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Creating a myBrainshark presentation with PowerPoint and audio

Creating a myBrainshark presentation with PowerPoint and audio

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Published by CelesteBlackwell
A step by step guide to creating your first myBrainshark presentation. myBrainshark is a free Software as a Service with lots of built-in functionality.
A step by step guide to creating your first myBrainshark presentation. myBrainshark is a free Software as a Service with lots of built-in functionality.

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Published by: CelesteBlackwell on Apr 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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myBrainshark  addingaudio to PowerPoint 
Just for starters...
myBrainshark  adding audio toPowerPoint 
One in a series of articles on using mybrainshark (http://my.brainshark.com) to your online advantage
After all of the superlatives, accolades and testimonials - what really matters is what myBrainshark (orany new technology for that matter) can do for you. Think of myBrainshark as a web presence onspinach. You know  Popeyes
brand of spinach, - with search engine optimisation thrown in for goodmeasure.myBrainshark is a free web presentation creation and hosting service, with incredible functionality, easeof use, and tools that can help you make money if you have something to teach. Backed by the ten yearold company called Brainshark, which has been providing premium versions of this service to fortune 500companies, myBrainshark is a new offering geared towards small businesses and individuals.This series of articles is intended as a practical guide with tips and use cases, to get your creative,marketing, and training juices flowing and move you closer to creating great presentations, trainings,product demos...the list is limited only by your imagination. As with the other articles in this series, I willuse the imaginary product called Wondersocks to provide practical use cases for using myBrainshark.
Preparing to use myBrainshark 
You dont have to take a class, or spend weeks learning something new. If you have any of the followingyou can create a myBrainshark presentation in record time:
ingers, a voice, a telephone, an internet connection and a computer. This is the main requirementbecause you can create podcasts with this setup (see article 1 in this series)
PowerPoint presentations, Word processing Documents, PD
s, videos (local or online), Livescribepencasts, images  this is just the shortlist.In my first article, we reviewed a roadmap to creating a product announcement podcast usingmyBrainshark and a telephone or mp3 file. Using the fictitious Wondersocks product launch, you will beintroduced to enhancing a PowerPoint presentation with audio, and because you dont want to commitdeath by PowerPoint, a few tips will be provided along the way.
Phase One
Navigate tohttp://my.brainshark.comand register yourself as a user.What I like is that you are not forced to upgrade to anything or sign up for a newsletter; you just needyour email address, and you need to enter a screen name and a password. Oh yes, and its free.
Phase Two
Lets say youve developed new line of hand-knitted socks Wondersocks, which warm in the winter andcool in the summer, have garnered a Good Housekeeping seal of approval and you have already made apre-launch announcement and created a myBrainshark Podcast to talk about the seal of approval as wellas the upcoming launch. In additional to the traditional ways of doing so, here is how you could quickly
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popeye- a cartoon character created by E.C.Segar
produce a lively and engaging myBrainshark presentation using your PowerPoint presentation, and thetelephone to augment your product launch announcement.
Use Internet Explorer to login to myBrainshark with your user name and password.
Click Upload content , and select the Add Voice to PowerPoint tab, so that your screen lookslike this:
As you can see you have a number of options for uploading a presentation. The .ppt & .pptxoptions address the opportunity to upload PowerPoint presentations. Those of you using opendocument based software will be happy to know that the .odp file type (e.g. IBM Lotus Symphony)is also supported.
The maximum file size that you can upload is 100MB, and almost all slide animation types aresupported in myBrainshark (PPT 2007 SmartArt, however, is not).
While your presentation is converting, you can feed the search engine by filling out the title anddescription form, selecting appropriate categories (3 max) and creating tags (no limit) so that yourWondersocks can be found more easily. The screen looks like this during the conversion: 

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