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Greetings From Michael Knight, Earth Change Reporter

Greetings From Michael Knight, Earth Change Reporter

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Published by Asta Lyberth
Earth Change Report from Michael Knight. vulcanoes, earth quakes, nwo - lies and deceptions from governments ...
Earth Change Report from Michael Knight. vulcanoes, earth quakes, nwo - lies and deceptions from governments ...

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Asta Lyberth on Apr 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greetings from Michael Knight, Editor, Earth Change Report.
2010 To 2020 Vision
First Up - Earthquake Roundup
The official death tollfrom the magnitude 6.9 quake that shook a remote, mountainous cornerof Qinghai province last Wednesday has reached 2,183, with 84 people still missing, the officialXinhua news agency said.Most of the dead were ethnic Tibetans in Yushu's main town of Gyegu, about 4,000 meters(13,000 feet) above sea level on the wind-swept Tibetan highlands.A quake rocked the southwestern province of Sichuan in May 2008, killing at least 80,000people, with thousands more unaccounted for and most likely dead.
The region aroujnd Haiti and the Dominican Republic continues to experience "aftershocks" (orare they "foreshocks") since the January 12 'quakle that killed as many as a quarter millionpeople in Haiti.Since then the UN says up to a million people have been set up with emergency sheltermaterials.However, aid agencies that shipped vehicles into Haiti are now being scammed by the localcops who are asking $100 a day to "escort" their vehicles - because license tags were neverissued after that building was demolished.Either that, or new paper work can be "expedited" if they pay a fee equivalent to half the valueof the vehicle.
An earthquake of 5.3 magnitudehit central Afghanistan early on Monday, killing at least sevenpeople and injuring more than 30.As these quakes continue happening and killing people almost every week, if not every day,we're seeing various political and entertainment personalities continuing to do their charityappearances - but looking ahead, if earthquakes keep happening with this sort of impact, theworld will soon not be able to keep up with rescue and recovery work.
Airline flights are said to be gradually returning to normal after being disrupted by theexplosion of a volcano in Iceland.However,"The last eruption of this volcano lasted over a year,so renewed disruption lastingmonths cannot be ruled out." And can you believe that "South Africa could suffer badly if thesoccer World Cup were affected. A study by accounting firm Grant Thornton estimatedforeigners would inject 13 billion rand ($1.77 billion) into South Africa's economy during theWorld Cup."Wonder what would happen to that British cricket thing called "The Ashes?""A thaw of ice capsin coming decades caused by climate change may trigger more volcaniceruptions by removing a vast weight and freeing magma from deep below ground, researchsuggests."While that's not the case with Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier, which is too small and too lightto affect local geology, other volcanoes on the island nation are seen as vulnerable."Our work suggests that eventually there will be either somewhat larger eruptions or morefrequent eruptions in Iceland in coming decades," said Freysteinn Sigmundsson, avulcanologist at the University of Iceland."Not to mention volcanoes from Antarctica to Alaska's Aleutian islands.As usual, the media focuses on the "economic impact" of such disasters - although CNN didrecently suggest that everybody should have some sort of emergency pack on hand becausemaybe the uptick in earthquakes is setting a trend.Since we were saying that several years ago ourselves, both in this newsletter and in"ContactHas Begun,"we can't argue with them finally catching up with the play.Nice to know too that while we said in the documentary that there are many advancedcivilizations - including benign ones - surrounding us in the Cosmos, astronomers arebeginning to openly but very carefully move toward that understanding themselves.
ife Elsewhere
Outer Space Maybe?Turning milk into butter is no easy task. You have to put it through quite a churning process toget the final result.And it's the same with opening most people's minds to the idea that there are inhabitedplanets (and dimensions) beyond the one earth and the few dimensions we're familiar with.Now, at last, a team of astronomers, studying the Milky Way, have come to the conclusion that"rocky planets are commonplace in our galaxy."Not that they're quite ready to openly proclaim the discovery of inhabited planets as such.
But at least they're starting to separate the Milky Way....bit by bit...."Leicester Universityscientistand lead researcher Dr Jay Farihi surveyed white dwarfs, the compact remnants of stars that were once like our Sun, and found that many show signs of contamination byheavier elements and possibly even water, improving the prospects for extraterrestrial life..."Dr Farihi comments: "In our own Solar System with at least one watery, habitable planet, theasteroid belt -- the leftover building blocks of the terrestrial planets -- is several percent waterby mass. From our study of white dwarfs, it appears there are basic similarities found amongasteroid-like objects around other stars; hence it is likely a fraction of these white dwarfs onceharbored watery planets, and possibly life."
ummer of Discontent?
Could be - in fact it's almost a certainty - that come summer in the northern hemisphere, therewill be widespread social unrest, probably major demonstrations, and more than likely a riot ortwo.
redictably, governments will crack down by passing more laws and then saying, asFrench
resident Sarkozydid this week, that "No city, no neighborhood, no building in Seine-Saint-Denis will escape the rule of law.´ He was visiting a crime-plagued district just north of 
aris a few weeks after a crowded buswas attacked in the suburb of Tremblay-en-France and a gang of hooded youths threw Molotovcocktails at the bus.Typically, the "rule of Law" means the authorities use such an incident to increase surveillance,in this case with an extra 600 video cameras and double the number of inspectors (cops).But it won't just be isolated gangs in
aris that scare the authorities - it'll be huge crowds of people everywhere who will let the authorities know they've had enough of being ripped off bybanks and bankers and their politician allies.The groundswell has already started - especially on Youtube where one contributor has put itall in perspective, asking the question,...What's Your Excuse?"And once you've seen that, don't be surprised to see the authorities continuing to doeverything they can to shut down the Internet in all its forms.Their problem is that they can't stand the light....which is beginning to shine very brightly ontheir plans for a "New World Order."
ut they keep trying to convince us that their intentions are perfectly honorable andin the best interests of everyone - while they continue to do the opposite of whatthey proclaim.
 Good example - this press release about a new book.
New World Order: Formula for Global Peace
 In his new treatisepromoting freedom, democracy, human rights and global peace "HumanRights and a New World Order: An Engineering Solution" (published by iUniverse), debut

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