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About "The Pitch"

About "The Pitch"

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Published by YvonneW
How Soccer Relates to Business-Author Linda J Lord "The Pitch"-Virtual Book Tour May 2010
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How Soccer Relates to Business-Author Linda J Lord "The Pitch"-Virtual Book Tour May 2010
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Published by: YvonneW on Apr 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Linda J Lord
The Pitch
The Pitch
Liz opens one eye only to discover that the reality of herstruggling business and deteriorating relations with her son hasn’tchanged overnight. She begins her day with the mundane duties thatprovide the only sense of control she feels over her life. Her son, Justin,comes to breakfast and reminds his mother that he needs new soccercleats. He can tell by the look on her face that there isn’t enoughmoney. Justin has been playing soccer since he was four years old andhaving good equipment is the only request he makes because he knowshis mother’s event planning business isn’t doing very well. As a singlemother for many years, Liz longs for her company’s success but itcontinues to elude her. After a brief verbal sparring match, Justinstorms out for school and Liz agrees that being poor sucks.Wanting to keep her word to Justin, Liz puts the new soccershoes on her credit card and is very relieved when the transaction isapproved. She later takes her son to his soccer practice; remaining closeenough to the pitch to hear the coach’s instructions. What she hearsabout preparing for threatening weather has some relevance to whatshe is experiencing in business. She decides to listen more closely andsee how many other gems she can apply to her company.Anticipating a better day, Liz is confronted early the nextmorning with a call from the bank, letting her know that her businessaccount is overdrawn and she has to make a deposit to avoid having herchecks returned NSF.Desperate to save her company, Liz enlists the help of Justin’scoach. She asks permission to sit close enough to hear what he has tosay to the boys. Justin is horrified that his mother would impose herself on the coach and the car ride home is a very quiet one.Liz soaks up the coaching. She starts by assessing the potentialof her work team, enlists them in conversation about their jobs, andfinds herself looking forward to improving the company’s bottom line.By focusing solely on the business, Liz is loses sight of the other thingsthat matter in her life.She knows what aspects of the business she likes and is good at,but she didn’t have the option of choosing to only focus on herstrengths, so she dives into the one task she hates more than any
The Pitch
Turn your businessaround
 Linda J Lord130 pagesPublication Date:November 2009Retail price: $15.00 plustaxesISBN # 978-1-4401-7453-7

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