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Lit02 Syllabus

Lit02 Syllabus

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Published by bibliosensei
This is the course syllabus in Literatures of the World taken by Bachelor of Elementary Education of the College of Teacher Education, Southern Luzon State University, Summer, A.Y. 2009-2010.
This is the course syllabus in Literatures of the World taken by Bachelor of Elementary Education of the College of Teacher Education, Southern Luzon State University, Summer, A.Y. 2009-2010.

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Published by: bibliosensei on Apr 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A service-oriented state university known for its excellence in Sciences,Technology, Culture and the Arts and strong advocacy for the protection of theecosystem in the region and management of Mount Banahaw.
To be an active instrument of peace, economic uplifting and overallcommunity development by producing globally prepared, morally upright, ecologicallyconscious and productive citizens.
Core Values
GO God LovingS Service OrientedL Leadership by ExampleS Sustained Passion for ExcellenceU Undiminished Commitment to Peace and Environment Advocacy
Republic of the PhilippinesSOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITYLucban, Quezon
(Revised, April 2010)
Course Code/Title :
Course Credit :
3 units (lec)
Course Pre-requisite :
Semester :
Summer, AY 2009
Faculty :
 Title :
Contract of Service Instructor
Office Address :
Department of Language, Literature and HumanitiesCollege of Arts and Sciences
Contact No. :
Email Address :
Subject Schedules :
BEEd II-A 7:30
9:30 MWF GAB 3087:30
9:00 TThBEEd II-B 9:30
11:30 MWF GAB AVR9:00
10:30 TTh
The study of literary theories and of literary forms or genres, exemplified by selectedtexts of different authors from various continents in the world, written at different historicalperiods.
At the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to;1. Read representative literary texts written at different periods from all thecontinents of the world.2. Appreciate the breadth and depth of literatures of other countries.3. Deepen understanding of different literary theories.4. Interpret and analyze different literary articles from an array of literary genres.5. Write journals and the like relative to literary articles read.
Student must at least obtain 60% passing score or better in order to pass the course.Course work is weighted as follows:Major Examinations 40%Quizzes 30%Recitation/Classroom Participation 15%Project/ Journal Entry/ Blog 10%Attendance 5%
100%Major ExaminationThere are three (3) written and/or oral major examinations for the course. Customarily,the exam will be closed notes. If you are going to miss a major exam, it is your responsibility toalert your instructor prior to exam schedule. Failure to do so will result in an exam grade of zero.QuizzesApproximately, three to five quizzes (be it announced or unannounced) will be given foreach term. A make-up quiz is allowed if and only if one could secure an excuse letter dulysigned by the guidance counselor, parents or physician. Make-up quizzes shall be done notlater than two days after you return from class.Recitation/Classroom ParticipationEvery class disc
ussion requires students’ participation so as activities. It will be based on
class/group collaboration and on the announced means of evaluation. The rate will come from
individual, group and instructor’s assessment.
 Projects/ Journal EntriesAll projects that are to be submitted are due on the date scheduled by the instructor. No
late works will be accepted unless given instructor’s prerogative.
Journal entries shall be postedon the blog site provided by the instructor before the end of the week. Further instructions willbe provided by the instructor regarding the journal entries.AttendanceIn accordance with the policies of Southern Luzon State University, as stated in theStudents Manual, the students are required and are expected to attend all classes in proper
uniform. If the student is absent or late from his/her class, the student is hereby advised to getan admission slip from the assigned Guidance Counselor before he/she will be admitted again.In case of absence, he/she will receive a grade of zero in the recitation or class work assignedfor that particular day. Three (3) consecutive absences without notifying the instructor wouldmean a failing term grade or will automatically be dropped from the course.
COURSE OUTLINETerm Period Topics Activities Evaluative Measure
Preliminary(April 12 - 22, 2010)A. Introduction toLiterature and theLiteratures of the WorldDiscussion of thetopics for thesubjectDistribution ofsyllabusB. Prose and its Elements1. Fiction2. Non-FictionDiscussion, ActivityQuiz, Recitation,ExercisesC. Poetry and Its ElementsDiscussion, ActivityRecitation,ExercisesD. Literary CriticismDiscussion, ActivityRecitation,ExercisesE. The Heritage of EnglishLiterature1. The Beginnings2. The Middle EnglishLiterature3. The Elizabethan Era4. The Puritan Period5. The Age ofClassicism6. The Romantic Era7. The Victorian Age8. The 20
CenturyDiscussion,Activity,Film ViewingRecitation,Exercises,Journal/ Blog entriesF. North and LatinAmerican Literature1. The Colonial Periodof American Literature2. The 18
and 19
 Century3. Post- World War IIDiscussion, ActivityFilm ViewingQuiz, Recitation,Exercises, Journal/ Blog entries
April 23, 2010 Preliminary ExaminationMid-term(April 26 - May 6,2010)G. Greek and RomanLiterature1. The Homeric Epics2. The Lyric Poets3. Drama4. The Historians5. The PhilosophersDiscussion, ActivityFilm ViewingRole Playing
Quiz, Recitation,Exercises, Journal/ Blog entries
H. Italian LiteratureDiscussion, ActivityQuiz, Recitation,Exercises, Journal/ Blog entriesI. Spanish LiteratureDiscussion, ActivityQuiz, Recitation,Exercises, Journal/ Blog entries

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