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But i Love Fruit

But i Love Fruit

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Published by: mkilani@butterflyltd.com on Apr 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The way to attain health, freedom and happiness inour life is by unveiling our Enlightened Mind(Supreme Judgment), and applying the unifyingprinciple (Yin-Yang) to our selection and preparationof foods.These two seemingly different ways are in realityone, for our brain cells are the vehicles of ourJudgment, and the condition of our brain cells isaffected by our judgment in selecting and preparingthe foods we eat.Health, freedom and happiness are more likely tocome to those who base their diet mainly on foodsthat are relatively near the middle of the yin-yangspectrum (see Macrobiotics: An Invitation to Healthand Happiness); therefore grains are the mosthealthful principal foods for man in most climaticzones. But since most of us have been eating o farout on both sides of the spectrum, .very extremereactions will occur if we suddenly switch and try tomaintain a way of eating which includes a limitedvariety of foods. Those of us who have taken milk,meat, sugar or drugs especially, have reduced to agreat extent our ability to transmute from such alimited diet the nutrients we need in order tomaintain our physical and mental health.
We often forget that most of us have developed ourpoor health and unhappiness over a period of severalyears and that it will therefore take time to recoverour strength, vitality, and clear thinking. That is whyit- is important to establish a way of eating that canbe maintained for more than a few days or weeks. Alimited diet forces the body to attempt to revamp itsentire digestive apparatus suddenly, shocks ournervous system, abruptly released stored-up toxinsinto our bloodstream, and results in many nutritionaldeficiencies - thus leading us to becoming helplesslyattracted to the extremes of eating which caused ourpoor health and low judgment originally.For those of us who have drastically reduced ourtransmuting ability, cooked and raw vegetables,beans, seaweeds, nuts, fruit, and fish are notluxuries, they are necessities.The following are suggestions for those who want toestablish their health as quickly as possible, andmaintain it: (1) try to eat mainly locally grown wholefoods, no chemical, industrial foods; (2) rememberthat the amount of salt and cooking skill we usestrongly influences our condition. Also, avoidelaborate and difficult rules of eating; let your desirehelp you to discover and adapt to your constantlychanging needs; (3) study the yin-yang principle.Good balance of yin and yang is our guide orcompass of change; (4) macrobiotics we must learn

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