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Course Outline for BBA(Hons)

Course Outline for BBA(Hons)

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Published by malikzai777

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Published by: malikzai777 on Apr 21, 2010
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DETAILS OF COURSESBBA (Hons.) 4 years ProgrammeSemester-I1.1 FRESHMAN ENGLISHIntroduction:
The usefulness of English Language cannot be denied. It enriches our thought and culture, and provides us with the most important international vehicle of expression. It has opened for usseveral doors of light and knowledge, for it is the Lingua Franca of the world and the language of science, technology, commerce and diplomacy. Without English we shall be handicapped in our advancement and our progress will be seriously retarded in several important spheres of life. Togive it up means putting the hands of the clock back by more than a century, to take several steps backwards, to surrender ground which has been gained through persistent toil and labour, to losethe front seat in international forums and to miss the opportunity of having a direct impact on theother people’s minds.
Course Objectives:
The objectives of the course are:1.To build the sound vocabulary of the students2.To improve the linguistic skills of the students
Course Contents:
Paragraph Writing
Précis Writing
Dialogue Writing
Discussions and Presentations
oImportance of web sites in businessoHow to launch a productoPolitical influences on the banking sector of PakistanoFate of luck which plays important role in our industry
Proof Reading
• How to make your sentences alive?
oWhat is emphasis?oEmphasis by WeightoGrammatical WeightoEmphasis by PositionoEmphasis by Separation and IsolationoEmphasis by Repetition
Textbooks/Reading Material
Business Communications by WillsExploring the World of English by Saadat Ali ShahBusiness Opportunities by Vicky Hollet1
Introduction to Information Technology, Understanding Computer Systems, Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Application Software, Programming Languages, Files and DataBasics, Data Communication, Networking Basics, Internet Basics, E-Commerce, Computer Graphics, Computer Security and Controls, MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MSPower point, MS Project, Internet Browsers, Databases, Information Systems importance inBusiness, E-Banking
Text Books:
• James A. Senn: Information Technology in Business, BPB Peter Norton’s Introduction toComputers
1.3 PAKISTAN & ISLAMIC STUDIESCourse Description:
An introduction to the history of Pakistan is studied with reference to the history of preindependence period and then what were the reforms after the independence of Pakistan. Thesubject also discusses the different presidential eras and what contributions were made bydifferent rulers in various fields of nations development. The later division of the course focuseson the Islamic aspects of the country. Islamic studies is an integral part of any programme in aMuslim state.
Course Contents:
Ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan Ideology
Historical perspective of Pakistan Ideology
Aligarh movement, Establishment of Pakistan, Land of Pakistan
Geographic boundaries of Pakistan, Resources of Pakistan
Division of Assets, Ayub Khan’s era, Creation of Bangladesh
Butto’s reforms, Zia’s era, Social structure of Pakistan
Literacy in Pakistan, Agriculture of Pakistan
Industries of Pakistan, Foreign policy of Pakistan
Pakistan and the Muslim World
Pakistan and ECO
Pakistan and India
Books Recommended:
Ikrame Rabbani: Pakistan Studies
Dr. Javaid Iqbal: Ideology of Pakistan, Ferozsons, Rawalpindi
a)Basic Terms and Concepts (Tauhid, Risalat and aqeeda I Akhirat) b)Ibadaat (Worships)c)Amar Bil Maroof and Nahi anil Munkir (commands and Prohibition)d)Unity of Ummahe)Kasb-i- Halal (lawful Earning).f)Fundamental Human Rights.g)Rights of Women.h)Relation with the Non-Muslims.2
i)Khutba Hujjat –ul-Wida (Farewell Address) j)The Life of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.,H.)k)Hajjat-ul-Widal)Death of the Holy Prophet.m)Islamic Civilizationn)Influence of Islamic Civilization on the Subcontinent.o)International Influence of Islamic Civilization.
Books Recommended
 Latest Editions)
1. Abdul Qayyum Natiq, Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (English)2. Abdul Qayyum Natq, Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (Urdu)3. Dr. Nasiruddin, Islamiat (Urdu) Ghanzfar Academy Pakistan.4. Dr. M. Khalil, Tadrees-e-Islmiat, Jadeed Educational Services, Lahore.5. AIOU, Islamiat, Jadeed Book Depo, Lahore.
Definition, Nature, Scope and Importance (Micro and Macro Economics)Description, Analysis and Policy: Economic Methodology.2.
Consumer Behaviour:
Definition and meaning, Marginal Utility: Law of DiminishingMarginal Utility Consumer's Surplus Indifference curve approach.3.
Definition, Laws of Demand, Changes in Demand, Elasticity of Demand andits measurement.4.
Supply, Changes in supply, Demand and Supply Relationship. EquilibriumAnalysis.5.
Concept of Factor of Production, Land Labour, Capital & Entrepreneur.Laws of Returns and their application to Agriculture Sector.6.
Costs over time period Fixed, Variable, Total, Average and Marginal.7.
Perfect and Imperfect Competition. Price and output, determination under  perfect and Imperfect competition. Market price and Normal price. Monopoly, Oligopoly,Duopoly and Price Control. (Basic Concepts).8.
Factor Pricing:
Rent, Wages, Interest and Profit.
9.Fiscal Policy, Monetary PolicyBOOKS RECOMMENDED
 Latest Editions)
1. Paul A Sameulson, Economics.2. Muhammad Irshad, Economics, Naveed Publications Lahore.3. Sh Manzoor Ali, Economics, Ilmi Kutab Khana, Urdu Bazar, Lahore.4. Lioyd G Reynolds Irwin, Micro Economics — Analysis & Policy, IrwinHomwood Illinois.5. Saeed Nasir M A, Textbook of Economics, Ilmi Kutab Khana, Lahore.6. Salman Rizavi, Economics, Syed Mobin Mahmud & Co., Lahore.7. K. K. Dewitt, Economics
Introduction: Purpose and Nature of Accounting, Various areas of Accounting Forms of Business enterprises, Accounting Information users, GAAP, Conversion, Business transactionand Accounting equation;Accounting Process: Recording changes in financial position, Double entry Accounting system,3

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