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Ghosts - A Guide to the Underworld

Ghosts - A Guide to the Underworld

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Apr 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Death, what's beyond? These questions hauntnearly every living person in existence. Ghosts exist as areminder that something lies beyond, but these creaturesof despair are often the embodiment of questioningwhether a final solace is attainable or not. Within therealms of the Underworld many ghosts try to cling to alife that is no longer their own. Gathering together theyhave created a society that exists forbidden fromtranscendence or rebirth.
 Anathema -
the curse of the Underworld for a damnedsoul to never enter the Afterlife (Supernal Realms).
 Angst -
The power of the Daimons frustration, andwillingness to give up or destroy meaning to theirprevious life.
Caul -
A plasmic “birth” covering of a newly formedghost. The caul distorts the ghosts perception of itscurrent state in a foggy, hazy film. A ghost cannot leavethe Labyrinth until its caul is removed.
Circav -
The area of influence a ghost possesses in theland of the living around its anchor. Also known as acircle.
Conviction -
The strength of will a ghost possesses. Ameasure of belief and determination.
 Daimon -
See Goetia.
 Deathlords -
Powerful spirits ruling over the Labyrinthof Purgatory and extending their influence into theUnderworld.
 Defiance -
A ghosts resistance to domination or beingforced against something. The resiliency of their soul.
 Drone -
A ghost who has lost the entire connection tohis past life through a reduction of their Psyche. Suchmindless ghosts exist only in the Labyrinth or theUnderworld having no connection with the Quick Realms save for brief moments of unintentionalmanifestation near their anchors. Also known as theSoulless.
 Enfant -
A newly formed ghost which still possesses it’splasmic caul.
– The gradual yet inevitable boredom andweariness that infects a ghost over time.
- The eldest ghosts in a given area or Necropoli.
Goetia -
The inner goetic demon a Ghost must strugglewith, their vice and all of their failures manifested in oneinner demon that haunts the ghost. Also known as aDaimon.
Grace -
A ghosts ability to express their will or desire.Also the ability to discern right from wrong. MoralIntegrity.
  Hierarchy -
Minions of the Deathlords and the rulingclass of ghosts within the Underworld.
 Heretics -
Faithful among ghosts who continue to payhomage to a deity in hopes of a brighter afterlife.Considered dangerously obsessive among the Hierarchythese ghosts are proclaimed enemies of the Hierarchy.
 Maelstrom -
A storm of Abyssal energies, that sweep theunderworld during momentous negative events in thecorresponding material realm.
 Mien -
The form of manifestation a ghost takes withinthe living world occurs while the exists in Twilightwithin it’s circav.
- A measure of the amount of memory andconnection a ghost retains of their past life.
 Momento Mori -
The act of being remembered. To beremembered by a living person as if to receive flowerson one’s grave, or to be spoken of or recognized. A brief moment of solace for a ghost.
- A ghostly counterpart of a city. TheUnderworld impersonation of an existing city on theother side of the Shroud.
 Nihils -
Cracks and pits of entropy leading directly to theAbyss. Foul demonic spirits whisper corruption throughthese.
Quick, the -
A generally used to term to refer to the stillliving. Also known as Skins.
 Essence -
Emotional essence ghosts glean from theliving to fuel their Sinew and to exist in the Underworld.
 Phageon -
Simply eaters, zombie like undead whichroam the labyrinth in an attempt to find ghosts and othercreatures there to consume them for their essence toexist. Such creatures are sometimes subdued and moldedby the Deathlords to act as servants.
 Pneuma -
purpose; intention; animating spirit.
Thestrength of will within a ghost to both continue theirexistence and to maintain a presence and influence overthe living realms. Also known to ghosts as their soulstrength.
  Psyche -
A ghost’s freewill and awareness of the worldaround it. A ghost who has lost a connection with itsPsyche is called a Drone.
 Reapers -
Ghosts who directly serve the Hierarchy andDeath Lords to possess the freedom of having their ownpersonal agendas.
 Relics -
Items which enter a ghosts Circav, which havebeen destroyed in the living world but possess a spiritualcounterpart in the Underworld. Also item brought to theUnderworld from the Shadow.
 Reliquiae steel -
Steel-like substance, which has beencrafted from the calcification, and smelting process of ghosts plasm. A practice of the Hierarchy. Not to beconfused with Relics.
 Repose -
A measure of the peace that a ghost has with
themselves, their morality, and ability to cope with thestate of death.
- A place where the Shroud between the livingrealm and the Underworld have grown thin. Such placesare easily accessible to ghost even if they don't possessan Anchor nearby.
Shoals -
Areas of apathy that lie within the Shadow,places where the Abyss links to the Shadow and drains itof essence and life.
Shroud -
The veil of realities between the Shadow andthe realms of the Underworld.
Sinew -
A supernatural ability associated with Essence.Gifts which the afterlife has granted individual ghosts.Sinews are rated from 1 to 5 and are associated withaspects of a ghosts individuality based on their death,life, and anchors. Called as such from a lack of truefleshy muscle but it comprises of much of their strength.(Often said weaving a Sinew of ...)
Skin -
a standard coin within the Underworld for trade,also broke into bits which are 1/10th of a single skin. Allare said to be minted by the hierarchy from the plasm of discorporate renegade ghosts. A rumor which theHierarchy does not disclaim. Also a slang term referringto the still living as in “I saw this Skin in my Circle...”
 Solace -
the act of receiving essence from the still living.A temporary easing of grief, loneliness, discomfort, etcfrom the state of being separated from the living.
Spectres -
Ghosts corrupted by the enticing pacts withdemonic spirits of the Abyss. Ghosts corrupted fromwithin by their own Daimons. Powerful, spiritualmanifestations of the power of the Abyss.
Tenemos -
A realm of collective dreaming where a ghostmay physically confront their own Daimon, or interactwith the living during their dreams.
Volitional Attribute -
A Ghost’s soul determination andresilience.
Wounds -
Areas of corruption within the Shadow thathave been shaped by both the material world and theAbyss. Territory of powerful corrupt spirits known asMaeljin.
- A ghost which has lost a connection with itsfetters but still remains in the Underworld through sheerdetermination.
 First lets examine what a Ghost is and what it isnot.Ghosts are a manifestation of the will anddetermination of a soul to deny Transcendence, Ghostshold onto something from their mortal life and areunwilling to let go of them. Despite this, many Ghostsremain in the Underworld long after they have let go, infact, aside from the heretics, many don't know of anyexistence other that the one they have adopted. Beyondthe world we know and beyond the Underworld, lies theSupernal Realms. Within these realms lie variousheavens and hells which the soul gravitates toward dueto their actions and beliefs. Others yet, may reiteratewith a newly formed body and reincarnate into themortal realm. Ghosts however, are unwilling or unableto move on as something holds them onto the life theyonce held dear.Occasionally, a ghost may find itself trapped inthe Underworld, unable to move on due to the factsomething holds it to the realm of the living despite theirwillingness to move on. Such ghosts are often deepercorrupted by their Daimon and is often swayed totransforming into a powerful agent of the Abyss amongthe ranks of 
; becoming one which attempts tobreak down the connection other ghosts hold onto.Few mages and werewolves believe that a Ghostis a soulless ectoplasmic form of will, which exists as anabomination, to be manipulated as they please. The truthis that Ghosts do have a soul, save for the few
,which remain as mere echoes of their prior existence.Sometimes mages enter the Underworld withknowledge of their arts of magic intact, these Fey areseen as ominous and are often hunted by the Deathlordsas demons and are unwelcome in any doings with theHierarchy. Few believe that the Deathlords are actuallyfrightened by them and view them as a threat to theirrule. A heretic group known as the Order of Kismet onceheld knowledge regarding the Fey, but have since beenabolished by the Hierarchy.
The Fey are not to be confused with the Faewhich traverse the realm of Tenemos and hail from theSupernal Realm of Arcadia. Those fickle and capriciouscreatures will be discussed at a later time.
 Before a living being enters the Underworld, asa resident or visitor, he or she enters a never-ending,transforming, maze. Sometimes called the BorderRealm, dreadful spirits and the ravenous walking deadwander this damned landscape. Either of which havebecome lost between worlds, or those who havecompletely lost their intellectual capacity. None,however, are truly native to this horrendous realm, savefor those who rule over its hapless tenants.The Labyrinth appears as a hellish dungeon tomost, an endless hallway of doors to others, and few findit to appear as nightmarish warrens. One can eitherattempt to negotiate with its inhabitants or wander his

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