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Mk Ultra Monarch 2

Mk Ultra Monarch 2

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Published by Jennifer

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Published by: Jennifer on Apr 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Monarch: The New Phoenix Program II
Introduction: The New Phoenix ProgramI Human Radiation ExperimentsII MKULTRAIII MONARCHIV Cults and Cover UpV Cointelpro and Phoenix ProgramVI Aquino and Alexanders’ New Phoenix ProgramVII Mind WarVIII The Targeted IndividualsIX The LawX The Pleas (30 letters)XI Science of the Virtual GulagXII Bibliography 
: The New Phoenix Program
Even though he is “retired”
Col. John B. Alexander
still works today at Los Alamos NationalLaboratory in a capacity that is not clearly defined, as does NSA General
Michael Aquino
. Both personalities have done extensive study of the application of nonlethal weapons (ELF) toattacking the populations and armed forces of enemy nations. Whether these terrible weaponsthat were supposed to be turned against our implacable enemies, have instead been turnedagainst our own people, is very difficult to prove, given the nature of the weapons involved.Thousands of American citizens have been publically claiming for years that they are under attack from directed energy weapons that attack their physical bodies, and their central nervoussystems. Hundreds of websites have sprung up on the internet and these distraught andtormented people have banded together in numerous groups seeking redress and relief from their elected representatives. They have brought legal cases to trial in both the United States and ininternational forums on human rights. Human rights activists have been besieged by them for help, but all such petitions, and court cases have run up against the problem of a lack of physicalevidence. The entire judicial system is built upon the concept of physical evidence and peoplewho are being attacked with invisible bullets are left with none. The few instances of physicalevidence within their grasp are easily countered by the government and can be suppressed or 
confiscated merely by going before a judge and repeating the most abused phrase in the Englishlanguage. “This is a matter of national security”. All physical evidence, paper trails, all crimes,foreign and domestic, are obscured in secrecy by hiding behind the system of classification and public lies. It must be remembered that the Human Radiation Experiments began in 1943 and became public knowledge only when the government ALLOWED it to be released to the publicin 1995, and this was ostensibly to exonerate the guilty and to placate the victims. It is with thisin mind that you should look at the extensive circumstantial evidence cited below. The USgovernment has a long history of experimenting on human beings, not just the radiation studies, but many different programs of experimentation on unknowing and unwilling human beings. Inevery instance these “conspiracies” were able to be carried on more or less in public for decadeswithout serious challenge. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study was one such well known example of aterminal experiment on a large group of unknowing human test subjects. Hundreds of AfricanAmerican men who had become infected with Syphilis were allowed to die a slow and terribledeath so that the pathology of the disease could be better understood. These men sufferedhorribly for decades, eventually going blind and then insane. The men also passed their illnesson to countless other innocent people unnecessarily. The scientific results were written up and published in the most prestigious medical journals in the country by the most pre-eminent namesin medicine. This state of affairs continued from the 1930’s until the 1970’s before one single protest was lodged by a medical professional. In the end this well known crime of Tuskegee wasalso papered over and a few people were given paltry settlements and no one was punished.MKULTRA mind control experiments began at the end of WWII and then became public inthe 1970’s, however imperfectly, and went ‘black” again because of Senate hearings, but theseexperiments have continued to this day. The only reason that MKULTRA was ever brought intothe light of day was that a dissident group stole government documents and released them to the press, which initially refused to publish them. The MKULTRA archive was destroyed because of the seriousness of the crimes perpetrated by the intelligence communities. If it became publicknowledge that the intelligence agencies had allowed Nazi war criminals to experiment uponAmerican citizens, including children, and then replicated these techniques themselves, thedamage to their reputation could never be undone. The only aspects of CIA criminal activity ingeneral, or MKULTRA in particular, that the intelligence community ever admitted to were theones that were already public, or details that had very little to do with the current capabilities of mind control weapons and techniques. Microwave weapons and remote influence of the humancentral nervous system are the crown jewels of the intelligence community. It should be notedthat documents dating from WWI such as the formula for invisible ink are still classified and thatno serious secrets have ever been, or ever will be, willingly divulged. What did become publicwas only the tip of the iceberg. Mind control techniques and related technology work. Human beings can be made vulnerable to manipulation and can be used unknowingly in intelligenceoperations. The technology that evolved is very powerful, in fact it is the ultimate weapon, andthe penalty for revealing these secrets is false imprisonment and assassination.For any new weapons system it has always, ALWAYS, been necessary to test it on humansubjects to refine and perfect the weapon, whether chemical, biological, nuclear, or in this casemicrowave and radio frequency radiation weapons. Human beings have been used to perfectnuclear, chemical, and biological weapons by both the United States and it's enemies. Theseexperiments have historically been carried out both in times of war and in peace time. The only proof of human beings ever being used as experimental subjects to develop microwave"nonlethal" weapons was captured from the Japanese at the end of WWII. Their civilian
scientists had used prisoners of war in the laboratory. The P.O.W.'s were cooked to death throughmicrowave heating in terminal experiments. To obscure the truth the scientists referred to thetest subjects as monkeys in their lab notebooks. The truth only emerged because Japan was adefeated power and their biological, chemical, and microwave weapons programs wereconfiscated by the US Navy. To illustrate how it is especially necessary to use human testsubjects we will examine one facet of the arsenal of these “nonlethal” weapons.
refers to the ability to resonate or “spin” small particles with a given resonancefrequency. Military doctrine for nonlethal weapons in this area is as follows. Initially enemyarmies or populations can be exposed to (sprayed with) a very small amount of chemical or  biological agent. The quantity of chemical or biological agent used may be so small as to bevirtually undetectable. Following exposure the enemy population may be targeted withmicrowave or radio frequency radiation in the exact resonance frequency of the chemical or  biological agent used. The toxic agent will begin to resonate or spin and will react with muchgreater speed or activity within the bodies of the target population, similar to the behavior of enzymes that make life possible. This greater reactivity may be millions of times greater thannormal and would behave as if the person had been given a massive dose of chemical or  biological agent…enough in fact to cause death. Cyclotronic resonance of chemical and biological agents allows entire armies or populations to be destroyed with only minute amountsof the agent in their bodies if they are attacked with “nonlethal” microwave weapons afterwards.It will be impossible to develop and deploy such a weapon without first testing it on human beings. These tests are actually being done on American citizens in their own homes. I have personally met a family of four in Sacramento, California who are being targeted in just such amanner. Their house is bombarded with microwave energy and they are being purposefullyexposed to a chemical or biological agent in order to perfect this weapons technology. This is just one aspect of the nonlethal weapons testing that is being done on several thousand peopleacross the country.The case for proving that these crimes against humanity are happening to several thousandAmerican citizens rests on seven facts that are put forth in this book. First, it is an historical factthat human beings have been used against their will as experimental subjects by the UnitedStates government in the past and that these crimes continued for decades without interruption or detection by the general public. Many of these various programs that used human beings asguinea pigs were carried on, as in the case of Tuskegee, virtually in the open. Besides thehuman radiation experiments on civilians and armed forces personnel, it is an historical fact thatthe government funded MKULTRA mind control experiments for decades using Nazi war criminals and American scientists in an effort to perfect mind control as the ultimate weapon.Second, ALL new weapons systems MUST be tested on human subjects in order that they be perfected, especially nonlethal microwave and radio frequency radiation weapons. This is thehistory of nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare, and all weapons systems that predate them.Third, the body of unclassified scientific research by American and Russian scientists exists(including patents) in sufficient detail to prove that these weapons do exist. The documentedRussian directed energy weapons program included attacks on the US embassy that killed the USambassador and a USSR program that targeted internal dissidents with anti-personnel microwaveweapons, such that they might “give their will over to some superior outside force”. Fourth,there is a history of prior criminal behavior against progressive groups, criminal acts perpetrated by the US intelligence agencies that date back to the 1950’s and continue to this day. Thesecriminal operations exemplified by Cointelpro have adopted counterinsurgency warfare

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