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The Great Gatsby Chapter Quizzes

The Great Gatsby Chapter Quizzes

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Published by Mrs. P
Chapter quizzes for each Chapter of The Great Gatsby
Chapter quizzes for each Chapter of The Great Gatsby

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Published by: Mrs. P on Apr 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quiz Chapter One
1.How were the 1920's a reaction to WWI?2.Who is the narrator of the novel?3.Notice how many times Fitzgerald uses the words hope or dream.Why, do you think, does he do this?4.Nick starts the novel by relaying his father's advice: "Whenever youfeel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in thisworld haven't had the advantages that you've had." List Nick'sadvantages.5.What is the difference between West Egg and East Egg?6.How is Daisy related to Nick?7.Pay attention to time. What is the day and year during the firstscene at Daisy's house?8.Describe Tom’s newfound philosophy based upon the book hereads.9.What image does the author use to describe Jordan Baker? Whatdoes it mean?10.How does Nick react to Jordan?11.What secret does Nick learn about Tom?12.What does Tom's behavior reveal about his character?13.What two things does Daisy tell the narrator on the porch?14.What is Gatsby doing at the end of the chapter?
Close Reading
Look at page 13, when Nick enters the room where Jordan and Daisyare relaxing.15. How does Fitzgerald describe the two women?16. What does that tell you about Nick?17. What happens when Tom enters the room?
Quiz Chapter Two
1.Who or what is Doctor T.J. Eckleburg?2.Symbolically, what are those eyes doing?3.Describe the "valley of ashes." What does it look like and what does itrepresent?4.Why does the “motor road hastily joins the railroad and runs beside it fora quarter of a mile”?5.What do the ashes do in the valley?6.Symbolically, why is everything made out of ashes?7.Who is Myrtle?8.How is she described?9.Who is her husband and what does he do for a living?10.How is her husband described? What colors are used to describe him?11.How does Myrtle treat her husband? Include a QUOTE:12.How does Myrtle act when she is at her apartment in the city? How doesshe treat her guests?13.TRUE or FALSE. Myrtle thinks she is “above” the help at her apartment.Include a QUOTE that proves your answer.14.What rumor does Nick hear about Gatsby?15.What does Myrtle use as her excuse to justify her affair with Tom? Use aQUOTE as your answer:16.What more have you learned about Nick in this chapter? Is he similar ordifferent than the people he spends his time with?17.Does Tom feel the same way about Myrtle that she does about him? Howcan you tell?18.What does Tom do to Myrtle at the end of the chapter? Why? What doesthis reveal about him?19.What colors are referred to repeatedly in this chapter? Why do you thinkthat Fitzgerald frequently brings up colors?
Answer the following in about a paragraph: Fitzgerald tries to write as if the narrator is drunk. What stylistic tricks does he use to show that?
Quiz Chapter 3
1.What “rules of behavior” does Fitzgerald state the guests followat Gatsby’s parties?2.Fitzgerald states that at Gatsby’s parties, “people were notinvited—they went there.” What does that mean?3.What rumors have been told about Gatsby? List them.4.Why, do you think, does Fitzgerald reveal rumors rather thanfact?5.How does Nick finally meet Gatsby?6.Describe Gatsby the first time Nick sees him.7.What does Nick think of Gatsby after meeting him?8.What do Nick and Gatsby plan to do tomorrow?9.How is Gatsby different from his guests?10.How is Jordan described in ch. 3? What attitude does shehave about the party and those around her? Include a QUOTE:11.What does Jordan mean when she says large parties are"so intimate" and small parties have no privacy?12.What story does Nick remember he heard about Jordan?What kind of person does she seem to be?13.Nick thinks he's one of the few honest people he knows,why? Do you think he is honest?14.Find and write down one place in Ch. 3 where Fitzgeralduses ALLITERATION:15.Find and write down one place in Ch. 3 where Fitzgeralduses a SIMILE:16.Why do you think Fitzgerald uses figurative language(simile, alliteration) in Ch. 3?

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Mike Peppersack added this note
The Gatsby study questions are excellent. Thank you for making them accessible to all!
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