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Hunchback: The Lurching

Hunchback: The Lurching

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Apr 21, 2010
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Hunchback: The Lurching
Main Page > New World of Darkness >
Hunchback: The Lurching
1 INTRODUCTION:2 "Just Me and Thee." Hunchback Overview2.1 The Curse & Origins of the Miserable2.2 The Warping2.3 The Hump2.4 Lurches and The Lurching2.5 The Need for a Master 2.6 The Search for Love2.7 Misery, Twists and The Curse3 Marques3.1 Carabeau3.2 Feraleur 3.3 Malvisagi3.4 Oublieur 3.5 Punchello4 Sanctuaires4.1 Concordian4.2 Mabuse4.3 Mondelora4.4 Outrevie4.5 Savagine4.6 Abandonnai5 Twists5.1 Alchemie5.2 Armadura5.3 Betemismo5.4 Fantasmira5.5 Gambolismo5.6 Institutionale5.7 Masque5.8 Pathetique5.9 Puissance5.10 Regale5.11 Surnaturelisme5.12 Vilainize5.13 Wildeweise6 Systems6.1 Character Generation6.2 Misery & Hump6.3 The Master 6.4 Willpower 6.5 Humanity
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Hunchback: The Lurching - Wodhttp://worldofdarkness.wikia.com/wiki/Hunchback:_The_Lurching1 of 463/13/2010 10:38 PM
7 Rues7.1 Ataudine7.1.1 Homocidio7.2 Barnumene7.2.1 Humbuggery7.3 Bruno7.3.1 Road Rulz7.4 Cyrano7.4.1 Cryptovocce7.5 Enfantes7.5.1 Rompus7.6 Guignol7.6.1 Hematropics7.7 Moreau7.7.1 Anthromorphics7.8 Morgue7.8.1 Funerallera7.9 Noveau7.10 Quasimodo7.11 Savanteur 7.11.1 Encyclopaedie7.11.2 Rites7.12 Valette7.12.1 Domestique8 Antagonists8.1 Rue de Sade8.1.1 The Fine Art of Torture8.2 Gargoyles8.3 Torsos9 Twisted City: Pittsburgh10 Sources
Right off the bat, let’s get one thing settled. This is NOT a game about persons with any type of congenital birth defect or 
Hunchback: The Lurching - Wodhttp://worldofdarkness.wikia.com/wiki/Hunchback:_The_Lurching2 of 463/13/2010 10:38 PM
malformation. It should not be interpreted as being, in any way, related to opinions or prejudices concerning such persons. Nor should it be seen as a representation of such persons. The cultural origins of the ideas represented in this game were directlyspawned by Lon Chaney Sr.’s portrayal of Quasimodo in the film “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. That movie was such a successand made such an indelible mark on popular culture that the idea of the “hunchback” as a kind of monster became set in thepublic consciousness. That idea mutated and evolved as more characters of the type were presented in various films over thenext few decades. Quasimodo was probably the first of the Universal Monsters. The character of Fritz from “Frankenstein”continued the archetype. (Fritz in the original stage version of the character was not a hunchback at all, but rather a bumblingcountry peasant.)In the publicity for later films, Universal numbered hunchback characters as being among the “monsters” featured in their movies.Daniel from “House of Frankenstein” and Nina in “House of Dracula” were labeled as “Hunchback” monsters on posters and intrailers for those movies. Daniel, despite being a somewhat sympathetic character, certainly qualified as having “monstrous”traits. He kills more people in that film than Dracula, The Wolf Man, and the Frankenstein Monster- COMBINED!Nina, on the other hand, is a wholly sympathetic and benign character.The character of Ygor, brilliantly portrayed by Bela Lugosi in “Son of Frankenstein” and “Ghost of Frankenstein”, was not ahunchback at all, despite the fact that his name came to be associated with the archetype of the hunchbacked assistant of theMad Doctor in popular culture ever since. Ygor actually only had a crooked neck, the result of an unsuccessful hanging prior to theopening of the movie.Each game in the WoD centers on a theme. They are cautionary tales. V:TR involves sexual appetites and addictions, the ways inwhich they dehumanize people and can create monsters. W:TF deals with the concepts of territoriality and rage. (For an exampleof the ways in which these can create monsters, go to any forum and post something critical about a particular game, philosophy,politician, etc. Almost immediately, someone will leap in to ferociously defend their chosen "territory".) M:TAw warns about thedangers of hubris and intellectual pride, the dangers inherent in trying to impose our own desires on the world at large.For "Hunchback", the underlying theme is that self-pity and alienation can create "Monsters" as surely as any other human failing.Misery feeds upon itself and, allowed to grow unchecked, can distort the individual into something warped, somethingunrecognizable, something malevolent. A Monster."Hunchback: The Lurching" is about co-dependency, self pity, despite, anger and alienation.--Kurt McCoy (AKA: SheliakBob)
"Just Me and Thee." Hunchback Overview
Hunchback: The Lurching - Wodhttp://worldofdarkness.wikia.com/wiki/Hunchback:_The_Lurching3 of 463/13/2010 10:38 PM

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