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7-11-08 Good Market Anaylsis for Black Gold

7-11-08 Good Market Anaylsis for Black Gold

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Published by Ed Scott
Up-to date Market for this type of reading audience
Up-to date Market for this type of reading audience

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Published by: Ed Scott on Apr 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARKET ANALYSIS FOR BLACK GOLDPrepared forBy Ed Scott AuthorI thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege of writing back andrequesting my material. I took it upon myself many months ago tocreate a marketing analysis and every week have updated it to includenew ideas, formulas and overall the industries general interest inwesterns.I took the liberty of researching the western novel market regardingthe type of romanctic western genre I have written. I spent severalmonths seeking this information for the day I would be asked toproduce it and I am including it with your request for the othermaterials. I know you did not ask for this at this time, however, Iwanted you to know that I have done my homework and hope you findthe sincerity with regard to my commitment to writing and followingthrough with a project.I have checked these facts many times, and believe they are asaccurate as I can find, and hope they might help you, make a decisionon your agency possibly representing me. There were 35 million titles sold last year, mostly Epic and RomanceWestern’s. Of those 20% went on to become Best sellers.From this market, 5% of westerns have been made into movie, suchas, “One Thousand White Women” by Jim Fergus, “Dances with wolvesand Open Range” by Kevin Costner, co-written by Robert Duvall, manyLouis L’Amour best sellers. Included in the genre of successful movies,Zane Gray has enjoyed much success along with many others westernwriters. Women have also played a large part developing westernbooks, which have made it to the big screen. Of these is one of thehottest Leading Romance Western Writers, Linda Leal Miller, whoenjoyed numerous successes with most of her books, which becamebest sellersWhat makes a best seller is the true History, such as being historicallycorrect, those seem to sell better than the average western.Demographics-Woman 18-35 years old, seem to like reading westerns best. Thencomes the age group 35-45 years old, placing second in the field of western genre. Finally, a small percentage of women, in the age range
of 14-18, complete the circle of readers of westerns.Males- Key groups appear to be 35-55 years old, with the second groupbeing the men in the age range of 55-70 years old, who grew uparound the time of Hollywood’s western period. Finishing off the men’sgroup, and statistically the last, are ages 18-25 more from a lack of western movies made in their time, and a good western author theyget to enjoy through their novels. The Graphics are different for men. Men like the action and fightingand the hero status of the good guys, saving the ladies, shooting theoutlaws and being the all-around good guys.Woman on the other hand, see the western men as their hero’s andsaviors, the dream man riding in from nowhere and being theirprotector, while falling in love with the character’s strength and thedepth of the story.Marketing battle plan- Get a favorable review in a western magazine, which is read, by alarge population, and this is covered all ready. I personally spoke withBob Bowes Bell, who lives in Arizona and is the CEO and Editor of the"True West" magazine. He stated that when this book “Black Gold”gets published he would like to have a copy sent to him and if he likesit, he will run a full story on the book in his worldwide publication. Mr.Bell stated the reason he would do this for me is that the world needsanother Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey in our time. I read him theoutline of “Black Gold” and he sounded enthralled with the story. Thisis very important since I noticed that the novels mentioned in WesternMagazines did better over all than any other type of book listed in amajor publication. The other major avenues of getting my book out to the public, isthrough the modeling and book cover jobs I currently am doing andhave for many many years. I am on several Romance Authors bookcovers, and have a large fan base, which has been waiting to buy acopy of this western for quite some time now. I have many morecontracts with book covers and at these conventions and photo shootsam able to speak with my contacts about my writings. A T.V. Channel,the “Oxygen Network” will be airing a nationwide contest which willalso be seen overseas. If I am able to sign up with an agent and apublisher by the time I get on the show, April 26
through May 1
,2005, I will be able to open a wide range of new buyers for the book,agent and the publisher. I have been involved in this type of bookcover modeling for the last 11 years and have a substainial fan base
from my many friends and well-known authors.I will also be able to make appearances at book signings and tours, if Ihave the money to do so, since I am retired as a Police Officer,Firefighter, and Paramedic and therefore have the time to comitt tothis endeavor. One other thing I have going for me is the fact that Ihave raised both my children for the last 16 years on my own and thewomen love the fact that I was able to do this. I am not bragging,please understand. I am showing you what my potential for self-promotion is, regarding getting these books out, and known to thepublic.What I have in my corner-Men will appreciate the history and non-stop action parts. On the otherhand, woman will enjoy the romantic side of the story along with thecolorful characters and detail of the period style clothing along withreal household items used back in the 1800’s. The growing of food andtender care of a garden was usually the only food the pioneers had andthe food preparation, which took place for each meal was an all daytask. The women will also appreciate what it took to stand beside theirman be it to the death, if needed, and the hardship that the womenhad to deal with, back then. There is one draw back- The market size for westerns is smaller than most but this will changeonce good authors are recognized and their work becomes shows thefull potential of the westerns again. In addition, my book has to bepromoted very well by the Publishing House, the agent, and authoralike. It must be made, to stand out from all the rest. This is where theagents job comes in, making it known to the big publishing houses. Thestats I read stated the agent is actually the most important aspect of getting the book noticed by a large publisher, and getting the rightcontract for the author, which brings them both recognition and amonetary reward.Our Target Audiences will be in the 25-55 year old age group, alongwith carryovers from people that grew up with westerns, in the 1950'sand 1960's.Many movie directors are lined up waiting for a good western script toread such as John Woo, Kevin Costner, Ron Howard, Stephen Spielbergand other directors, however they will only read the script if the authoris well represented by someone in the industry. (I believe this is you)

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