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ExceL Tutorial

ExceL Tutorial

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Published by indahindahindah

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Published by: indahindahindah on Apr 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MS Excel 2007 Tutorial
Worksheet Basics
Excel is the world’s most widely-used spreadsheet program, and is part of the MicrosoftOffice suite. Excel’s forte, of course, is performing numerical calculations, but Excel isalso very useful for non-numerical applications. Here are just a few of the uses forExcel:
Number crunching: Create budgets, analyze survey results, and perform justabout any type of financial analysis you can think of.
Creating charts: Create a wide variety of highly customizable charts.
Organizing lists: Use the row-and-column layout to store lists efficiently.
Accessing other data: Import data from a wide variety of sources.
Creating graphics and diagrams: Use Shapes and the new SmartArt to createprofessional-looking diagrams.
Automating complex tasks: Perform a tedious task with a single mouse click withExcel’s macro capabilities.
Excel 2007 Ribbons
Excel 2007 has eight standard ribbon tabs (nine if you count Developer – shown in the imageabove; has to be turned on by the user) and an occasional “contextual” tab that shows up whenyou have a certain item selected. For example, if you have a picture selected, a
 Picture Tools: Format 
ribbon is available, as show in the figure below.
Home Ribbon
ribbon has common formatting and edit commands.
Insert Ribbon
ribbon allows you to insert common objects, charts, links, images, and more.
Page Layout Ribbon
 Page Layout 
ribbon is used to layout your spreadsheets for printing.
Formulas Ribbon
ribbon allows access to different formulas so you don’t have to memorize all of the functions.
Data Ribbon
ribbon has commands for accessing external data, sorting and filtering, and managingdata in the spreadsheet.
Review Ribbon
ribbon contains the proofing and reviewing tools. If you have a tablet PC, you canalso mark up the spreadsheet with “Ink.”
View Ribbon
ribbon has different views available, allows you to control the zoom view of thedocument, and lets you access Macros.
Create a Worksheet
Select Office button > New. This step pops up the New Workbook window.The New Workbook window lets you create a new, blank workbook or a ready-madeworkbook from a template.
How to use Formulas and Functions in Excel
SUM function
Click in cell any cell and type in “=sum(” without the quotes. The = sign tells Excel that we planon putting some type of formula into this cell. When you type in the first parenthesis, Excel willdisplay a little label showing you what types of variables this function takes.At this point after the first parenthesis, you can select the range of cells you want to sum up.! Noneed to type the cells one by one! Go ahead and select cells B2 to D2 and you will see that theformula is automatically updated and is in blue.

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