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Integrating Health Into the Core Strategy a Guide for PCTs in London - NHSHUDU England - 2008

Integrating Health Into the Core Strategy a Guide for PCTs in London - NHSHUDU England - 2008

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Published by: HIA Community Wiki on Apr 21, 2010
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Healthy Urban Development Unit
Integrating health into the Core Strategy
A Guide for Primary Care Trusts in London
Integrating health into the Core Strategy:
A Guide for Primary Care Trusts in London
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I  n t  o d  u c  t i   on s  e c  t i   on s  e c  t i   on s  e c  t i   on 3  s  e c  t i   on s  e c  t i   on 5 
Purpose of the guideHow this guide can help PCTs get involved and influence the core strategyWhat is the core strategy?Why is the core strategy important?Working with the borough
Legislation and policy requirements
1.1 National planning policy1.2 Conforming to the London Plan1.3 Giving spatial expression to the sustainable community strategy1.4 Partnership working
The core strategy process – working with the borough
2.1 Overview of the process2.2 Gathering evidence – identifying issues2.3 Preparing the core strategy – identifying policy options2.4 Publishing the core strategy – establishing the preferred strategy2.5 Submission and Public Examination – assessing the core strategy2.6 Adoption and monitoring
Gathering evidence for the core strategy
3.1 Helping the borough to gather evidence and scope health issues3.2 Health and well being3.3 Access to health services3.4 Identifying spatial planning interventions
Converting evidence into effective policies
4.1 Aligning planning and health strategies and processes4.2 Health as part of the spatial vision and strategic objectives4.3 How to treat health in the core strategy4.4 Planning policies for health
Implementing the core strategy – delivering health outcomes
5.1 Policies that deliver – promoting health and wellbeing5.2 Securing modern, accessible health services – an infrastructure plan5.3 Delivering healthier communities
Core strategy ‘health check’
Use the ‘health check’ to apply this guidance to your local corestrategy. The health check brings together and summarises therequirements and steps that should be taken to ensure that thecore strategy is ‘fit for purpose’.
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