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Daniel Half Human Quiz 3 Teacher Edition

Daniel Half Human Quiz 3 Teacher Edition

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Published by Mrs. P

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Published by: Mrs. P on Apr 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daniel Half Human
Quiz 3 Part III
Pages 147- 2221.What does grown-up Daniel give the kids as they crowd around hiscar?Chewing gum2.What happens when Daniel sees his soccer friends on the sidewalk? They ignore him completely.3.What, then, does Daniel begin to feel?Hatred for everyone and everything4.From that day on, what does Daniel decide? That he is no longer German.5.Why does Armin decide to continue his friendship with Daniel?Because he knows what it is like to be an outsider, and Danielwas the only one who ever treated him like an equal.6.What happens one night at HJ training? What does Armin witness?A little boy is shot in the head by their HJ troop leader.7. What does the HJ District Leader compare Jews to as he talks toArmin?Lice, or parasites.8.What does the HJ district leader want Armin to do?Stop being friends with a half-Jew, Daniel.9.Who does Armin have a crush on?Daniel’s cousin, Miriam.10.What does Sophie, Daniel’s mother, believe is “the sickness?What is part of this ‘sickness?’ The spread of the Nazi regime, that everyone is suspicious of everything and scared, and that people defend the Nazi regime.11.Where has Uncle Sebastian been sent?Fuhlbuttlel Concentration Camp
What happened to Rheinhard on July 6
, 1917?He was nearly killed by a land mine and buried alive, managed todig himself out, and then dug out his fellow soldier and carriedhim to safety.13.What happens to the Kraushaar family when they go to themovies? They are asked to leave because they are Jewish.

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