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Dynamic Warmup

Dynamic Warmup



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Published by Coach Brown
Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Conditioning

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Published by: Coach Brown on May 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hampton Roads AcademyDaily Dynamic Warm Up
Gator Jack Series
– All done counting G-A-T-O-R-S
Regular Jumping JackSplit Jack Forward –
Legs in running exaggerated running motion, arms swing parallel to ground back and forthacross chest
Highland Fling –
Exaggerated jumping jack w/ legs crossing at ankles and arms crossing at wrists above head andin front of waist
Long Striders –
Arms and legs move in place in exaggerated motion.
General Mobility
Neck Clock
 – 5X Rt & Lt – Neck in circular motion
Arm Hugs
 – 5X held for a 3 count. Arms hug chest after stretching backwards Alternate which arm is on top.
Long Arm Swings
 – 10 forward and back – Palm Up arms straight to side in a circle
Arm Windmills Forward and Backward
 – 10 each way
Trunk Circles
 – 5X rt & lt – bend at waist and move torso in circle
Prisoner Squats
 – 5X – Arms straight in front, body weight squat
Heel-Toe Rais
e – 10X – up on toes, rock back on heels
Prisoner Squats
 – 5XReverse Lunge – 5X – Drop one leg back and lunge backwards (like a single leg squat)
Dynamic Mobility
Thrust Series – In Place – Hands on ground, push up position w/ feet close tohands and butt in the air.
 – 5X – Feet jump inside hands
Frog Thrusts
– 5X – Feet jump outside of hands
 – 5X – Alternate legs rt then lt outside rt or lt hand.
Hip Flexor/Quad Series
Donkey Kicks – 10 times for 2 legs: 5 times for each leg – Hands on Ground as thruster, but kick feetin air to kick butt, like a donkeyFire Hydrant – 5 times each way for each leg – 6 pt stance rotate leg in clockwise and ctr clock wisemotion like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant½ Speed Build up – 15 yardsWalking Quad – 15 yards back – in walking motion grab ankle and pull up to stretch quad.½ Speed Build up – 15 yardsKnee Hugs - 15 yards back – in walking motion pull knee to chestSkip and Scoop – 15 yards – Skip/Bound high then scoop arms to groundElbow to Instep – 15 yards – Walking lunge w/ elbow to the instep
Hip Series
Lateral Lunge – 5 times each leg – Lunge to the sideCrossover Squat – 5 each leg (Drop Leg behind and squat)Crossover Lunge – 5 each leg (Leg crosses in front and squat)¾ Speed Build up – 15 yardsLeg Cradle – 15 yards back – Walking Motion grab ankle and knee and pull leg up.¾ Speed Build up – 15 yardsBackward Wide Knee Skip – 15 yards – Step backwards with each leg focusing on bringing kneesout to the side and back¾ Speed Build up – 15 yardsLow Walk – 15 yards back – Duck Walk w/ hands behind back
Hamstring Series
Straight Leg March – 15 yards – Walking motion kick leg up straight and touch handHand Walk – 15 yards back – Touch toes w/ legs straight then walk hands forward to push upposition, then walk feet to handsInverted Toe Touch – 15 yards – walking motion touch toe on the ground w/ opposite handStraight Leg Skip – 15 yards back – Same as with straight leg march, but quicker.
Rocker Series – 
Begin seated and done similar to regular seated stretches, but rock back and squeeze knees to chest between each rep
Legs Spread – 5 TimesHurdler – 5 Times each legFull Speed Build up – 15 yardsPower Skip and Scoop – 15 yards back – Faster than beforeFull Speed Build up – 15 yardsPower Skip and Scoop – 15 yards back

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