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Man Health and Multiple Orgasm

Man Health and Multiple Orgasm



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Published by Alexong2000
Man sexual health maintenance and strengthening. Various ways of achieving multiple orgasms
Man sexual health maintenance and strengthening. Various ways of achieving multiple orgasms

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Published by: Alexong2000 on May 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Man Health and Multiple Orgasms
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Sexual exhaustion after ejaculation
Tiredness usually takes some hours after ejaculation, no matter how thrilling, full, or otherwisethe sexual experience might be. In that early memory, some hours after masturbation I ran tocatch a bus. London buses in those days had an open platform at the end that you could run and jump onto. As I ran to jump onto the platform I realized it was really difficult to move my limbsbecause I felt so tired. Subsequent experiences strengthened the connection in my mind betweensuch episodes of tiredness and ejaculation.Another factor adds to my viewpoint of such tiredness being physiological rather thanpsychological. I have always been a very active person physically and psychologically. I loveexercise and being fit. Even in my middle sixties I still have a strong muscular body. Butthroughout my life I have suffered from lack of energy - tiredness. It has always seemed to methat my premature birth has something to do with that. I have no proof of this, but comparingmyself with other people I feel as if my body wasn't quite fully formed, and my metabolism isnever quite as efficient as it might be. But that is only a guess. What I have observed as a factthough, is that for most of my life I have had to manage my energy like a bank balance. I had tobe careful of my expenditure because my balance is so low I easily tipped over into the red. Myobservation with other people is that they can expend enormous amounts of energy and not tipover into the red. They can stay up late, eat food that is real junk, drink alcohol and get drunk again and again, depleting the resources of their body to deal with the poison, have sex everynight, and so on. If I do a portion of that my immune system crashes and I plunge into aninfection. But I guess there are many people like myself who have to nurse their energy levels tolive a normal life.This leads me to conclude that ejaculation actually involves a large expenditure of energy. If youhave a high 'bank balance' of energy, this is like somebody with a lot of money who can spendeasily without going into the red and facing problems climbing back into credit again. But if, likeme, you are a low energy person, then orgasm will lead to some level of tiredness. This isphysiological, although it might be made worse by psychological elements also.Something that is very strange about this is that the mention of tiredness after sex seems to bealmost taboo. Whenever I mention it in conversation, as I do where it is relevant, because it hasbeen such an important factor in my life, people maintain with great energy that it is purelypsychological. Looking in many sexual handbooks I cannot even find a mention of tiredness inthe index or text. Try it for yourself. Do a search on the Internet. If you search for something likevitamins to enhance sexual performance, you will find a whole list of sites to link with. If you putin the words tiredness after sex, you will be lucky if you get four or five sites listed.Any study of wild animals in relationship to their mating habits, shows that some of them die afterthe mating season because it has been such an enormous expenditure of their resources.Sometimes I wonder if the great pressure underlying advertising and the sale of books onsexuality, stating that sex is nothing but glory and leads to an enhancement of ones being, arisesbecause there is so much profit to be made in that market. Sex is often problematic. It has social,emotional, economic and health factors that can lead to difficulties. If this were not sorelationships would be much easier and less fraught.
Eastern teachings on sexual harmony
If you have been researching this area of tiredness after sex for any length of time, you willprobably have encountered ideas arising from esoteric Chinese beliefs, yoga disciplines such asTantric practices, and other ideas about the subtle energies within human beings. My experienceof these teachings is that they can be highly exaggerated, strangely mysterious, or downrightmisleading. However, within some of them there are pointers of real practical help.
Of course, some of these comments apply to the thousands of straightforward books about sex.Perhaps one of the most misleading approaches to sex is presenting it as the be all and end all of life. Again and again it is suggested that if only you could do it all correctly, or had a largeenough penis, you would have a majestic relationship and have achieved spiritual enlightenment.This goal orienting, this dangling of carrots, is a great snare that you may become entangled in.Yes, I do now experience wonderful orgasms without tiredness. But I experience similarwonderful feelings while walking in my garden, seeing wild animals, or achieving something Ihave been working toward. Looking upon sex as a means toward final life happiness is as much of an illusion as thinking that having a certain amount of money, achieving fame, or getting a goodpass in your studies, will resolve all your pains and life difficulties. Like every other aspect of life,sex can be a great pleasure or a great misery. But it is not something to hang your hopes of happiness on.What the eastern teachings do state clearly again and again however, is that sexual activity andespecially ejaculation uses energy and can be depleting. They describe sexual activity as one wayof expressing the potential that lies at your core. A way of picturing this is to think of yourpsychobiological energy as building up, rather as it might in a battery. But it is better to think of itas a wave rolling in toward the shore. But in this case it is more like waves depicted whenshowing sound or radio waves. The wave builds up its crest, and then the wave discharges itspower and is flattened. In a sense, the energy is grounded, rather like it is when lightning flashes.With sexual energy the grounding or discharge that happens in ejaculation can become the basisof another physical life form – a baby.
The wave theory of sex
What the eastern teachings suggest is that the energy should not be grounded or discharged. Itshould be lifted up to its peak, and then, instead of discharge it can be held there and pushedhigher. If this can be achieved we burst into a new dimension of experience and expression. In thenatural course of life, if your energy is left to do its own thing, it will usually build up its waveheight, and then discharge in some way. The natural processes in you attempt this because one of your main drives is reproduction. But just as we have learned to understand natural processes suchas electrical discharge, and use them for our own purposes, such as light and heat, so also thenatural flow of psychobiological energy can be used in a way to leap beyond its habitual course.Remember that your psychobiological energy expresses in many different ways. It can express asmotor energy in muscular movement; it expresses all the time as the self-regulating processes of regeneration and repair in your body. It expresses as the urges you feel, to eat and breathe, tomake love and to communicate. It is the energy behind your emotions, you're thinking, speaking,and behind the higher functions of creativity and inspiration. What the eastern teachings say, and Ibelieve rightly so, is that if this psychobiological energy is redirected in the right way, then it canlead to what in the east is called Liberation or Enlightenment. What this means is that you arriveat an enormous synthesizing of your whole life experience, and understanding beyondrationalization, in which you know your essential self.But perhaps the most important thing to recognize here in regard to this energy and the subject of sexual tiredness is that the psychobiological energy is the way that Life itself expresses. It is theenergy that forms and maintains your body. Of course you could call it a process rather thanenergy. But it is still a process that moves, that directs, that effects change. So bear with me if Iuse the word energy. It is also the energy lying behind emotion, thinking, fantasy, dreaming, andthe whole realm of experience we call self.This is important to recognize. The reason being that if your energy is grounded, or dischargedtime after time, there is less chance of it building up to flow into different forms of mental andemotional activity. As Freud so rightly pointed out, frustrated or repressed sexual energy can

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