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Styles. Different Magical Styles-paradigms-fashion Statements for Mages.

Styles. Different Magical Styles-paradigms-fashion Statements for Mages.

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Apr 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Main_Page > Mage: The Awakening >
The Law of Sympathy permeates the system of Mage: the Awakening. Sympathy with the Watchtowers allows a mage to draw onthe transcendant reality of the Supernal Realms, modifying the physics and base reality of the Fallen World.But how a mage does this can vary. By using certain objects, symbols and rituals that speak to a mage on a deep level of personal connection, things that are symbolic of their innermost self, the different ways in which mages perform magic can varyamazingly. This page takes a look at different magical styles while working with the building blocks presented in Mage: theAwakening.
1 The Angel Hunter 2 Cityhacker 3 The Dancer 4 The Ghost5 Gnostic Mulder 6 Librarian7 Mad Scientist8 Modern Jedi9 Musician10 Neo-Enochian11 Orphan12 Reality Hacker 
The Angel Hunter 
by Beachfox
Silver Ladder 
Primary Path/Order Tool:
Prayer book
Oblation Ritual:
"There are angels among us, hidden, secret. They were to be our guides through this world, bringing down to us theglory and truths of Heaven, awakening us to the divinity within and bringing about God's kingdom on Earth. But it all went wrong..."The Adversary darkened humanity's hearts against their guardians. Made us turn away from those who only wanted to guide andteach. Poisoned our very souls against the only ones who could save us. Now, the angels must teach us in secret, try to guidehumanity without them ever becoming aware of their existence. And over the centuries, they have grown weaker, they havehidden themselves deeper into the shadows of the world, and humanity has fallen further and further from its true destiny."But there are those of us, so very few, who can burn out the poisons of the Adversary and see the truth. Who can call upon theangels to show us, to teach us. But even though I now know they exist, they are so hard to find. They have hidden themselvesfrom us, their children. We must find our lost guardians. They are in our music, our language, they hide in the icons of our corporations, in the vulgarities of our speech. Their mystic forms can be seen in the highways of our countries, in the architectureof our cities. The stars in the sky tell us where to search, their bones can be glimpsed between the changing channels on TV. Wemust find them, we must return them to the world, and then... Well, that part gets difficult. We find them first, then we work on theAdversary’s taint."The myth of Atlantis is a vulgarized half-truth of the fall of the original Paradise after the corruption of the Adversary, or Abyss.
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Styles - Wodhttp://worldofdarkness.wikia.com/wiki/Styles1 of 64/21/2010 7:07 PM
The so called Atlantian script is the true language of Angels and humanity. It is the sacred tongue that God Himself used to callour world into existence, and we have been gifted with a fragment of His power so that we may lay claim to His gift to us. Bewarethose who claim to serve the so called Exarchs, for they are truly servants of the Adversary itself."
by Justin Cognito
Free Council
Primary Path/Order Tool:
"Anatomy Chart" (GPS device)
Oblation Ritual:
Visting a site of import in the city and drawing a sigil on a nearby surface (chalk or spraypaint; your choice).
Cities have their own way of talking to you; catch sight of the reflection of a neon sign and it'll spell out a magic word that summons strange dreams... But those of us who know the secret learn ways to unlock the power in cities. We make a pact with them and they give us gifts in return.
- Tom O'Bedlam, The Invisibles #3"Man's come a long way from the days of boring rural life in little thatched huts; it's about time the magic of nature changed, too.The spirits of forests and plants become the spirits of telephone poles and fiber optic cable; the spirits of charging beastsbecome the spirits of subways and cars. We talk to the city, and it listens. We ask it for a roof over our head, and thatrent-controlled apartment in the South End opens up (don't worry; we make sure the eviction is relatively peaceful). We ask it for aquick ride to Government Center, and not only does a train show up not five seconds later, but it's going straight there. We ask tocross the street, and the sign changes like that."See that? The city's my patron. And it can be yours, too. You've just got to ask it nicely."
The Dancer 
by Beachfox
Free Council or Apostate
Primary Path/Order Tool:
Leather shoes
Oblation Ritual:
Cathartic dancing
"I first saw the Goddess on the dance floor. Thought I was tripping, at first, this gorgeous naked chick out therestrutting her stuff without anyone taking a second look. But then she saw me, and everything just fell away. We danced for hours. Ithink it was hours, time got weird and funky there, I don't mind telling you. The lights played over her skin like tribal tattoos, or ancient runes, or computer code, or those smudgy mudpaint people on the sides of cave walls. She was gorgeous, she wasbeautiful, she was African, she was Indian, she was Persian, she was Japanese, she was hot. She lead me across the dancefloor. A chase, almost, though we were all but touching throughout all of it. Spun in circles through the other dancers, the musicpumping in my veins, my brain thinking in beats, becoming one with the crowd, the lights, the music... Yeah, it was a trip. But thenshe spun one way, I spun the other, and my lips met her cheek. It was like... never had sex that even came close to that moment.She spun back, the mark of my lips against her cheeks, and she laughed. And at that moment, she gave me her gift. Magic."Someday, I will see her again. And we'll dance one more time..."Until then, she's a vicious tease. I can feel her whenever I call upon her gift, catch a trace of her scent upon the breeze, feel her breath against the nape of my neck... I've learned her secret language so I might call out to her, seducer her, beg her for one of her gifts. I write my love notes in runes and scripts no one else can comprehend, and she answers my lewd prose with miracles.I've dived into magic, into myth and legend, hoping to learn enough, to become wise enough and strong enough, to be worthy of another dance by her side. And I know I must be doing something right, because her gifts flow from my fingertips like water."She doesn't like it when I share them with others, though, I'm starting to learn that. Try to show off my favor too much and shemakes sure I regret it. It's all ok, though, because she's forgiven me by morning. I just wish I knew what she wanted me to do..."
Styles - Wodhttp://worldofdarkness.wikia.com/wiki/Styles2 of 64/21/2010 7:07 PM
The Ghost
by Beachfox
Primary Path/Order Tool:
Blood-stained knife
Oblation Ritual:
Deathly thoughts"I died a year ago, maybe two. You know this, of course, but you like to pretend otherwise for my benefit. I died in sin. I'd beenquite the ass in life, I can admit this now, and I have to say, I've gotten off lightly. I remember the car coming around the corner of the road, remember what it felt like to have my ribs slice through my lungs, to have the back of my head cave in... And I remember the long boat ride down the river of black blood and water to where the judges awaited. They said nothing, they didn't have to. Thefirst book of gold and silver didn't bare my name. Neither did the second of iron and obsidian. Instead, the took out a third book,bound in flesh and bone, and had me write my name in blood upon its pages. It was a special damnation that I was to face."And what a special damnation it turned out to be. I woke up in my own bed. Seemingly alive, but dead. It all appeared the same,but it had changed. I could see the death that clung to everything, from the people around me to the very foundations of myhome. I was dead, and trapped within my own mind."Don't look at me like that! You know it's true. This, all of this, it's me. It's all me. Ever since I've died, the world is different, darker,cursed and twisted. Monsters dwell in the shadows, horrible twisted mockeries of people are everywhere. My own sick diseasedthoughts taken form and life. I am to experience my own soul, understand my own sins, and redeem myself before I can go on tomy final reward."I've learned much, I've learned about others who appear to be the same as me. They represent my conscious aspects, the partsof me that I know and accept. There are the blood drinkers, my twisted dark thoughts, perverted by sin. And there are my rawvulgar emotions, stalking around the edges of the city in the body of beasts. And other things that I still try to understand."I've unlocked the mysteries of the language of my own mind. Strange ancient runes and words that feel like twisting your tongueinside out to speak, but I've mastered them, give me greater control over my own soul. And now... Now I think I am ready to startredeeming myself. To cleanse my soul of all the taints that bar me from my rewards, in Heaven or in Hell. You, you are theembodiment of all those lusts I held for my cousin. I never acted on them, but they were shameful and wrong. You, you will be thefirst part of myself I cleanse..."
Gnostic Mulder 
by Wormshadow
Primary Path/Order Tool:
Worn journal of secrets and theories
Oblation Ritual:
Deep thought about the connections of the universe, the invisible hand of the puppet masters
In this Awakened world, what's real and what's not? What's the real significance of the Atlantis legend? This magehas Awakened and not to knowledge, but to a greater cynicism of the world. This mage believes that the 'truths' revealed byAwakening are only lies concealing the higher truth. He believes that there are higher orders beyond the Pentacle Orders and theSeers controlling everything, and is wonders if this world is only the mote in the eye of an Exarch somewhere. He seesconspiracy in everything and is determined to find the real picture that the other mages blind themselves. What if there'ssomething beyond the Exarch/Oracle legends? What's really keeping reality together? Maybe these Abyss things might know.The truth has to be out there, somewhere....
by Nepher 
Styles - Wodhttp://worldofdarkness.wikia.com/wiki/Styles3 of 64/21/2010 7:07 PM

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