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Published by lisaconnolly

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Published by: lisaconnolly on May 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome toRavensbourne
for Level 02007/08
Approved by the University of SussexJanuary 2007
Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Level Zero Courses 2007/08
- 2 -
1. Scope 32. Definitions 33. Registration 44. Methods of assessment 45. Submission deadlines 46. Extensions to submission deadlines 47. Deferral of assessment 58. Mitigating circumstances 59. Marking and moderation 510. Examination Boards 511. Results and feedback 512. Publication of marks 613. Progression 614. Retrieval 615. Compensation 616. Grading 717. Academic offences: cheating, collusion and plagiarism 818. Academic appeals 9
Annex A:
Reasonable Adjustments to Assessment and Examination Policy and Procedure 10
Annex B:
Mitigating Circumstances Policy and Procedure 12
Annex C:
Invigilation and Exam Hall Conduct 14
Annex D:
Misconduct in Examinations or other Assessments 18
Annex E:
Student Appeals Policy and Procedure 20
Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Level Zero Courses 2007/08
- 3 -
1.1 The College seeks to ensure that its assessment practices are fair, explicit andtransparent and that each student shall be assessed in accordance with thepublished schedule given in the project brief for his or her course.1.2 Assessment is a matter of judgement, not simply of computation. Marks, gradesand percentages should not be treated as absolute values but as indicators to beused by examiners to communicate their judgement of different aspects of astudent's work, in order to provide information on which the final decision on astudent's fulfilment of a programme of study's objectives may be based.1.3 The regulations govern the conduct of assessment. Unless otherwise specified theregulations apply to all forms of assessment.
Course The named programme of study onto which students enrol,leading to a qualification.Programme The syllabus of the course: how a course is structured andthe units are related to each other.Unit A discrete formally structured learning experience with acoherent and explicit set of learning outcomes.Credit Credit is a quantified means of expressing equivalence of learning. Credit is awarded to a learner in recognition of theverified achievement of the learning outcomes of a unit.Level Credit level or course level, an indicator of the relativedemand, complexity and depth of learning of a unit.AssessmentrequirementsAssessment requirements are those specified tasks whichenable students to demonstrate that they have fulfilled thelearning outcomes of the unitSubmission deadline This is the published point by which assessmentrequirements must be submitted in order for a student topass a unit.Retrieval The process by which a student who has failed a unit ispermitted a further attempt to retake the assessmentwithout repeating the unit.Compensation The decision of the Examination Board in specificcircumstances to allow a candidate’s overall performance tocompensate for a failure in a unit so that retrieval is notrequired. A student’s transcript will indicate if a unit hasbeen compensated.ExaminationBoardsGroups of internal markers and, where awards are beingconsidered, external examiners formally established by theAcademic Board to be responsible for the assessment of 

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