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Published by: api-25890286 on Apr 20, 2010
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G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaG324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaG324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaG324: Advanced Portfolio in Media
Short Film DefinitionsShort Film DefinitionsShort Film DefinitionsShort Film DefinitionsShort Film Short Film Short Film Short Film –– Wikipedia Definition  Wikipedia Definition  Wikipedia Definition  Wikipedia Definition 
“Short Film”, is an international, academic term used to mean a contemporary non-commercial motion picture that is substantially shorter than the average commercialfeature film. There is no clear definition of the maximum length of a short film, theAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences classify it as 40 minutes, while theInternet Movie Database refer to any film lasting less than 45 minutes as a shortsubject.
 What Is A Short Film? What Is A Short Film? What Is A Short Film? What Is A Short Film?
Dr Bevin Yeatman
of The University of Waikato, New Zealand statesthat Short Films are usually defined in one of two ways:1.
The Professional Filmmakers Definition
: professional filmmakersdefine short films in terms of what they are not, i.e. feature length film.
The Film Student’s Definition
: students (who produce most shortfilms), tend to define short films in terms of what they do, i.e. conciselyexpress and idea.In 1998, Dr. Yeatman asked a number of New Zealand directors, producers, and fundersinvolved in short film practice, “What is a short film?” The following are some of theirdefinitions:
'Drama, Experimental, Personal, Documentary, Animation, etc. which is produced onfilm or video up to 15 minutes in length, or 30 minutes in terms of short featurettes.'David Reid (producer).
Probably anything sub 30 minutes narrative/non-narrative designed toentertain/challenge a theoretical audience.' Paul Swadel (film maker/video artist).
'A film shorter than a feature film - usually then, shorter than 70 minutes. Recently thefocus has been on theatrical short films which tend to be less than 15 minutes,preferably under 10 minutes.' Catherine Fitzgerald
(Director of Creative and IndustryDevelopment for New Zealand Film Commission).
'A short film is strictly speaking any film of shorter than feature length, made for theexhibition on the cinema screen (as opposed to video or television). In reality, onecan define it more flexibly to include dramas…where the most likely distribution istelevision and video, but where the artistic impulse nevertheless is more cinematicthan televisual.' Christina Milligan
(Ex-chair, Short Film Fund[2], New Zealand FilmCommission).
YEATMAN, BEVIN. (1998). What Makes A Short Fiction Film Good?, On the Art of the ShortFiction Film ,
p.o.v.filmtidsskrift – A Danish Journal Of Film Studies
[Online], no.5 March 1998,available At:http://pov.imv.au.dk/Issue_05/section_4/artc2A.html, Arhus: Aarhus University, [LastAccessed: 08/09/09].

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