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Citizenship Education Essay ( Turn It in)

Citizenship Education Essay ( Turn It in)

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Published by Anpu999x

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Published by: Anpu999x on Apr 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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University of EastLondon
University Certificate inPersonal & CareerDevelopment
New Beginnings 2
Module 2Learning to LearnTitle: Citizenship
Name of Tutor: Alphonse Mpeke 
Student Number: u0405775
This work seeks to illustrate the importance of teaching Citizenship Education in BritishSchools. In this essay I am going to define and outline the origin of citizenship. I will also provide three arguments for and against the teaching of citizenship education. To help medo this, I will be using books, journals and websites. And at the end I will conclude thisessay base on my findings.Citizenship is an ambiguous and complex term that can be hard to define, however itinvolves some of the following; its encourages people to get involve in community issuesthat affect their everyday lives, it ensure to promote a multi-cultural society, it enables people to develop the feeling of belongingness, it encourage Citizens to take social andmoral responsibilities and it empower them to access the legal, political, Economical andSocial Institutions that govern their lives. Nearly in all modern Societies, those that areregarded as Citizens must posses some sort of certifying documents such as passport, birthcertificate or naturalisation. Most importantly, Citizens have a wide range of political, civiland social rights. However, such rights are balanced by certain obligations to both theGovernment and their Communities. (Castles, S and Davidson, A 2000).The origin of citizenship can be traced back to antiquity. For instance, during the reignof Menes, founder of the 1
dynasty –c, 2789-2669 BC, (Rohl, D. 1999).The Egyptianmystery system was like our modern Universities, a centre of organised culture whereCitizens were taught the importance of moral disciplines like Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logicso as to purge away their irrational tendencies. This was to enable them to be better Citizens. Also the borders around Egypt were enforced in other to prevent illegal entry intothe country and Circumcision was compulsory for anyone who wishes to study themysteries. “No one among the Egyptians, either studied geometry, or investigated the secret
of Astronomy, unless circumcision had been undertaken.” (Origen n.d, cited in James 1954, p44).
After the bombing of the twin towers in America the British Government had paid greatemphases on been active citizens, especially as radical Islam was on the raised. The idea of Active Citizenship, Social diversity, Community Cohesion and Community Involvementhas gained Prominence in the media, political discussions and political practices withinBritain in the last fifteen years. (Sage Journals 2009). Therefore an active citizen is one whoensures to get involved in issues that affect them and their Community. He or She must seek to promote Promote a multi-cultural Society so as to bring about social integration andCommunity cohesion. They should ensure that their democratic rights are protected andmust make sure they excise their voting rights. And also they must seek to know howGovernment policies are implemented and how such policies affect their everyday lives. The main goal of the new traditional British values are to ensure that the Educationalsystem informs Citizens of democratic procedures that promotes social diversity, equality,respect, tolerance and other democratic principles. Therefore it is very important Educationfor Citizenship is taught in Schools, as it will enable the Citizens to treat each others in adignified and respectful manner regardless of their races, religions, sexualities or  backgrounds.There are various arguments for the teaching of Citizenship Education, three of which are asfollows:
To ensure Citizens rights are not infringed.
To promote a multi-cultural society.
It encourages Citizens to get involved in Community issues that affect them.
Most people do not seem to understand howGovernment works and how policies affect their everyday lives. Many people in society

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