inform one of thelibrarians.

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