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WLE reflection Senior

WLE reflection Senior

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Published by Sydneysunshine

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Published by: Sydneysunshine on May 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sydney Sun4/10/08Academic SeminarWLE ReflectionI think that there are different ways that the working world works. There arestereotypes that society is used to. One of them is the “cubicle” where the day is verymonotonous. Where everyday the worker has to do the same thing, and the worker isbland in character and hates their job. The “Corner office” is the successful good-lookingperson who is very interesting, loves life, and does what they want but also knows how towork hard. Also, the “McDonalds” the person who dropped out of school, or is stupid, oran immigrant worker. I think that those are all stereotypes that from a very young agemost have been exposed to. But, I think that I am very fortunate to have had 2experiences that shatter those stereotypes in a way. I think my experiences have beenvery different from what is suspected of the working world.I remember going to my first interview at World Savvy. World Savvy is a non-profit organization that works to connect global issues to youth through art, educatingteachers, and youth challenges. When I went in I was very doubtful and apprehensiveabout my skills and what I could offer them. But, when I got there and actually did theinterview I was surprised that I had done really well and both Dana and Kelly—Director
of World Savvy and my Mentor—were impressed with me. I walked up to an all brick building and was buzzed in. I climbed 4 flights of stairs and got to the door. I wasexpecting a huge building that had hallways and was very cold. I got a loft with plushgreen carpeting and a kitchen filled with snacks and tea. I met Kelly and gave her myresume, and then I sat down on the couch. Kelly started to ask me about my relationshipwith global affairs and I dipped into my upbringing. Afterward, Kelly smiled and I wasintroduced to everyone else in the office. They thought that I was so different from otherhigh school students and I felt very validated. I felt like I could survive in the workingworld and that I was on the right track. I learned that I should have more confidence inmyself. I also, learned that I can communicate and lead people well and that I do makeconnections with people. I realized the ease that I have with creating connections withpeople. It became most evident when Dana told me that I had to lead a Youth group. Itwas a group of about 12 and they were 13-17 and I had to lead them in a discussion andlet them know what World Savvy was all about and my experience there. I learned anddiscovered the balance of connecting to someone my age but at the same time assertingmy position and being professional without being pompous.I also picked up a lot of habits from both Kelly and Dana. I learned aboutbalance. Dana and Kelly know when to work very hard, prioritize, use their time wisely,and on the other hand they know when they need a break and need to have fun. I think that I had that idea and that skill to 70% but seeing them be not stressed out but still have
a end product still be that good and like they were under pressure I think was amazing.And that is what I think it takes to function well; it’s finding that perfect balance.Ever since I was little I always wanted to make a difference some how. I wantedto be a lawyer, and then a doctor, a comic, actor, fire fighter; I wanted to be a lot of different things. But, I could not stick with a choice. I wanted to make a bigger impact.Then when I entered the 9
grade, I had my first environmental justice class and it openeddoors for me. Because, I knew that there was a lot of injustice and a lot of wrong doingsthat happened in the world. But, I never knew the action that some people have to putforth to stop it. Ever since then I became very interested in International issues andpolitics. When WLE came around I got the internship with World Savvy and then withGlobal Film Initiative. Now that I am about to go to college and take my first step indeciding what I want to do with the next step in my life, my WLE’s have helped focuswhat I want to do. Now, even though I still am contemplating all of the different careerchoices, I at least know that no matter what I become, doctor or lawyer that I will somehow in my life be involved with international issues/relations. Because I know that I wantto get involved in that, my experiences have truly helped, because I have learned aboutpeople, places, events, and of resources that I can use in the future. Also, it was justinvaluable experience. I learned things there that I wouldn’t have been able to learn at abig company. Because I got to be so close with Dana and Santhosh I got to see how tohandle situations, how to run a non profit, and also know how to be friends with everyone

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