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The Scalet Ibis

The Scalet Ibis

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Published by andrew1311

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Published by: andrew1311 on Apr 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 2)In this section of the second story, which till noew had been rather plain doodle isintroduced to the plot with a short description of his chracteristics, physical appearance andthe expextations people have for him. This pragraph sets the sad mood of the tale.Contradictorily to the story number two the story number one is ful of superfluous detailswho left alone are stupid and unececcary but when mixed together the result ina a big cake2of frofound emotions. Further more these emotions are pushed by your compassion fordoodles poor state and the expextations everybody has for him. Afterwards in the paragraphthe comparason between Doodles and Mrs. Lediies craziness (
Doodle was just about thecraziest brother a boy ever had. Of course, he wasn't a crazy crazy like old Miss Leedie, whowas in love with President Wilson and wrote him a letter every day, but was a nice crazy, likesomeone you meet in your dreams.´)
gives a touch of joy to the story puzzling the reader whowants to read on to clear of any doubts.3)A fake toe of happiness overcomes the story in this section. In story one the description of the narrator himself and how he felt Pretty smart at many things helps you to find a wayinto the story. Through the description you find a resemblance or similarity with thecharacter . This increases your sensibility towards the emotions and feeligs the narrator hasand helps out the impact the doom of doodle has on you. Youimmedesimate yourself in thenarrato feeling ery similar to him. Further more the relationship between the brothers not only helps you identify yourself as a boy similar to the narrator but even (if you have brothersis more effective) as a brother who cares for his younger mate. In story two instead short paragrah corresponding to the one I story one can be divided in two definite parts. One: Inwhich the author, rather plainly,doesnt fill the atmosphere of the story with etions or feelingsbut only explains why the crippled brother has been named doodle. Further more it kills thereaders entusiasm and curiosity for the continuation of the story. Fortunately the secondsentence replaces the story on the righ track re-awakening the emotion the reader has felt fordoodle and touching the readers feelings. Despite the effrt it doesnt reach the level of motional expression of the first story.4)This section of the first dotry gives you the idea of the relationship between doddle and hisolder brother. Despite thinking f commiting homicde onhis brother and similar atrocities theolder brother is starting to ralize that its not the best deal with the problem and that probablydoodle will be his brother until death. S he better start getting used to the idea of having acrippled brother. This is very important for the continuation of the stor because it sets thebase for the future events that leasd to the ragical doom of doodle. Afterwards doodle isintroduced to the beauty of nature. This is nothing he ahs seen before and he is left shockedby this experience. This event makes you feel apprehension and compassion for thisraffiguration of child-like innocence that has left your soul for so long as you started tocomprhend how the wrld works and makes you ramember how things where sosimple whenyou were young and sincere with yourself and others.Contrasting the paragraph in story oneths paragraph doent transit to the reader the feeòing of fraternal love despite the burden onecauses to the aother but the simplicity of doodless interaction with nature is almost rappresenting doodles soul, pure. It lacks and superfluous details but it fulfills the objective of explaining and transmitting an emotion to the reader5)This section describes an episode of the story characterizing the narrator. Although it givesthe idea of cruelty streaming to the narrators blood it doesnt transmit this feeling to thereader. More simply you reed it understand it but you dont feel it within you because thefeeling is not contained in the words. Intead in the first longer version of the story thedescription of cruelty the narrator has been developing towars his brother is transmitted tothe reader who enters inc ontact ewith this emotion so understanding the narrators poin of view The enrichment of details not only rappresent s cruelty but even innocence of a childwho has suffered the pain of being seen as different for great part of his life. This creates the
feeling of compassion within you so tightening your relationship and your love for doodlescharacter. This great love for doodleand hisinnocence makes his doom even more impactfulon t he reader who finally understands that here in the world only the strong survive and theweak who have no protection are left to die miserably. This SOINVOLGE the reader who isbrought to see a side of the world that is awfull and full of injustice.6)THis paragrapgh including the dialogue forshadows a happy ending but unfortunatelywalking for doodle wil be the seed of death. In story two the brothers embarassment is givenaway very well but the setting and the tone ae not precice because they lack of descriptionleaving th reader in a state of uncertainty wether to think well or not about the continuation.This confuses th reader and again limitates his will to go on because the more you understand (usually the mre you like something. Story 2 lacks the description of thestting a
nd itwas spring and the sick-sweet smell of bay flowers hung everywhere like a mournful song.´ That gives a mornful tone to the story. Contadictorly story one gives this description makingthe reader feel as a spectator, like if he was really there inside the stroy looking at the twobrocthers trying to learn to walk.7) This short dialogue is equal in both stories because it¶s purpose is givingaway the falsereason why the older brother want¶s doodle to walsk. It rapprsents an internal cnflict betweenthe brother that is starting to realize how evil he is and trying thide through good actions butthese actions are only for himself and his ego.8) In this section of the story story one and story two take to compleately different paths inthe narration. Story1 uses description through which you can enter tha character and storytwo uses dialogue going straight ahead to the point. Stoy one describes the realization of theinternal conflict which was happening inside the older brother. The conflict consists in doingeverything for himself. As he realizez that what he is doing is not for doodle bt for his ownpersonal ego he ³But all of us must have something or someone to be proud of, and Doodle had become mine.I did not know then that pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a seed that bears two vines, lifeand death.´ The narrator under stand that pride can deadly and this comprhension of pride leads to theforshadowing of a possible death. This conflict is descrive as charged with emotions andthoughts. The author uses both pas and present to forshdow the doom of doodle. All this isenriched with details the convogono you in the story and that make you comprehend the hightlevel thinking and intelligence of the author. In story two onstead the author has pushed moreon getting through quickly than very well. He has used dialogue so sinthesthizing theparagraph in story one but he has left out much of the de tails which make you understandand that forshadow for the future. On the other side this story is dynamic and straightforwardso it encourages the reader to go through it and reach the end. In contrast story theparagraph in story one is long and less dynamic but it¶s charge of feelings and emotionscompensate for the lack of the push to go forward.9)In story one the author james hurst decribes the ffelings of fraternal love and universal joy.Hurst uses the senses to describe the natural (nature) rappresentation of joy ³and the grassbeneath us was soft and the smell of the swamp was sweet.´ Further more the author descrivethe feelings of the to brothers through actions as ³crying´ or ³hugging each other. Thisparagraph embeds the morale that the secret for happiness is personal sucess. That somethingin which you are good at or you under stand brings happiness inside your heart, Thisforshadow a haappy ending so enbiggening the delusion for doodle¶s doom.In story two the same event is pictured almost in the same way expressing hope and joy forthe future but it doesn¶t use similies. This teqnique and the words used in it are removed solessening the idea of the universal joy of success and making the story less impactful on thereader. But, on the other side the re-editor of this story might have removed similies toincrease the fluency of the story and probably he thought it wouldn¶t cause much damage tothe author¶s view of the story. Unfortunately he thought wrong because itenlessesthe charge of emotions in the paragraoh and it makes the language in which the story is written much moreprimitive and unresearched.10)In story two there is no suspense alimentated by the waiting to know what will happenext. Although the next scene in the story is very predictable the suspense that is given to thefirst story gives that charming touch of interest. You ask yourself will he walk??. Instead in the
second shorter story it is given to you to straight away so not giving you that moment of uncertainty. Further more the second story is less enriched of details as ù2and head them turntheir backs, making them cross their hearts and hope to die if they peeked.´ These details moethan being only details help you under stand what is happeing and help you to pass throughthe barrier dividig the readers miind and the protagonist mind so these details help you tomake you way through in the character and putting yourself in his shoes´. Both paragraph,despite the lack of detail in story numebr two, get to illustrate the scene fairly wellexpressingthat feeling of joy, success an mothernal love and further more both illustrate thescene of the breakfast so well that you feel almost as a family member. And more similarlythan anything before both stories make you end the paragraph wanting to now more andunderstand more about what will and has happened. Especially one question pops up into yourmind: Why is he crying?11)This is more a commotional revelatory paragraph in which the narrator realizez that he isnot anyore able to hide to himself and to others the knot of egoism and cruelty that so langhas sat within him. In story one the charge of emotional power the author puts in his words isdevastasting. The author is really able to pull out your feelings and make you look insideyourself. Finally you find a big resemblance to the chracter and a bit for compassion and a bitfor resemblance you feel like him. You understand that this egoism is not a trait that only hehimself has but that is the result of the mental evolution of humanity, it¶s the concequence of intelligence and comprhension of the world that makes us so resembling the older brother. inthis moment you understand tha despite you have tried to hide it the same feeling resides inyou and you remember the innocence of you early child hood where everything was spotaniousand without any gain for yourself. This thought helps you empthaize with the older brother andincresease your love fro the younger brother and his innocence so making the tragic ending of the story have a devastating imact upon your feelings.In story two this paragraph is amost missing (this is maybe the best paragraph of story one)and the small part remaining of it is not charged with emotions but only explanatory abouthimself and what he feels but nothing is pushing you to increase your affection for any of thecharacter so lowering your feeling os sadness for the tragical ending. More you get attached(or devoted) to something the more the impact of it¶s doom or it¶s failiure is devastating.12) Hope feels the air after success. In both stories the feeling of hope is transmitted to thereader as new and great but also doom is foreshadowd. Everyobdy sooner or later fails insomething and this feelling of supremacy and infallibility foreshadows the doom of somethingbecause of expextations. It is already to late to come back because it would caue a too greatdelusion to bear for the failiure of all expectations but passion pushes the boys forward. Theonly small thing that is out of place is the description of the activites in story one. It Lack¶s thedetails or the emotional charge to be interesting and on the other side is long and withoutanypractical or logical sense instead in story two the same paragraph is much moe straightforward and impactive on the reader because this paragraph is only a list of activities which inone case (story one) has got to much complicated and has lost it¶s list for becoming an afaullyboring piece of descriptive writing.13)I think these to paragraphs exept for the length don¶t differ so muh. The delusive impactgiven on the reader is almost the same. Although one is much more descriptive about thefailiure the sentence ³But doodle couldn¶t keep up with the plan´ is more than enogh to explainthe reader the discofort and delusion in the herts of the towo poys who are looking forward toan impossible root but on the other side they have no way back.14) The two brothers are charged with emotions and morales and the feeling that there is noway back the only way is ahead so go on or die. ³It was too late to turn back, for we had bothwandered too far into a net of expectations and had left no crumbs behind.´ This is aparagraph of realization ad discovery but also of life understandment and determinations. Allthese characteristics are embedded in the paragraph in the foirst story but are missing in thesecond. Doodle finally realizez that it really doesn¶t make a big difference if he was differentfrom the others . he had time to learn and these are not the themes and the objectives of life.He realizez that he has done enogh for himself and that going on would be only a self damaging sucide. But the brother had already pushed so strongly forward he culdn¶t stopanymore ³It was too late to turn back, for we had both wandered too far into a net of expectations and had left no crumbs behind.´ He coludn¶t have survived seeing his dreammiserably fail. The desperation the older brother is facing in seeing his dream fail leaving him

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