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Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

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Published by Sammie Louise

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Published by: Sammie Louise on Apr 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fairy Tales
The storm came upon Sunnydale at an alarming rate. One moment, it was a brightsunny day, with students chatting amicably on the front lawn of the high school. Thenext moment, black clouds rolled in like an army of tanks, lighting striking theground, thunder booming. The students ran into the school, afraid they were to bedrenched at any moment.But no rain came.In the library, five students and one man dressed in tweed sat surrounded by books.Titles such as
 Demon Lords, The Prophecy of Carnax, Witchcraft of the LongrianOrder,
Quarxian Theology
lay haphazardly on one corner, threatening to fall ontothe floor. Pages turned rapidly as eyes scanned for any information regarding a newthreat to the Slayer.The did not notice the storm.Across town, a crumbling mansion sat, its windows staring like vacant eyes onto thestreet. In it, two creatures of the night lay sleeping, fearing nothing but the memoriesof a dawn since passed.The porcelain face of a doll lit up when lightning struck the house, illuminating thesuddenly empty bed.The students of Sunnydale High left for home as the strange storm dissipated. A fewstragglers stumbled past the library. If they turned to look into the window, theywould have seen pages of open books fluttering silently down. The hands that had been holding them had disappeared.
Part One
"...seems to be some sort of threat on Buffy's life," Giles was in the midst of sayinguntil he suddenly felt himself falling onto the ground.But it was not the floor of the library onto which he fell. Two suns blazed brilliantlyin the sky, bouncing off the pond where the Slayer, her Watcher and the Slayerettesfound themselves."Woah! Reality check here," Buffy said, looking around her. "Do you guys see what Isee?""If you mean two suns, grass, lots of trees and some water," Xander said. "I'm hopingI am not seeing it.""Are you ok?" Oz asked Willow."Other than a sore rear, I'm fine," Willow responded. Oz smiled at her."Giles, where are we?" Buffy asked."Um...I don't know," Giles replied. "Were any of you reading something that soundedlike a portal spell, or described this place."Five heads shook no."Oh, dear."*****"Spiiike, what's that bright light?" Drusilla whined, covering her face with her arm."Turn it off."Spike stirred in his sleep, his brow crinkling in a frown. *It's bad enough I have to putup with her during the night, but does she have to bother me when I'm sleeping?* hethought."Spike, I don't like the light."
Sighing heavily, Spike opened his eyes, blinking several times to clear them. When hewas fully able to see, he found himself staring up into a blue sky with the rays of twosuns burning down upon him."Aah!" Spike screamed as he jumped up, looking around for shelter. He was standingin an open grassy field. The only shelter he could see was a forest of trees, far in thedistance."What is it, Spike?" Drusilla said from the ground. "You're making too much noise.I'm tired."Her voice snapped him out of his panic enough to notice he was not becoming a pileof ash. "What the...?"Turning his hand one way, then the next, Spike watched as the sun played over it,amazed. He looked down at Drusilla, bathed in sunlight. He couldn't believe his eyes."Dru?" he said in a choked whisper.Drusilla moved her arm and looked up at him. "Spike, you're all lit up."*****"Ok. Here's what we have: a pocket knife, a lighter, chapstick, two guitar picks, threecombs, a bottle of black nailpolish, a pack of gum, a candy bar, six crosses, a smallvial of holy water, eight stakes and 78 cents in change," Buffy said as she lookeddown at the small pile in front of her."We also have water," Giles said, pointing to the pond. "It's fresh.""Right. Water, check," Buffy said."Buff, I want to know how you managed to hide
stakes on your body, when allyou're wearing is a pair of jeans and a crop top," Xander said."Talent, Xander. And lots of practice," Buffy responded with a smile."I'm glad we have a lighter," Willow said. "It'll make it easier to start a fire. I haven'tlearned how to do that yet in my studies of witchcraft.""That's ok, Will," Oz said, putting an arm around his girlfriend."So, what now?" Cordelia asked from her perch on a rock near the pond."I would suggest we gather some wood and prepare to spend the night here," Gilessaid. "I don't know how much longer we'll have daylight."

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