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PEFC UK Newsletter (April 2010)

PEFC UK Newsletter (April 2010)

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Published by PEFC UK Ltd.
Reports on dual certification of UK forests, PEFC participation in trade hows and events, and the launch of the new UK website.
Reports on dual certification of UK forests, PEFC participation in trade hows and events, and the launch of the new UK website.

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Published by: PEFC UK Ltd. on Apr 21, 2010
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PEFC /16-01-01
The totally revamped site now includesinormation about chain o custody, usingthe PEFC logo, getting certifed and fndingcertifed products.Later this year, we will targetting ourmarket outreach to corporate print buyerswith the objective o driving trafc via thewebsite in the direction o PEFC-certifedprinters and paper suppliers.With an increasing number o publicationsnow seeking to use the PEFC logo on theirpublications, the site contains a databaseo almost 500 chain o custody certifedprinters and details the services they oer.Recognising that any certifed print jobbegins with certifed paper, there isalso an extensive list o PEFC papersacross a range o grades rom leadingmanuacturers and merchants.
PEFC UK’s Annual General Meeting2010 will take place at the ofces othe Country Landowners’ Associationin London on Thursday 1 July 2010.Members will receive an invitation tothe meeting together with a copy othe 2010 Annual Report in May.
We’ve tried to make it a comprehensivesource o inormation or all ourstakeholders but i there is there anythingyou’d like to see on the site that isn’t there,let us know?I your print company has PEFC chain ocustody, then check out your entry.
Youcan email feedback on the new siteto info@pefc.co.uk.
This month saw the launch oPEFC UK’s new website.The upgraded site is designed toprovide a wealth o inormationabout the PEFC programmewith particular emphasis on theorganisation’s work in the UK.
When orest management certifcationwas frst established in the UK, orestswere certifed only to the FSC Standard.However last month, PEFC was delightedto announce that some one millionhectares o UK orests had been awardedPEFC Forest Management certifcation,by international Certifcation Body, SGSQualior. The certifcation covers all theForestry Commission orests in England,Last year, Envirowise launched arevised guide to help printers meetincreasing environmental demands.The Green Printer Guide, which wasproduced in association with theBritish Industries Federation, looksat areas where print companies canmake the most eective environmentalimprovements.The Guide recognises that choice opaper is important in the environmentalimpact o a printed product. It advises“Green Printers” that they shouldbe well inormed on the relativeenvironmental merits o dierentpapers so that they can advise theircustomers and explains the chain ocustody requirements or PEFC andFSC as well as eaturing the logos.www.envirowise.gov.uk/uk/Our-Services/Publications/EN924a-Greener-printer-guide.html
Manifesto Commitments on Timber
Liberal Democrats have committedto protecting the world’s orests, notonly to reduce carbon emissions butalso to preserve “this crucial reservoiro biodiversity”. They will argue oran international target o zero netdeorestation by 2020; support a newsystem o payments to developingcountries to enable them to reducedeorestation; and adopt at EU – or, inecessary, at UK – level, a new law makingit illegal to import or possess timberproduced illegally in oreign countries.Labour has pledged to press or an EUwide ban on illegally logged timber, but willban it domestically i this does not succeed.Conservatives are pressing or only legallyharvested timber and timber products tobe made available on the market and orfnancial support rom within a reormed EUbudget to be given to developing countriesto halt deorestation. They also plan tomake it a criminal oence under UK law orthe import and possession o illegal timber.So whichever party wins on May 6, i theydeliver on their maniesto commitments thisshould spell the end or timber that cannotbe shown to be legal, on the UK market.
Some o our more observant readers might have noticed that an electioncampaign is currently in ull swing. For those who lack the willpower tocomb through the various political maniestos launched this month, wethought you might be interested to learn what they have to say on timber.
Scotland and Wales and some 500privately owned orest estates, includinga number in Northern Ireland, managedthrough the Scottish Woodlands and UPMTilhill orest group certifcation schemes.Both PEFC and FSC use the UK WoodlandAssurance Standard as the basis orcertifcation in the UK and are recognisedby the Government’s Central Point oExpertise on Timber (CPET) as providingevidence o legality and sustainability orpublic sector timber procurement purposes.Dual certifcation will enable sellers otimber and other orest products romthese certifed orests to display thePEFC logo as well as the logo o theForest Stewardship Council (FSC) as anassurance that these products come romresponsibly-managed orests.The UK orestry industry, along with otherenterprises selling timber across Europe,recognises that a number o buyers otimber and other orest products are keento source PEFC-certifed products and, insome cases, buyers look or both PEFCand FSC certifcation.This is particularly the case or overseasbuyers looking to source UK timber. Thismove to dual certifcation will now provideindustry in the UK with greater exibility tomeet customers’ requirements or certifedtimber.
Dual Certication for UK Forests
Rob Shaw (left) of Scottish Woodlands and Peter Latham of PEFC
PEFC will be sponsoring a TRADA one-day continuous proessional developmentseminar; In Touch With Timber 2010. Theevent is designed to inspire constructionindustry proessionals to make the most otimber, both structurally and aesthetically.This year’s theme is ‘Innovations withTimber’ and will ocus on what has and canbe done with timber.PEFC will be one o 25 sponsors oeringan array o timber and timber-basedbuilding products and services whichwill be exhibiting at the event. We will ocourse be there to promote the benefts ocertifed timber to delegates.For urther details: www.trada.co.uk/itwt10This year PEFC will be exhibiting at IPEXor the frst time. This important trade showbilled as “the largest English-speakingglobal technology event or print, publishingand media” is organised by IIR exhibitionsand will be held at the NEC Birminghamrom 18-25 May 2010. Visitors to the showare drawn rom 159 countries with 40% ovisitors coming rom outside the UK. Thetop ten visitor countries in 2006, when theshow was last held, came rom Germanyand The Netherlands.PEFC will be exhibiting in one o the 30small exhibition pods in the KnowledgeCentre area, which will be located in Hall11. I you are planning to visit the show,stop by the stand and say hello.For ree admission,register in advanceat: www.cts-online.co.uk/shows/In response to continuing strong demandor PEFC-certifed timber products, PEFCwas one o over 1,000 exhibitors at theEcobuild sustainable construction showheld at Earls Court, London last month.In response to the increasing number ooverseas visitors attracted to the show, thisyear we were joined on the stand by ourcolleagues rom PEFC Germany and theMalaysian Timber Council.The show’s organisers, InternationalBusiness Events, considered the exhibitionto be the most successul yet with thisyear’s event attracting 41,000 visitors– a20% increase rom last year.signed up to the Code o Practice toensure that the paper used in directoryproduction is sourced rom sustainablymanaged orests which are certifedunder independent orestry certifcationschemes such as PEFC and FSC.www.dpa.org.uk/documents/DPA_Sustainability_Code_o_Practice.pd
DPA demands certied paper
The Data Publishers Association (DPA)is the industry body representing dataand directory publishers in the UK. In2009, it introduced a code o practicewhich specifes requirements ormanaging the environmental impact oBusiness to Consumer printed directoryproduction and distribution.This Code o Practice ocuses on themanagement o environmental aspectsrelating to directory production anddistribution by setting environmentalaims. KCOM Group PLC, ThomsonDirectories Ltd and Yell UK have all
This is the third consecutive year thatPEFC has exhibited at the show. Withinterest rom the construction industryin certifed timber on the rise; this was judged to be an ideal venue to showcasethe PEFC sustainable orest managementprogramme, the benefts o chain ocustody certifcation and what certifedtimber suppliers could oer.Despite a challenging economic climateor the UK construction industry, the eventwas clearly very popular and the PEFCteam was kept very busy throughout thethree day show. We were so pleased withthe reception we had this year that we’vealready booked or 2011 when the showmoves to the ExCeL exhibition centre inLondon’s Docklands.
stand F230/U
EcobuildIn Touch with Timber
stand S15
Ecobuild 2010

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